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LOl! Another great one!


Rich, pure genius..the picture in the glass..priceless

I love the Paris is Burning Clips


Rich, thank you for posting those twirling twins! Those two were the highlight of the show for me. And Brooke's homely azz needed to be chin checked for that "go back to Africa" comment. I understand that she was mad at Nnenna, but that was unnecessary. I see she wasn't angry or bold enough to say that to her face.

And Ms. Jay needs to hit the gym for a few weeks before baring those flabby arms again. Ick.



Wonderful recap........I "HEART" U!!!

Mr. Prince

Damn I love these, but not as much as i loved seeing leslie FINALLY go bye-bye ^^ ^.~ XD .


I missed this episode but man i dont think i need to cause this review was hilarious.. who got eliminated?? whatsherface eh oh well..

The sheer evilness(?)of your commentary is frightening!


If a sister is not the next top model, please let it be Joanie b/c she is the ish! Ms. Jay looked a H.A.M, with that hair!

Tipsy McStaggers

FANTASTIC recap!! The "Sarah Plain and Tall" reference was the best yet - love, love, love the look on her face in the cover. The twins on a glass was great too - totally reminded me of something you'd spend $48.00 trying to win at the fair.


After last week's preview, I was praying Jade poured St. Ide's over herself during the photo shoot. I was ready to bust out the DJ Drank. Speaking of things that are best served in goblets, the Aswirl twins need to enter the Frank Ski Honorary Most Flaming Black Man contest after the "heigh-TH" comment about Sara. And, eerily, I predicted this week's recap headline.




"schadenfierceness." You're too clever.

Penny Woods

I never thought that Brooke was Taylor Dayne. I always thought that she was J-Lo doing Flashdance from the "I'm So Glad" video.

It's just me, I know it. Recapping ANTM is not my "gendre." ;)


Thanks for the "tall" montage and for including not just Sara's height but also her "heighth." It was my favorite thing in the entire episode.


Did Jay speak of Payless Shoes with a straight face? Hip? Maybe so, because who really says hip anyway.


lol @ the whole thing !!


Hold up! As if not knowing "facade" wasn't enough, she says "gendre"...damn.

raging indie

Lordy. I bust a nut when I saw Miss Jay on the cover of a romance novel. Then I bust the other nut for Sarah, Tall and Tall. More book covers!


I was wondering if the aswirl twins have ever messed around with each other ... or at least engaged in a threesome. Sick thoughts, I know.

And yeah, the whole thing was quite Paris is Burning. I saw that again on LOGO some night this week.

Just little me

After Brooke made that vile "Go back to Africa" comment about Nnenna, she absolutely secured the title of "America's Next Top Xenophobic Model". I wonder if her agent was already contacted by KKKMart for a possible ad campaign.


I'm sorry, I thought brooke looked amazing in her picture. In the absence of mollie sue, I'm still rooting for danielle.

p.s. Nnenna's one cold bitch.


awesome! but i can't believe you didn't mention twiggy saying "clumping" instead of "crunking"! that was classic! love ur updates, love u! love + kisses + freestyle to boot!


Love the Brooke and Taylor Dane shot! Rich, you are awesome!! Sara is tall and did you happen to tally the mention of Payless shoes? Oh goodness. Joanie reminds me of Carolyn Mumford from "Sixteen Candles"--she has a certain 80s vibe about her. I wish we'd get to see pics of Sara's boyfriend--I picture him being really short, and chubby.


Great post as usual - it's my weekly Friday read. Let's not forget Jay Manuel's pep talk to all the Black girls before the krumping photo shoot. "Don't your Black sistahs down. Can you dance???" He was mess as usual.

Posted by Jake: "The Frank Ski Honorary Most Flaming Black Man contest"...priceless!

Until next week!


Ahhh love your commentary...

Question though:

Why does everyone keep calling Nnenna a "cold bitch?" She was featured on this episode (very manipulative editing) for about 1 total minute... was it bc she was laughing at Brooke? Well Joanie, Jade, Danielle and Sara were laughing too... was it bc she won't get off the phone? It's because she's got a crazy ass emo boyfriend and she's being manipulated by Jade (the true crack-bitch in the house)... let's not forget nnenna was the only one who tried to stick up for Gina and rectify the Gina/Jade problem! Also, wasn't Brooke the one who inferred that Nnenna was stupid (the chemist comment) and made the freakin "go back to Africa" comment... and then called her a fucking bitch?


In any case, I miss Mollie Sue. Mollie Sue going home before Jade, Brooke, and Leslie was RIDICULOUS. As for favorites... I love Joanie and danielle...they are way too cool for school... I hope they make it to the final two (with nnenna being the third although I'm open to anyone except Brooke's megachin and Furonda at this point in the game)

Oh yeah... and I thought Furonda's picture was the best this week too...crazy what gremlins can do when they put a little effort in!


That's "Don't let your Black sistahs down!"

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