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April 28, 2006



again, brilliant as always!


I laughed for about 5 minutes when Twiggy said that Jade scared her and not to leave her in a room with Jade. Wickedly awesome and oh so true. Jade scares me, too.


danielle is the greatest thing ever in the history of the world.


I will spread the love for my girl D too-when she suctioned Jade's head, i lost it! However as gorgeous as Danielle looked in her picture, it was Joanie who took my breath away-we have a wiener:)
PS-LOVE the title:)


OMG! Thank you for this!! Having a rough morning with allergies but your unfrozen caveman photographer brought me to tears! I had to cover my mouth with both hands because I was howling in my office cube.

You sir, are my crack.


You take however long you need, your re-caps are always worth the wait! And 2 for the price of 1 this week - fantastic!


Where's mah recap?!!

Nice one =)
I did a little happy dance when Nnenna got the boot.

Just little me

I thought the episode sucked. Nnenna's dismissal was ridiculous. If they wanted to get rid of her, fine, but at least give her a reasonable justification. As usual, the panel dismisses people with justifications that don't meet reality. With Toccara she was "losing her fire" (actually, they didn't want to keep a larger-size woman around). With Nnnenna she was "coasting along". Well, if you are the prettiest one of the bunch and actually have some brains, I guess you would be allowed to coast along, wouldn't you? What will they say about Furonda? They won't tell her that she goes good on film (touch-ups anyone?) but bad on camera. They probably got rid of Nnenna because Covergirl doesn't want a too-dark black girl as spokesperson. As in all reality shows, producers have a lot of say when it comes to dismissal of contestants and I am sure that Covergirl wants the judges to pick the winner who fits their demographics better. Example: Why the hell did they pick Nicole over Nic last season? I wonder...


Genius, as usual.

So happy to see Nnenna go. She looks like a model in person. She's got a model's name. She acts like a model with her phone hogging, air of superiority and clueless ideas of also being an African AIDS curing chemist (i.e. thinks she's smarter than she is). She has the ability to take beautiful pictures (although I think she really just perfected one look and hasn't varied from that in most of the shoots). All that and she still wasn't fierce... or even interesting. Seriously, if you've got all that going on and still don't generate any heat, then you deserve to go. Bye bye Nnenna, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out of the fabulous Thai hotel. Hope the whiny boyfriend still wants to bone you now that you're a loser.

Go Danielle and Joanie. With the snaggle teeth gone, Joanie looks fabulous in every shot and is just conniving enough to push her way to the top. However, my money is on Danielle. She rocks this fag's world. Looks, height, personality, down home ghetto fabulousness and she takes incredible pictures. Love her! - 'love' spoken in a higher register and stretched out just enough to not be mistaken as said by someone who likes vagina.


'Tis the price of fame Richard, people can't get enough of you. I imagine you chained to a typewriter, 'Misery'-style, weeping, as your hands turn more and more arthritic.


Hey why didn't you re-cap the show after this one also. Just kidding man. Great re-cap as always. I watched the show but did not realize that Jade predicted the final two! I knew she was not of this planet.

Just little me

I loooove Danielle but she is not winning this thing at all. Joanie is the obvious winner because she "improved" along the show (got her teeth fixed) and has a better "public persona" (i.e., that's judges' speak for 'she's not too ethnic'). I love Danielle, I hope she succeeds in her modeling acreer. The other 3 are just delusional about being models.


oh my god, as i was watching Jay fan himself, i flashed on the same Margaret Cho quote about Karl Lagerfeld...to see you quote it is....well, it makes all good in the world.

And Danyelle? i love her more than life itself. Anyone who drops "sucka" into her sentences is alright in my book.


Thanks for the recap, Rich. Now that I've had my ANTM fix for the morning, I can proceed with my day. I was very upset that Nnenna got eliminated, I really thought it should have been Sara, Tall and Tall. She has no self-confidence whatsover. Hell, she was found in a mall!!! Anyway, I wish my girl Nnenna was still there but, alas, the show must go on (By the way, I always sing her name, "Nn-nn-nn-nnennna" like the Chia Pet jingle, "Ch-ch-ch-chia"!) Jade is still a bitch with an extra-curricular vocabulary, and I'm sooooo rooting for Danielle and Joanie!!! P.S. "Piece" of mind... some ANTM broadacast intern was fired for that!!!


LOL... just like I typed "broadacast"... my bad!!!


Well, if you are the prettiest one of the bunch and actually have some brains, I guess you would be allowed to coast along, wouldn't you?

Just little moran, the show is not called america's next top CHEMIST. There is no coasting!


Thank you for the terrific recap - you made my morning! Thought Tyra's judging was funny this time around with the focus on Furonda's disco dress. Who knew that that slightly tacky dress could be solid grounds for elimination! Agree with all the Danielle love - am a Fanielle myself! Think that she and Joanie have shown the most heart in this cycle's crop, and I do love how Joanie submits to the game and plays along so well. If only she didn't look so Celine Dionish in some angles . . . Pls give Winston a kiss and a pet from me! Thx again!

Just little me

Re: Moss. "Moran"? Who is "Moran"? Do you mean "Moran" as Margaret Cho's birth name? Or do you mean "moron"? God, I guess Nnenna is ACTUALLY smarter than you. A chemist would not make a typo like that.


Good one Moss.

I love those "This is not America's Next Top....." comments.


I hope the final two are Danielle and Joanie.
If there is a higher power it will be.
Your recaps are always the highlight of my Fridays, but I guess Ive been reading your blog long enough to know that it's Fierce Fridays, Winston Wednesdays(sometimes)
People need to understand and respect that genius takes time.


Guys, Joanie's not going to win, she's 24 years old. It's going to be Danielle.


Who ees this who dares to get upon your dick? Tell them to vacate IMMEDIATELY! Sheez... some peoples.... Parking upon a dick without so much as a pretty please....

Tater appreciates your recaps of this truly amazing show, because Tater is not able to watch it for himself.

Every time Tater sees Ms J, he throws up a little bit in his mouth..

so unnattractive. unapetizing too.

awww! Jambi! aww..


Moran is an in-joke here on the internets. It's a reference to this picture:



But my point is, if a person wants to be respected for her brains, then "coasting" on a reality show is not the way to the top.

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