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April 24, 2006


Arthur James

I dont know if I am more jealous about the Cross Crunch or the inflamed hickey! Arrgh...

Looks like I gotta get both.




Don't tell me not to be jealous.



Perez is a goober.


as someone who purchased the Beurer SoftLight Laser from the shopping channel, i cannot mock your purchase. Oh, how i wish i could.
i will however, tell you to buy a decent razor.


omg, that's so funny. my man left me one last week RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my neck - ain't no hidin' that shit. i got some flack from work and mom-dukes, but then i just decided to fuck it and blazed it proudly. fuck the haters - my man is smoking hot and sucks on me!


I love hickies! Almost as much as I love infomercial products, Im still pining for the Magic Bullet. Who doesnt want a kitchen appliance that has a name like a vibrator?
Can't wait to see the 6 pack you will have in just 30 days.


The inflamed hickey is hot; the inflamed sense of self displayed by Mario in that interview is not.

"When I am not the first to report a story or break a story, I'm like UGH!"

No. When you are not the first to report a story or break a story, you simply lie and say you are.

And no, Rich, no razor, no six pack. You're perfect just the way you are.


Hickeys are the new black.


So are pedophiles.

judge jru

I know this might be old news, but I'm still very upset that the following piece of reality tv trash was accidently deleted from my TiVo:

The Madonna edition of "VH1's Flab to Fab," featuring the one and only crazy Mario "Perez Hilton" Laundromat...BEFORE he was a "celebrity."

For pictures, click here.

Maybe someday...someone can order Perez a Cross Crunch of his very own.



I sincerely hope that your "cross crunch" experience is totally awesome and does not at all suck like fitness infomercial product experience did.


That perez clip is disgusting. Go here http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?perez21&1


I threw up in my mouth a little after I watched that Perez clip.


god how fat is perez's head (no pun intended) ??
that shit must weigh 75 lbs.!!
if i saw him on the streets of nyc i would
throw some fruit as his fat ass !!


*at* his fat ass not as


I just now watched that perez clip.

It was so educational!

I learned two things that will no doubt change my life forEVAH!

1. Paris Hilton is, like, really smart!
2. I should live my life as if I'm a celebrity, because, the ONLY thing that separates me from Paris Hilton and, let's say, Brad Pitt is that WAY more people know who they are and um, they probably have more money then me! But, other than that! WE ARE NO DIFFERENT!

God, I love The Internet.


so, if you haven't already, you must see happy endings. it's not a particularly good movie, nor is it bad. it's just an entertaining little movie.

more importantly, however, is jason ritter. you want chunk? you want jason ritter.

fineass, delicious chunk, my friend.


I love you RICH! I'm coming over so me, u, and the bf can have a threesome! It'll be like a reverse oreo cookie.


You are perfect and delicious as you are! Cross Crunch if you want, but don't go all crazy n'shit on us. I come to FourFour for the witty and insightful writing, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the manly eye candy! Sorry to get all pervy on you.

Avoid Hard Candy - check.
Get a hickey - do I have to? Not so crazy about them. Oh all right, if you insist.

P.S. I think its so lovely that you and the BF are still all romantical and teenagerish in your passion. You guys rock!




Oh yeah, one more thing, are NKRFGCUK, or whatever their name is, supposed to be Latinos? 'Cuz if so, they have some shameful accents and their mamas need to be reprimanded for not teaching them how to speak Spanish. Learning starts in the home people.

Penny Woods

Actually I found Perez's theories of Suri Cruise's name (on his site) more pathetic than the German TV clip.

It's a reminder that we bloggers can be just as pathetic as Mario if we blog about Janice Dickinson's bitchiness if we ever work at E! and get dooced without realizing what being dooced is.


Whats up, I thought you embraced your chunk? Did your bf's ogling the blond model on ANTM last week strike a nerve? Youre hot as is.


I'm not so happy about the Cross Crunchy thingy, Rich. But, I'll support you, I mean after all, I bought the ABROLLER and guess what. My blue and orange plastic rolly thing with the coil actually worked! bwuahahaha!

Really, it did. Yet, I still love chunk.
It's it in me. canthelpit.

www.uoacf.com/albums/ album51/IMG_1400.sized.jpg


Oh wait, the hickey. That is the perfect accessorie for my white trash look. damn, I gotta get me one of those.

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