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Nathaniel R

oh one more thing about the crucifix bit... how can it be tired when she hasn't been visually underlining it in any regular way for well over a decade? The cross fixation peaked for her in the 80s. The 80s were a long time ago.


Maybe she wants to challange the Da Vinci Code and say Mary Mary Magdalene was crucified instead..? Whatever.. Get out there and help those unfortunate people personally.. Madge. You got fundage.. a will to boss and conquer.. So, live modestly, give give give it all away.. if you earn it like this.. and don't blame God, Bush, Blair, THE USA or rich people.. as this evil of man has been on earth since man began. You make choices.. the only peaceful time we had morals were respected.. and people tried to be kind, considerate of others. IT's the liberals who think that nothing is evil, everyone is right in his or her own mind if they feel it is good.. therefore they let evil reign over all and to heck with innocence.. dictators and evil terrorists that cause sorrow are evil too, but I suppose we should feed, clothe and somehow protect the world and let them dictate our laws and take away any good laws and respectful rights we have, and become their slaves, so we can view you chastizing us for riches and fame? Nastiness like this for entertainment gives America and Christians a bad name. Even harsh and restricted nations look moral and righteously law-abiding compared to us huh? Figure it out dumb bell!


This is utterly insane.


I asked Jade if Madonna was retarded and she exhaled with a laugh, "Oh, Madge. She's doing great job, but I’m not intimidated; she’s just not on my level."


i have no problems with pure pop (in fact, i love it) - but madonna does not claim to make pure pop; much to the contrary, her pretentious and clueless proclamiations that she's making "art" (important, boundary-pushing art, the likes of which this planet has never seen, no less) constantly remind us that she does *not* want to be seen as another (less vocally talented) Agnetha or Frida.

"More importantly, since when can't she reinterpret an element from a former phase ("Like a Prayer") for a relevant performance? People are fucking stupid to waste their time even analyzing this situation"

there's a huge difference between "reinterpreting" and "recylcling crap that was hackneyed and banal the first time around." even if one argues that use of a crucifix was somehow inspired on the first go round, putting mirror tiles on it this time hardly constitutes "reinterpretation."

but Madonna, by holding her stuff up as "art" *wants* us to "waste our time" analyzing it. she would be INSULTED if we didn't, and just took it as "mindless pop." but I'm with you - it *IS* a waste of time to analyze Madonna, unless our goal is to examine how truly vacant it is. which should take about 37 seconds.


"She actually sings during performances nowadays, and that's something to commend in itself"

oh, yes. someone making millions of dollars as a singer *actually singing.* what a coup! what a concept! the gifts she gives us!


listening to her "play" the guitar and sing is like listening to a first-year guitar student recital in pittsburgh.

- those are actually much, much better.


Uh, I don't think Madonna claims to be making art at all. Is there statement somewhere where she says she's making art right now? If I remember correctly, all the press for this album and tour rides along the vein of wanting to "get up and dance" or whatever. When she makes something solid and artful again, she'll let us know. In the meantime, I am accepting this crucifix scenario as a hark back to a former phase -- regardless of my liking or disliking its debut. Or is this about addressing my application of the word "artist" to her? If so, I send a hearty eye-roll your way.

"oh, yes. someone making millions of dollars as a singer *actually singing.* what a coup! what a concept! the gifts she gives us!"

It's a gift most singers don't give us, correct?

Let us focus on the big picture instead of the details. She is a fucking 50 year-old pop star. That's hilarious, and she is allowed to do whatever she wants in my book.


Played out. She's trying to still remain contraversial & she is so not anymore. Which is ok, I mean, she's old now. But she just needs to recognize already and work with what she has.




In 20 words or less:

She got your, and billions of others, attention, again, after 30 years and at almost 50.

I guess there is always that fine line between 'retarded' and brilliant.

Cocoa Girl

Madonna reminds me of an old Village gay or a geri-Harlem black man who cannot/will not/shall acknowledge the fact that the skin is wrinkled; the hair is thinning; the teeth are yellowing; the ass is drooping, and ain't none of it good anymore!

Someone must tell her to sit the farg down! She makes me dry up...and I'm straight!


Making fun of Madonna is boring.


Getting someone's attention is not brilliant. Children do it all the time. Usually in more interesting ways.


"Uh, I don't think Madonna claims to be making art at all. Is there statement somewhere where she says she's making art right now?"

madonna has *always* claimed to be making art. always. have you missed this?

"It's a gift most singers don't give us, correct?"

nope. not correct.

