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forgetta bout this movie! watch brick! ; )


Fiddy puts the down in down low. He also puts dicks in his mouth.


This makes me look at 50 in a whole new light! Even his first video ever made when he was working out while Em and Dre are watching him like mad scientists, like they created the perfect gay man speciman.


Oh, by the way, thanks for all the great ass shots. Even though this made me think a lot 'less' of Terrence Howard.


And I thought I had no reason to see this movie! Consider it added to the queue! HA! Shower scenes in prison, that is practically a recipe for a porno!


That pic of Terrence Howard's ween is disturbing. I can't get that image of his little button out of my head. So very sad.

However, I needed only to scroll down a bit further and see my favorite from Oz, Adabissi! Is it wrong for me to always want to see him wearing his little hat askew on his head in every single thing I see him in?


God, that last sentence just slays me.


Give Terence a chance. Maybe it was a cold shower?


I almost spit my water out with your comment on that top is better line...Fiddy Cent would you turn me out? Show me what your thing is all about? HAHAHAHAA


For sure, Carly -- that's why I said "seemingly minuscule." I don't think the guy's gonna scare anyone out of bed with that thing, but shrinkage is a very real affliction. That said, I don't think anyone left the theater impressed.


This is the most hilarious movie recap ever. With the best illustrations. Terence Howard must have a lot of artistic integrity to allow that baby winkie of his to be shown!


RE Terrence's wee willie winkie: maybe he's a grow-er, not a show-er.


I thought that it was Winston Wednesday. That was all that was getting me through work this morning... I need a new Winnie pic for my desktop. And my screensaver. What's that? I'm being stalkerish? No way. I just love Winston.


Dana Little

I love u so much!

Penny Woods

I think I can enjoy this movie now beyond the wonderful performance of Terrence Howard. Yes, including his small wang.


Sweet Jesus on the mainline...this was hil-fucking-arious!! I might actually rent the movie now. Rich, you ROCK! :)


Fantastic recap, well argued point! Just like your version of Hustle & Flow, I will now seek out this movie and enjoy it much more than I would have otherwise.

Veggie Girl

Agreed, Candice ... excellent ending, Rich.

Braxton Hartnebrigg

Terrence may be what they call a "grow-er" and not a "show-er". But damn that, looks like he's rockin a worm on a shag carpet. buahhahahahahah!


His bucked teeth were made for ass eating.


Terrence sad. :-( That's just too bad.


ugh. I have bad case of dislike for Curtis Jackson (sounds like black church directors name doesn't it...and we all know about them). But this recap is freakin' hysterical. Rich you are the miggitay mack daddy.


You have made me think about TH's business all day. It's both sad and disturbing. One can only hope that the cold shower/shrinkage theory proves true. It's terrible really. I'm concerned. Poor TH.


FUCK 50 Cent, he's trash.


Whoa. It really is hard out there for a pimp.

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