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May 31, 2006



I ready because of the zaniness... you never know what you're gonna get! =)
happy birthday!.. ish


Happy birthday baby! You give me cramps daily. And, I LOVE Winston. He makes me want to upgrade my beloved Boudreaux.

Arthur James

May all of your birthday wishes and dreams become a tangible reality in the coming year!

& Thank You!

Arthur James

O wait...it's not YOUR birthday but the blogs....ooops.

That goes to show you how "quick" your avid readers are....:-)


You're an insanely entertaining and clever writer. Period. I rarely watch these shows or listen to your style of music, but I read this site every week, because it's that good. Hell, I even used to hate cats; not anymore! So, go on, enjoy yourself. Let the success rush straight to your head and give you an ego the size of Tyra's. (Rub olive oil on your forehead, you don't want stretch marks.) It's ok. You deserve it.


Awww! I would have killed to have seen a cat in a hat, especially your cat since he has that natural pissed-off, put-upon look. I only wish I had found this site at the start of cycle 6.

Happy birthday, birthday baby!


No thank you! No need to thank us, and yes I speak for all us!
I look forward to your recaps, and your cat pics.


I love your blog and seriously I should be thanking you for all the laughs and recaps you have done over the year.
It was just last night I was watching the Liz Taylor interview on Larry King (her first in 3 years) and I was hoping that you were watching it because it would have made for a genuis post along the lines of the great Liza one you did..
I love your sense of humor and Winston!


it may be true that age ain't nothin' but a number, but congrats are in order nonetheless. and don't worry, your wackness is part of the reason we love you. you're like a blogging pioneer of the wickety wack.


I can't believe it has only been one year! Happy Blogbirthday! Just keep it coming... the only desire I have is to bring more chunk content; I think we all miss that!


awwww! happy blog birthday!


Happy Birthday fourfour. And well done Rich for building this little site up and making it the success it is today. You're a really clever, funny guy and you deserve all the praise you get. Now go eat some cake.

Ella xxx


Happy Celebration! You've made me giggle many a time when I'm supposed to be working (shhhhhsssh). Keep up the cattiness ;~)


Happy blogaversary!


It is we who should be thanking you. I can only imagine how many hours of work you put into a ANTM or ProjRun entry! Happy 1 year, I'm so glad to hear this website brings you as much happiness as it does us, your obsessive fans. CNTM won't be the same without you.

Tipsy McStaggers

Congrats and a heartfelt thank you for the time and effort you put into making us all laugh (and for sharing pics of that lovely piece of man meat you have hearts in your eyes for). I have been thinking about what the appropriate words of thanks are to the man who introduced me to Being Bobby Brown (Landon - yum), ANTM, Swan Brooner, that overweight, bitter "metalhead" from that MTV weight loss show; who validated my feeling that Madonna is a caricature of the many incarnations of her old self; who made me consider that, just maybe, there is one cat out there that is worth worshipping....the list goes on and on. There are no words my friend, but I will try to express it with a phrase that my sis and I use , "I love you like moms love dads, but not like our mom loved our dad (insert LIfetime movie soundtrack and flashback to one of many dysfunctional family episodes where moms boyfriend runs into dad in hospital lobby after moms latest round of "maintenence" at our local family plastic surgeons office). Rich you are the best. You are up there with David Sedaris on my "list of people to be stranded on a desert island with". Thanks again for a great year.
P.S. What will it take to see Winston in the hat?


Happy Birthday, fourfour! May we enjoy many more years of wackness, cat photos, and ANTM recaps. I can only dream of the craziness and Tyra-isms Miss Tyra will spout by ANTM cycle 35. Hope we see it together!

You're doin' good, Rich.


Happy BLOG B-Day!


We totally fucking love you man.


I remember when you said "i'm going to start a blog and recap being bobby brown." and i thought... wow. there probably isn't anything in the world that would be better for you to do and me to read. Thanks for being continually awesome.
buh buh bye bye buh buh bye bye.


i'm in the process of building my own blog as a direct result of you! happy birthday and may you go on fourfourever.


Happy Birthday fourfour, and congrats go out to you Rich. This isn't easy keeping a blog of this nature and for this long. You continually make us laugh, and for that, I thank you!


Thank you for making me laugh! You're the best out there. Congratulations Rich!


Things FourFour has taught me:

I must find a chunky, bald boyfriend, or I'll die unhappy.

It's not just me, Madonna IS the worst.

I'm pretty sure I'm a fag-hag wannabe.

Perhaps most important of all:

I adopted a needy cat. I'd never even HELD A CAT before I came to know Winnie.

So, thank YOU, Rich! And Happy Birthday, FourFour! I love you!

Miss Kitty

Thanks for making us laugh every day, Rich! Your writing is really good. Keep up the good work, and give the kitties a big hug!

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