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I totally saw that infomercial about 2 months ago, and yep, it was that "first time I saw..." dialogue that hooked me. It's the only infomercial I've ever, EVER given a second thought to, besides the current Time/Life 70's music collections commercials that include flawless pristine music video footage of 70's supastars. Bottom line, I'm going to talk my roommate into splitting the cost of a batch o' that dooky-leaky shiznit and try it out. Maybe. Find their website and read the customer comments sometimes, it sounds pretty great. Can't wait to feel all light -n- breezy and non-headachey.


That is the funniest "shit" ever! How did you ever find this guy with the 'Chester the Molester' mustache? He is perfection. Anyone that looks at other people's shit for a career and what it sounds like, his own amuzement is a spectacle and should be appreciated by the world. Thank you for brining us such an entertainment.


Next he'll be on Oprah with that doctor guy who had the classy computer animated bowel movement to teach constipated america that you shouldn't have to squease pooh out, it should spring out like a snake: slippery and alive, looking for a rat to eat!

I always love your posts!


Agree w/the "Chester Molester" mustache comment. What a creep. No shame.


May I please be your bf for just one day, and watch television while you call commentary? I'm totally envious of your man! "Lucky!"


Screw the infomercial (although it is as funny and ridiculous as fuck)! Kudos on the banner. I like that one even more than Swan Brooner!
Paris is Burning is a great movie.


I can't deal!!!! LOL! How is it that you seem to catch each and every insignificant (and yet significant) piece of crap in media!!! This TOO is on my top ten of paid programming...and Rich did you peep how passionate he was about shitting and yet he was READING FROM A FUCKING CUE CARD!?!?!? LOL!!!


Am I the only one who thinks Klee looks a bit like Fire Marshall Bill? Equally scary.


I didn't think anything could capture my attention the way the cyclone infomercial or the pasta express one could, but this one is all about poop and they sold me even though I am regular and happy with my turds!

Elissa (Nigel's mom)

you will like this one too


HAHAH. He was scared of his daughters poop.

Also, I can't stop laughing at "Caller Gary. Feels tired most of the time."

Comedy Gold.

Sarcastic Journalist

Man, while reading this, my two month old son LET ONE RIP from across the room. I am assuming that "Nothing is missing from his life."

Gary rocks. We all need a Gary.


This post positively SCREAMS for a fourfour Consumer Product Review segment.




This is quintessential blog:

someone just taped something off of TV>put it on youtube>wrote a short description of it> got it linked to by other blogs.

Amount of original work done by blogger: 0%

Although this is pretty funny. I saw this on TV a few months ago and taped it right before he said the "I remember the first time.." line.


nice molestache there, guy


Of course young kids' shit is going to be big - the bigger and more mature the person, the less poop there should be. We have more intestines and stomach ability than young tiny kids and can utilize our food more effectively instead of shitting it out.


The only way my mind can accept this is to pretend it's John Waters punking us all..


Your blog is on!!

Keep up the good work, I read this all the time and think you are hilarious

Fecal McStool

I like to talk about stool.


Everyone should look into intestinal disorders like candida albicans and intestinal parasites. Alot of so called 'diseases' these days are not diseases, but infact symptoms of an underlying cause. These days, with the medical INDUSTRY portioning out anti-biotics like candy, for ailments that aren't even bacteria related such as viruses, the good bacteria in the bowl is often wiped out. 'Diseases' like iritable bowl and lactose intolerance can be symptoms of an overgrowth of certain organisms which survive the anti-biotics. Things like attention deficite disorder, depression and even autism are now being linked to anti-biotics. Remember medicine is constantly changing, a couple hundred years ago we thought the body had only 4 distinct fluids running through it and removal of blood or 'blood lettings' were common practice. The bowels should be moved at least two to three times a day, this is the normal healthy amount. With all the processed foods, refined sugars and fats in the North American diet I'm surprized so few have tried to cash in on this huge on going problem. This infomercial was obviously complete garbage, terrible acting, poop size- what a terrible pitch for a most likely second-rate poorly produced product. However the one thing they were right about is that many of today's 'diseases' are a result of poor bowel health.


I'm glad I don't have's enough work worrying about my own feces.


The next time you notice your kids bowel movements after they've been potty trained is when they clog up the toilet.


let's see, i'm shooting an infomercial for a product that's easily available in any natural health food store at half the price, what should i wear? i know, a pack of lifesavers and some glitter.


You guys really should check out this website:

It is a real product with a name that parodies a fiber-riffic-cereal add parody on Saturday Night Live a couple decades ago. Don't miss the pictures:

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