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Giant Hands... lol... Hella Funny post.. Keep it up..


This is going to be bookmarked for all eternity. Dave Letterman got nothing on you!


I almost forgot about this end-of-cycle wrap-up. Thanks bunches!

BTW, why do men have nipples in the first place?


So Rich are you ready for Janice's show & Canada's Next Top Model with Mr. Jay??


I just want to thank you, Rich, for providing a minutes-to-hours escape from work with your recaps. I've actually been writing summaries of the show myself for my friends for a while (ever since Top Model Night became a weekly fixture of squeezing people into my living room), before I even knew your site and recaps existed. But now that I know, I feel vastly inferior. You bastard.

But you're really not a bastard, because you've given me the greatest gift of all. A downloadable version of Jade's CoverGirl commercial.


Ya, Rich, watching CNTM without your recaps is going to feel mighty incomplete :-(


In the Gina roach clip, I never noticed that she grabs the poor girl who is trying to help her. So funny! Thanks for the wrap up! It makes me want to watch the season all over again!


Hey girls!



Can't thank you enough for providing me with extended entertainment on one of the most entertaining shows on TV.

Nnenna is a cold cold bitch, but one helluva model.

Thank god for Danielle. I agree... Best. Winner. Ever.

Jade's fabulosity and drag queen ability will never fail to make me warm and fuzzy.

But I must ask...what of Joanie's one liners, stupid jokes and dancing? Not to mention her amazing ability to assimilate Jade with diapers and bitchery;)


It makes me want to watch the season all over again!

Emily, I think UPN is going to start rerunning this season again starting tonight. At least the first episode is on this evening.


Thank you for your recaps, and for bringing my worlds together with the Star Trek allusion in an ANTM context.


As long as you keep throwing the wolves scraps, you'll never be fuh-ree-ee-eh-e!

veggie girl

This is the funniest thing you've written that I've read:

"Hear them refer to [aswirl] as an abstract concept, like karate or kindness."

Rich, you are one of my favorite people I don't know.

Danielle is finally a winner from ANTM who looks like she'll have career in the biz.

LOVE your recaps, don't ever leave us!


I love that the Jade improv made number one. I also loved the part where she was given cue cards, and STILL improved it! Gotta love/hate Jade!


Thanks Rich, for the memories... I'll try not to neglect your blog until the next cycle! :)

Monica C.

I LOVE JADE'S COVER GIRL COMMERCIAL. My favorite part: "Hey, giiirl!"

Thank you.


I am deeply in love with your crying count.


Re: Gina in Thailand: "... it would have been fun watching her get confused among all of the other Asian people ('Which one is me?')."
Excellent. You are most definitely the best recapper ever.

zack morris

duuuuuude CNTM starts tomorrow!!! can't wait.....but there won't be any Tyra-isms to make fun of.......but maybe we'll get some mr. Jay nip-slip action again..


"Hey giiirlsss . . . Wonderful. Fabulous." That's definitely one of the top 10 TV moments of all time. And it's also how I now enter a room.


Just precious; Jade makes me squirm and I hope I never again have to see her on my television screen

Project Runway is starting up sometime this summer; does anybody know when?


I love Tyra's Highlander-esque approach to America's Next Top Model in that final judging clip: "Of course, there can only be one."


To Cathy....I'm forever going "Wonderful. Fabulous" to just about anything. Rich, have you seen the photoshoot of Danielle and Tyra? Stunning.


So I'm not gonna lie I'd never watched ANTM before this season.. only because I found PR re-caps on here, & then you went all crazy for ANTM & I had seen like clips of it on VH1 so i was like.. whatever! I'm down! so I found out what time it was & my mom & I watched it every tuesday & wednesday.. & it was so worth it even if you hadn't recapped but the recaps were pretty AMAZING so thanks for all the time & effort.. :D ur the best!

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