"Getting someone's attention is not brilliant. Children do it all the time. Usually in more interesting ways"

couldn't have said it better myself. she's about as "shocking" as a four year old lifting her dress.


I am not the biggest Madonna fan in the world, but you have to respect the womans drive! and I think she looks amazing at 47 (almost 48 very soon)I remember watching her as a young man on American Bandstand and thinking WOW! and look at her now...still going strong. I guess I just don't understand why people take her so seriously, I mean..she is just a pop star. She is not changing the world or anything, she is a pop star plain and simple. Her voice is not the worst I have heard in the world (even live) and her music is fun and dancy. I just take her for what she is, a voice, a talented soul on this earth to entertain us and make you either love her or hate her. I think it is cool that at least in my lifetime we have a pop star icon that is not addicted to drugs, or has committed suicide or anything. I really can't say that Mariah Carey is a pop star icon, I shudder to think that Emimen is any kind of icon or any thug rapper for that matter. Well, in closing I would like to say that I saw Madonna's last show in San Jose, CA. and it was amazing. I have tix to see her new show in about a week too. I look foward to it, Rich and others...go see her live, you would have a blast.


I wonder what happened to her Kabbala crap.


pphillihpp, your persistence in trying to shit-talk this woman is beyond my comprehension. I'm going to go do something a little more proactive, like force a bowel movement.

anonymous artist who worked on CONFESSIONS visuals

I WORKED on the show- went to friends and family night showing this past sat nite in LA- been a fan of M's forever- we've done a lot of work together over the years. I know her VERY VERY well. I WALKED OUT HALFWAY THROUGH. The fucking show sucks. HER VOICE IS DEEPER THAN James Earl Jones' now. The concepts don't work and I would LOVE to know what she expects ANYBODY to do about the 20 million African kids without parents- THANKS FOR RUINING MY BUZZ you talentless hack... JUST SING INTO THE GROOVE, SHOW SOME T&A, TRY TO DANCE IN PUMPS, COLLECT YOUR MILLIONS AND PREPARE YOUR CLOTHES FOR THE MUSEUM... Ya'll know about her MUSEUM prep right? EVERY M OUTFIT IS CREATED IN TRIPLICATE. ONE TO WEAR AND HAVE, ONE FOR BACK-UP /AUCTION AND ONE FOR THE MUSEUM SHE'S CREATING TO HONOR HERSELF!!!!! It's truly sad that THIS person who is creating such a fucking VAIN museum would DARE comment on 20 million kids without parents... I can name 2 more kids without a mother this summer, LOLA AND ROCCO. Fuckin A.


These images are a bit disturbing. I wonder what song she's performing. I don't care, I love Madonna.

Madonna and Janet Jackson. LOVE them. Neither of them has the greatest singing voice, but are both friggin' awesome performers. Brilliant those old biyaches are.


"pphillihpp, your persistence in trying to shit-talk this woman is beyond my comprehension. I'm going to go do something a little more proactive, like force a bowel movement"

wow. clever. you might want to work through some of the issues surrounding your obsession with scatological imagery.

i'm supposing you've read rich's article (link above) in which he "shit-talks" madonna as well? i'm supposing you have the same critique for him?

sorry you feel that people aren't allowed to disagree with you. perhaps that's what's necessitating your having to "force" your bowel movements. fiber might help.


So yesterday I read this site and watched that video of Lucas Prata and thought to myself, "How lame is that guy?!?" And then, after work, when I was in the locker room at the gym, a song started, and I thought, "Yay! I really like this song!" and then the chorus started... You can see where this is going, right? I sat on this site yesterday and made fun of people for liking that song, and I'm one of them.

However, if it makes it any better, I totally thought the song was being sung by a woman until yesterday afternoon.


And I totally just posted that to the wrong post.


The old Madonna would have stripped nekkid on that cross! Getting tame in her old age. COAD is a good pop album. That's all.


I'm hardly a fundamentalist Christian, but I think that Madonna is completely disgusting. How dare she compare herself to one of the great mystical teachers? Perhaps this isn't what she's trying to do, but her ego is so huge that I wouldn't be surprised. I'm also disgusted by her because she gives Qabalah, a perfectly legimate ancient mystical system, a bad name by her association with it. She certainly embodies none of what it teaches with her self-serving ways.
None of us is perfect but for Madonna to act as if she is any kind of icon other than a pop diva is simply insulting to those who truly have regard for mysticism and spirituality.
Speaking outside of the context of religion and mysticism, the woman is just plain tacky. I wonder how anyone could have any respect for her at this point?

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