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May 22, 2006


Crazy about the girl

I wish that she would take the whole crucifixation ALL the way...

proof she's not retarded: she's made millions and millions of dollars pushing the cultural envelope. (and five words to spare!)


I much prefer Annette as God.

God I hate Madonna. Hideous, washed-up, and talentless.


Yeah, I dont get the Madonna obsession at all. Especially now, it just seems like she's trying too hard.


Foolish maybe, retarded? No. It got you talking about it. Good for her.


Madonna...barf. I am so glad I got over my Madonna phase, when I was 12!!!


Dave, to be fair, it doesn't take much to get me talking. I mean, I posted a huge tribute to Fat Camp's Dianne, and the woefully unskilled Bre of ANTM5 was once a patron saint of fourfour. Coverage here is no compliment or indication of...well, anything, really!

t kitty

it is not retarded because madonna is the direct descendant of mary magdalene and jesus. she is the holy grail. duh.


She's not wearing a helmet and participating in the Special Olympics? Yet?

Crazy about the girl

Oh, now I miss Fat Camp's Diane... Wait, isn't summer coming? Maybe they could produce a new cycle of that show with her! I am sure that she is still fabulously fat (and obnoxious) at this point.


You're relentless. (and what's up with the Madonna-apologists/cheerleaders? Can't we all just chuckle and move on?)


I'm a crazy Madonna person, and I admit that I have had a strong loyalty to her over the years. I like just about everything she's done as an "artist", including her movies and American Life. I can't get behind her on the Kaballah nonsense though. But I heard the rumors and then saw the actual pictures of this element of the show, and even I groaned...a little. I'll still be there front and center at MSG in June. :)


The woman can't sing. There, discuss amongst yourselves.....


She looks haggard and skeletal. I'm admittedly too young to have ever listened to her in the 80's and have never developed an appreciation for her shitty pop music, but she needs to be brought down a few rungs. Confessions of a Hot Mess Tour, 2006...


Confessions of a Hot Mess Tour... cracked me up! The first record I ever bought was Madonna's "Material Girl." And that was about the last time I listened to her. I just don't get it. Is she trying to relive her "Like a Prayer" days?


I didn't know they crucified pirates. Thanks, Madge!


Because the cross she's on is shiny, and she's able to look away.

Ta-da. Only 13 words.


i havent yet seen the show, but i'll admit that the LIVE TO TELL on a cross thing seems a tad heavy handed...


Rufus Wainwright did it better.


Jesus, is, like, so IN right now. You gotta have the Jesus to sell the tickets!


THIS IS JUST WEIRD. THis act would have been better in the early 90's. She does seem to be trying too hard.


Bitch is totally overrated! >:-( She should do the world a favor and nail herself PERMANENTLY on that bling-bling cross.
Now THAT is worth paying for to watch. xD


Aye yi yi...The force of the ego. Hath Madonna no control? Honestly, I'm all for pushing buttons - particularly with the Catholic Church - but this is just desperate. Thorns in her hair? Oy vey.

Ya know, Madonna could've cooled things after "Ray of Light." Maybe gracefully semi-retired, I don't know. Instead she found she could not bear life without the mega spotlight. So she pops out 2 crappy CD's and the fairy dust of ROL is all lost. If she was making better music then it would make sense. She is not making better music.

I really do admire her focus and discipline - I mean I wish she could bottle it. But the need, the hunger for attention is so out there and such a turn off. I mean what is so much more important about this ridiculous looking tour and her latest awful CD to keep her away from her hunky man and adorable kids? Cuz we all know she trains for hours, right?


Her whole career has been built on controversy and sex, not talent.

She is a mediocre singer and a mediocre dancer. Her strength has been in pushing the envelope via MTV and other forms of media. However, most of what she has done is steal from the underground NY club scene and put it in a video for middle america.
Vogueing anyone?

She is able to constantly "reinvent" herself by jacking whatever trends she can.

I don't hate on her hustle and ability to market herself. She is a genius in that aspect and I respect that she manages to call all of her own shots in this industry.

But her music is weak and as an artist, none of her stuff is remotely good.

However, if you want to see an aging pop star in gyrate onstage, hump some young hot boys, showing off her latest yoga moves while playing bad guitar wearing a crown of thorns....do you!

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