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Another Great recap! and yay for being first!


Brilliant, as always!

Cheers to being first. Na na na na naaaa naaa!

Mr. Prince

ah, another great one! I'm soooo happy that the final three are the final three! And, not to mention, you really dug deep for that 'Beauty tip of the week' stuff. Props to Dani for explainig 'go see' in the best way possible. And her new catchphrase is the fierceness! I dunno, Joanie seems too obvious right now. It might be down to Jade and Danielle *knocks on wood* but hopefully it will come down to Danielle and Joanie.

me me me

I love your recaps!! It gives me something to look foward to. I thought I was the only one that didn't notice a fucking difference in Tyra's eyes smiling and not smiling.


That go-see challenge was such bullpoopies. Shouldn't the challenge have been to get to the actual go-sees on time? No one's going to care whether a model gets back home on time in the actual modeling industry, right?

And dang. Nigel keeps getting hotter.


They need to change the name of this show to next Cover-Girl next season. Tyra has been on Danille about her gap and her speech because they are not up to Cover Girl standards. That voice over this week is just to warn you in advance that D. will not win. Corporate America runs this show not Tyra.

Great recap.


Danielle is 10 times more eloquent than Nicole - those "My Life as a Cover Girl" spots are starting to make my stomach angry.


censored nipple? wtf???? gross


Rich, what with your wet cat recaps and Mr. Orange's censored nipples I have been reduced to cripplingly silent laughter in my cube. It's too much. Stop the funnies.


You made my day..thank you!


I didn't notice Mr. Jay's nipple bleepage at all during the episode! That doesn't make it any less funny though.

I think I love Danielle. She's kind of perfect how she is...including her accent. At least she doesn't make up words and confuse the meaning of preposterous, facade and dinosaur. Perhaps Ty-Ty should be more worried about Jade making a complete fool out of herself during a scripted commercial...perhaps. (Plus, you know that Snow Black's My Life commercials would be far more interesting then Nicole's or Naima's...thank god for the FF function on TiVo)

Great recap as always! Anybody else here praying for a Joanie/Danielle top two. That would be hot shit right there!


I have never had a problem understanding what Danielle says, and she comes out with some pretty witty stuff. And she's actually quite eloquent when she does speak -- take the "go-see" definition for example. Boo on Tyra. She's just mad because even with her Hicksville accent, Danielle still sounds more intelligent than Tyra.


oh and jade throwing up the rocafella sign after the tsunami speech? priceless


Ms. Two Booties. You're so witty and clever.

How do you find the strength to do these recaps every week? I swear, ANTM often leaves me drained, especially the Tyraisms. Is it therapeutic to just face it head on? Kudos to you, Rich.

Also the Covergirl sound bytes featuring Elsa were brilliant. Way to drive your point and Tyra's bullshit home.


Loves it!! Everytime I watch an episode now and I see something funny I think about what you're gonna have to say about it and then it gets funnier! LOL!


I swear I love your recaps more than the show! Thanks for pointing out the digitizing of Jay's nipple -- preposterous!


Funny Like Always, Keep up the good work, I think I'm the only one praying for a Jade win!


Check out Jade's MySpace!


seriously, what is up with the censored jay nipple!!!


How Little Edie is Jade when she is throwing kisses or whatever to the ocean in memory of the tsunami victims?


AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! Covergirl Model Tip of the Week!!!!!

Remember how subtle the product placement used to be. If the show even dared to try to sneak something in, atleast they had the nerve to dress it up as a fake beauty-segment.

Oh how I miss the covergirl tip of the week.


looves it!


Something I didn't notice while watching the show... When Tyra is doing her Booty #1 demonstration, it totally looks like Nigel's got his arm all the way up there. The look on her face is priceless.

And Disaya is so cute!


I want Jade to win. Darth Verboseous has won me over. She's a nutcase. And Joanie suddenly got beetchy.


great recap as always.
it pisses me off how they rip on the way danielle speaks. That’s part of her charm. They didn’t rip on nicole’s god-awful midwestern accent last year. I can’t even bear to hear nicole talk, her a’s and o’s drive me nuts! And I’m from the midwest!

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