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silver fox

That commercial is so bad it's good.


gah, can't wait to see this commercial on tv!


Bitch should be shilling for Diet Pepsi given her sausage tendencies, but she's far too vain for that.


does this mean we get to add Mariah to this illustrious list?


I am really digging that track. Too bad it's just a ringtone.

Bundt Cake

That woman *is* Miss Piggy.


Can't she go away, again? She still has another 30 pounds to lose.


I actually thought of you when I saw this commercial. Dude, I think you're now my pop culture touchstone.

Hateraid are a genius. Miss Piggy in The Great Muppet Caper? Wow. I bow down to your warped mind. They do have the exact same hairstyle.....hmmmm.


What's Tyra doing riding a motorcycle?

Arthur James

It's funny cause its true.




She still has another 30 pounds to lose

Dear Bundt Cake,

Grow up. She's not annoying because of her weight, she's annoying because of her smugness.


Someone who is sick of the weight nazis.


I'm actually loving that commercial. I don't really know why. Maybe because of it's over-the-top fabulousness. Now that I've seen the Miss Piggy comparison, I'm going to laugh whenever I see it from now on. Where in the world did you dig up footage of the Great Muppet Caper?

And I've realized that MC's weird demand to only be photographed from her right side has to do with the wonkiness of that left eye. It's slightly smaller and maybe a little lazy.


LOL, y'all dead wrong for that.

Mariah looks terrific. I love her regardless. ^_^

You are the absolute best! Seriously you so clever.


She's not annoying because of her weight, she's annoying because of her smugness.

Also because of her consistently bad fashion. Does this woman not have a competent stylist?


her consistently bad fashion

yeah, that too... those shrunken truncated minis, the side-boob cleavage... gah...


damn, some of you are too funny...i'm looking at you moss :)


I love the commercial! But, it is slightly cheesy, not "prata" cheese, but some velveta for sure.


Usually I scoff and chuckle at everything this woman says, does and coos in an airy head voice, but damn(!) I am hooked on this ringtone!


The Mariah vs. Ms. Piggy comparison is truly brilliant. You are one of the best bloggers on the web. J'ador four four!


What's the ringtone? I haven't heard it yet!


i think winnie's long lost sibling has been found over at cuteoverload


boy wonder

I love her bazookaz! mmmmmMMM


I love that you just referenced my favorite movie from childhood and likened it to something Mariah Carey did. Pop culture really does transcend all boudaries, no?

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