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shiny cross = reflected light = flattering backlighting = less likely to look like my grandmother in hot pants.

19 words.


i don't know what's sadder: madonna thinking she does "envelope-pushing" "art," or clueless academics thinking she does.

or her looking like my grandmother in hot pants.


sorry, i can't stop:

listening to her "play" the guitar and sing is like listening to a first-year guitar student recital in pittsburgh. or a bad, bad, bad open mic.


Madonna was interesting when she borrowed from the street, but from what is she borrowing these days? Palm Beach circuit parties? Sophomore year art school students? One uptick: Julie Brown's "Medusa" character is relevant again.


I'm guessing that since that cross is made of tiny mirror tiles that it's supposed to be a disco cross (which, if you spin it around and add some colored spotlights, might be almost halfway clever).

But to me it just looks like the wall of a men's bathroom in some built-in-1981 office tower. Especially with that towel rack/microphone.


i don't know what's sadder: madonna thinking she does "envelope-pushing" "art," or clueless academics thinking she does.

pphillipp on the mark -- What bothers me more than her excruciatingly obvious "statements" is those who'll see something like this and deem it brilliant. Honestly, there are times when I feel like the only fag in the world who thinks her bullshit is bullshit. Once, I documented exactly that.

Oh, and please don't think I'm equating gay men with academics, despite what my syntax suggests.


Madge can't win for tryin.' Maybe that's what's she's attempting to say here.

Brings to mind the (in its day) controversial quote that John Lennon said about the Beatles being "more famous than Jesus."


Interesting comment. She's had twenty-plus years at the top, critical and academic praise, million-selling hits, sell-out tours, and, by all accounts, a blissful personal life. What is she not winning? The love of a few fags who think she's bullshit? This is what keeps her up at night and makes her crucify herself on a Danceteria cross?

Nathaniel R

i don't care if it's obvious... it's MADONNA. Who else works her ass off that hard to keep people watching? I say anybody this tireless deserves to be worshipped for time and all eternity.

And also no one seems to get that she does a lot of this button pushing stuff with humor even if, on the surface or one pass, it reads as super-pretentious. And also: Better to be pretentious than have no ideas at all... which would describe most of her competition for queen of pop.


well, at least *someone* thinks i'm on the money, rich. i've always felt the blacksheepfag of the "community" for daring to call madge what she is. have you read mcclary on madonna? have a sick bag nearby...

"She's had twenty-plus years at the top, critical and academic praise, million-selling hits..."

and mcdonald's sells more "food" than anyone else. your point?

Thesaurus Rex

ABBA called. They want their boots and gauchos back.


How does one become a parody of a parody of ones self? I mean many times is she going to use the ole "crucifix" bit? If it aint wrapped around her neck or set ablaze -- then it's bedazzled with mirrors. I especially love the "secretary's night out" costume.

So what are the odds that crowns of thorns will be showing up in gay clubs?


hey...saw this show last night, it was amazing, pics don't do it justice, having her come out on that cross singing "Live to Tell" was incredibly moving and then again, she's a monstrous beyotch, barking at the crowd, dancing AT her dancers, you can tell she rules them with a whip...literally.

the obsession only exists if you've followed her career since day one like myself. but eff-off to those in the audience TOO young for "live to tell" gimme a break...don't tell me at 26 that song has missed a generation. you know madonna, you know live to tell...


So, she's being sacrificied to the Church of Disco so that we may dance for all eternity? WTF?


Not to be the lone blind sheep, but I was at opening night, and it was pretty fucking good. The disco cross was actually much better in person than you would think.

That said, if I can manage NYC tickets, I'm dragging you kicking and screaming just so I can hear you grouse about it.


I would actually gladly attend the show. I really do believe in, y'know, the importance of experiencing things to form an opinion.

Plus, I love love love feeling justified. I am your man!


Right on! If you do go, could you please post a review? With sureptitiously taken photos and all? Pretty please? With a ball-gag on top?
(That icky detail is courtesy of Michael K's column; he gives some details on Mad's show.)


who's madonna?


Erm, I may be the minority here but I liked her latest album in a campy, fun sort of way. And I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her in a riding outfit, on a big shiny crucifix or rollerskating around!
I'm a dyke, but my friends tell me I'm really a big flaming gay man... I enjoyed Showgirls, too... see?


Can you say BEYOND TIRED?!?


I guess she said if Kanye could do it, why can't she?!


the cross actually gets raised in the beginning. all i could say was "oh no she did-ain't!" & when she's done, she lies on the ground in cross-form too.

the show was really fun (100 times better than the reinvention tour). there's a whole fun montage of esquestrian accidents while she sings "like a virgin" & humping a merry-go-round pole. i'm just glad she's dancing and not doing downward dog on stage anymore.

i am a huge madonna fan. coadf is one of the worst albums. favorite albums are erotica & like a prayer.


who knew the cross was made of bathroom tiles?

i'm just sayin


She kind of has you won over if you're surfing, don't you think?

More importantly, since when can't she reinterpret an element from a former phase ("Like a Prayer") for a relevant performance? People are fucking stupid to waste their time even analyzing this situation. Trying to be different is just as bad as trying to be like everyone else, so just take it for what it is and let her do her thing. Some crusty fags on a dancefloor somewhere are rubbing their bare nipples to her shit, and that makes them happy. I like seeing people happy.

Re: the comments about her vocals...I sort of don't get this one. She actually sings during performances nowadays, and that's something to commend in itself. Since doing Evita, her vocals have definitely progressed and gotten stronger, no? Besides, who pays attention to the vocals of music anymore? I don't. Rich doesn't. As awesome as the most recent 'above ground' tracks are, I too have been rocking them for a few weeks now and cringe when I stop to listen to their vocals. Imagine Cassie in a faux crucifixion, "singing"...

So I hear

O Esther, why do you do this to those who love you? I'd like to say something in her defense, but... I've got nothing. Sigh.

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