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May 01, 2006



This was great. I love your recaps.


I didn't actually see the episode (horror of horrors) as i had to watch American Idol (i'm in love with a contestant) but i'll try to catch the repeat tomorrow night, if only to learn new words. I can't withhandle not knowing what sorts of things were left out of the episodes.

damn boy! you make me laugh inapropriately (I'm in a library XP) another good one.

Furonda's Nnenna was fabulous! Ican't wait till the new re-cap on friday ^^

raging indie

Yessss! Bonus recap!

The clips show really showcased how awesome Danielle's personality is. I feel like they edited out so much of her personality in the regular season. We need more of her suctioning Jade's forehead and pulling pranks on people.


sorry for the double post, but it's been five minutes and i'm still laughing over "then you'd be sending me to an emotional grave"

i mean, the melodrama in that...and knowing that it comes from a man with Moe Howard bangs and a teenage 'stache makes it all the more poignant.


I bet Janice Dickinson smells like old panties. Old panties worn by a homeless veteran with the shits.

Iodine bottles have a skull and crossbones on them because they are poisonous.


Danielle was definitely hilarious--but not so much as Jade's vocabulary. It's hard to intake such brilliance. Then again--who says TV is being dumbed down? That segment was geared towards people who know the difference between real and fake words, which is a flattering comment on the ANTM audience!

This clip show made me miss Gina so bad.


the iodine bottle remark i think was referring to the skull and cross bones on the bottle, indicating it's poisonous. at least that's just what i assumed. so the skull and cross bones would be better looking than whomever was mentioned in Janice's comments.


I think there's a skeletal face on the iodine bottles.


I read this at my campus library and nearly died when I saw Furonda's audition photograph. Doesn't it just scream model? I really hope that gremlin is kicked off next, she isn't even attractive according to normal, everyday standards. Notice how they only choose photographs taken of her face at really odd angles? Otherwise she just looks like a, as Jade would say, "dimpled" triangle on a long, long stick. At this point, if Danielle and Joanie are not in the top two then, well, I'll be supremely disappointed.


Jade is dumb as hell! She needs a Dictionary STAT!


Another fab recap, Rich! When Duh-gina bit Danielle I couldn't help but think "Hey! That's how I want to bite Winston!" I think that's how most of us feel about Win...

Penny Woods

Damn, I was thinking of Damon Wayans' prison character Oswald Bates when I read about the In Living Color reference. I can just envision Jade and Oswald in that sketch where the prisoners are doing Win, Lose or Draw right now.


I may have the chronology wrong, but wasn't the dinner with Janice after she spoke to the contestants about how her "big thing" was alcohol? The battle rages on, eh Dickinson? I mean, there is fun drunk and then there is toasting your fake eyelashes and putting them in someone else's food drunk. Crunchy!


"This will help you dwelve into the world of the decipheration of complexital phrasingness"
Oh. My. GOD. Serious inappropriate cubicle laughter ensues.


Rich, I hope you know that you do God's work with these recaps! No matter how shitty my day is, you consistently bring a smile to my face and make me laugh my ass off! You sir, make the world a better place!


I looked on dictionary.com, and apparently "derogatoriness" is an actual word.


I'm a linguistics major and I actually was thrilled THRILLED I tell you to see ANTM's syntactic analysis (yes, that is a real word) of Jade's vocabulary. If anyone is interested, nouns belong to a category of words called open classes, meaning we can easily invent new nouns that are still readily understandable by virtue of existing rules of creation and modification. Prepositions, on the other hand, are an example of closed classes which rarely change so we'll have to keep watching and see if Jade eventually makes a more profound impact on English.

Uhm, I mean....yeah Furonda's audition video was fugly yo.


haha. furonda was so hilarious with the tiara.


SWEET RECAP. Loved the Comic Stip, which actually included LESLIE, JADE, & SARAH. poor JADE. Those are 3 HOT ASS BITCHES!!!!
My top 3 for sure this season!

What? No mention of my brookie or bratz doll/tippie tumbles. OH WELL, RICHIE I needed my RELEASEMENT.


Mr. Jay, around the neighborhood. What a trick, whose house was he leaving in the wee morning? What a trick!


p.s. I just clicked on the article about the vampire kid - freaky... O_o...


Mr. Jay, around the neighborhood. What a trick, whose house was he leaving in the wee morning? What a trick!

CAMPBELLS SOUP, Kathy you are adorable.


in case we didn't know how few brain cells are functioning, we get this:

"excedera - no, wait, excedrea"

although, once you're past 73, the memory starts to go, so...

and please, please - do a separated at birth - jade and michael jackson (apres surgery, of course)

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