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April 21, 2006



This made me wet.


i think it's f***ed up that they are making Danielle close her gap, there are a lot of modles that have gaps and it is their signature, I guess Tyra has never heard of Lauren Hutton or Madonna (not that Madge is a model;o)


yeah, tyra's deal with danielle was totally unfair. if i was danielle, i would been like, 'bitch, haven't you heard of lauren hutton?'

Just little me

As usual, the recap was fabulous. This episode was really sadistic - that old actress/ex-model/unemployed ho should have been torn to pieces by the models. And I absolutely HATED Tyra and Ms J for forcing Danielle to get rid of her gap. Danielle looks really cute when she smiles - the gap makes her look approachable. Who wants a fake looking smile anyway? "You cannot be a model with that gap in your teeth." Oh really?! Tyra, Madonna is on line 2 and I think she wants to have a few words with you. And a final question: when did the producers stop asking Ms J to shower before the taping? I predict he will be showing up in a dirty housedress really soon...


OMGGGGG I feel so famous!!! Yesssss!!! 1!!!

Just little me

Hey everybody: our beloved Deprise was Winner of the 1991 Venus Swimwear International Model Search (from imdb.com). All together now: WOW! Isn't that impressive? Yeah, I didn't think so either. Feh. I wonder if Tyra would say, "Deprice, sorry, you are just too commercial." And what is a "commercial" model anyway? Models are meant to be non-commercial?!?


Did anyone else want to die when they showed the dentist pulling tooth after tooth out? I was with Danielle: Who knew that teeth were that long?????

Mr. Prince

I love you caps. I hate her trying to close Danielle's gap. Besides, it's her signature. ah; I've ranted about this tooo much on the top model community: http://community.livejournal.com/topmodel


not only lauren hutton, but Tanga Moreau, Annie Morton, Georgina Cooper....all successful models (Tanga did ads for Ralph Lauren, Versace; Morton for DKNY et al.) with gaps. I hope Danielle keeps hers.

And my god, those scenes between Nnenna and John were so cringe-inducing. Why on earth was he rubbing her head? For luck?


Dude, it's got to be said, the last couple of recaps haven't been on top form (bit like the episodes) - but this is OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY. I am on a conference call reading this and have laughed out loud twice....

"this bitch crossed the border of Nastyland and set up camp in Cuntsville."



haha to Ms. J showing up in a dirty house dress. Don't forget to tell her to bring back the pink sponge rollers. It is so wrong for them to tell Danielle to close her gap. James Brown did it and it fucked his voice up!


If Danielle loses this over the gap I will be furious. Unless Joanie wins instead then I will be slightly okay with it. But seriously the gap has gotta stay.


seeing brooke booted in that dress with that rack was wrong. can someone tell me where i can get that dress...and that rack?


God, your recap is the highlight of my morning as usual. Seriousness, I save half of the animated shit you put together to watch for when I'm feeling a little down. Plus, I have "Imagine Dat!" as my desktop background right now. Perhaps I'm just a little too obsessed with the show, but at least I know I'm not alone. A-plus!

Oh, and the sentence "They wouldn't exude the statement "Love is..." more if they were two naked eight-year-olds who are married." made me pee my pants a little with laughter.


Thank you so much for all the smiling Danielle pix and especially the mp3 of "The gap is stayin' ... suck-ah!"

The gap, much like everything Danielle says, is freaking adorable. Don't do it Dani! Tyra and that lightbulb head of hers can go to hell. She is such a bully.

FingerBang Joe

Great recap man. Like most of America I was pissed that Tyra pretty much forced the girl to close her gap. Cutting of hair is one thing, but her gap is actually kinda sexy. It may start to spread as she gets older so a lil work on it would not be a bad idea but to close it completely would be just wrong!


I love Danielle's gap and I don't think she should get rid of it!

LOL at vagina arms!


haha i love your recaps! i want Joanie to win also


Faaabulous recap, as always, Mister Mister. Loved the Mary J. reference (which should have been sent to Duh-Gina). Since I actually didn't see this episode (and I really don't need to), I was pleasantly suprised by how nice Brooke looked in her doll picture, even if her pose had no actual relation to a Barbie-type figure. But after posting those closeups, you snapped me back into reality: that Brooke is indeed the lovechild of Charlie the Tuna and Bert of Sesame Street.

Danielle, I love her to bits, but the thing is, it's not just the gap that's problematic. (Unlike Lauren Hutton's, which is a pleasant defining grace note, Danielle's is at least twice as large and entirely too noticeable.) It's the entire top grill. Too much crookedness stops the flow of the pretty! However, I will applaud her for standing up to the hyper-manipulative Fivehead. After reading about what Joanie went through, I question the show's method of quick-fixedness, as it is on a level only to be found in classic episodes of Trading Spaces. Hay Room, anybody?

My top three now are Joanie, Danielle, and the fabulously fierce Furonda. I desperately want to include Sara, but girl better shape up and stop slouching! Nnnnnennnnna...nnnnnoooooo. Her boyfriend drama is, more than anything, extremely stupid. Jade is overdue to leave. And Tyra's pits...well, thank God I didn't have much breakfast today.


Joanie is the best, looked the best this week and deserves everything great she gets! Miss Jay does look haggard, she needs to dress up for the judging! Someone should have grabbed that tear stick and rubbed it on Tyra's cooch, then we would have seen "real" tears flow! Did you notice the whole time John was with Nnenna, all she did was sleep? Talk about DIS-interested! Jade or Raid, as I like to call her, oh, forget it! Danielle was great and Furonda looked great as well! The male model was SHMOKIN'!!!

Bea Gass

HELLOOOOO.......danielle is no lauren OR madonna...bitch, please..fix the gap, it can only help.

miss c

"When I was a little kid, my sister used to get me in so much trouble 'cause I used to steal her dolls all the time. That's because when you look at dolls, they've got perfect hair."

Did these dolls have hair made out of Crisco?

And Jade's mom is a fluffer! Let's get her on a porn set pronto!!


I saw Joanie shove those whittled-down teeth into the camera and thought "I'll be seeing that on Four Four tomorrow!"


Lauren Hutton had a slip-in tooth that she used to hide her gap, but I guess in these days of veneers that's passe.


can i fluff you down? wha-wha-whaat?!

is it possible for jade to be more unbearable? i love new age people. they throw a bunch of words around like 'wind', 'power', 'earth', 'strength', and they completely believe their own bullshit. fucking hippies...yeah, it SOUNDS like you are enlightened, but what do your actual ACTIONS say?

i'm with everyone on the tooth. yeah, danielle, we want to completely change the way your face looks for some stupid show because we have decided what the fashion world wants. what a bunch of assholes. and that joanie footage at the dentist's office was cringe-inducing.

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