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April 04, 2006



Thannks for the review, Rich. I was surprised that David Morrissey turned up in this flick. He's done some really good work (check him out in "State of Play" or "Viva Blackpool," BBC America runs them all the time), so I wouldn't peg him for B-films. Then again I heard he got $6 million for the role, so can't say I blame him for taking the money.


I've been debating going to see it. Everyone is dogging Sharon Stone for being crazy and what not, but I kind of dig her. I prefer her kind of crazy to most others...

Rich, any good scenes w/ Hugh Dancy? He's this young British guy that I'm partially in love with.


what on earth is David Thewlis (aka the man put on earth to make me happy) doing in this film?


Thanks for writing a review that didn't just offer an excuse for more speculation on Sharon Stone's weirdness.

And by the way, I love the Jackie Brown masthead! I just watched that flick last week and fell in love with Pam Grier all over again. So underrated (the movie and the actress).


I kind of love Sharon Stone. There. I said it.


dude, you just compared sharon stone to edy west. if you had only written that sentence, i would have known how much you enjoyed this film.
me, i think it could have been better if master satirist verhoeven were at the helm. i think its funny when people talk about showgirls (or even hollow man or starship troopers) they only talk about how bad it is, not about how it is inentionally bad.
anyway, i'm rambling ...


I just wanted to wish you a happy 4/4. And damn, those are some weird-ass implants on Stone!


There's nothing like a Rolls. Not even a Bentley.


Rich, today is 4-4! Fourfour, 4-4! The date! Get it? Yeah....I've been waiting for a few weeks to say that.


I can just hear the golden sounds of Rockapella harmonizing your headline now.


i love it when people try to give weight to veerhoeven by saying its intentionaly bad or honest irony or whatever.

please buy the showgirls coffee table book or watch the director commentaries and discover the real genius of his dutch dork-itude.

i myself love ss and pv and think that the bi2 sequel will be what i waste my time on this weekend. tanks richie i still love you


I'm SOOO glad Sharon Stone's career is over. It's sad when you are tied with LARRY THE CABLE GUY(and its in its SECOND week) for the number 10 movie. I guess they're both of the same class!!! HAHA...whatever, I can't wait to see this old hag of the screen. It even debuted worse than Gigli!

Nathaniel R

But her career can't be over. it's been such a long and strange journey. how can we collectively live without Sharon Vonne Stone? [the middle name? -- I'm not making up]

but Rich, thanks for this. i want to this right now due to your words.

Nathaniel R

"i want to this" should read "i want to see this" --oops. the missing vagina was distracting me.


This film made me come.

Liubo Atanasov

The movie is classic psihotrilers, that leaves the spectator thinking......


She┬┤s such a talented, beautiful and successful person!

I love her soooo much! I swear, when I would meet her hopefully one day, I would fall to the ground and kiss her feed!

- MiriamlovesSharon -

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