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May 19, 2006





Not just one but ALL the photos of little Danielle? You are aces, Rich. Check out how the bib in photo #2 reads "I love my Mommy." Thank you so, so much, Rich. Danielle is truly special and the fact that this sweet and beautiful girl won ANTM made my heart burst all Thursday too.

Thanks also for "Leftover Lady." What can I say, I think it’s a very poignantistic poem and Jade’s kookificness is very loveable.

Bye, Nicole! Don’t let the door hjt your boring ass on the way out.


Thanks for the ANTM Cycle 6 recaps, Rich! I know you put in a crazy amount of time for them and I thank you for it! I don't know what I'll do with my Fridays now either. :( I'm extremely happy for Danielle. I'm sure I'll see the some of the other girls in the near future, "working towards their goals". I'll probably see Jade at an open-mic night, reciting "Leftover Lady" and snapping her fingers or some shit. I'm looking forward to seeing Danielle's "My Life as a CoverGirl" segments for the next cycle instead of Nicole Stinkletter's ass! *sigh* With all that said, curl up with Winston and get some sleep! :)


I think I can wait a little longer for the next cycle. I seriously feel drained by the past 2. I think I put too much emotional currency into this show and these re-caps.

You're like, the Joanie to my Danielle, Rich. See how we compliment each other? But in this reality, you won. Jerk. :-)

P.S. I have a treat for you on Monday. It's already in my MT queue, so be on the lookout.

Arthur James



Canada's Next Top Model anyone? :)


when she couldn't read the cue-cards, my bf and i came to the conclusion that jade is the new jerri blank:

mr. j: jade, what does m-a-s-c-a-r-a spell?

jade: ...fabulous? co-cover girl? cover girl!

in other news, i'm totes bummed that there will be no more antm recaps any time soon. they were absolutely the highlight of my fridays.


Thanks so much for all the recaps, Rich. Can't wait for the next cycle! :)

Phoenix Rising

"Why was it horrible that Nicole won because she was white, but awesome that "a brown girl finally won" (by "finally" I assume y'all mean "since two cycles ago")? Oh, that's right, the predictable race politics of the comments section."

i guess you'd have to be a brown-skinned girl to understand.

anyway...yaaayyyyy danielle, you fabulous brown girl you!!

rich: thanks for all your hard work and absolutely fabulous recaps. everytime i read you, i wish you were either straight or i was a gay man! love ya!


No - thank you, sucka. Seriously, your recaps of the last cycle are the reason I started watching this one. Imagine that!

Now's when's B3 start??!!?



Awesome recap as always.

FYI, I have to turn my accent off and on every day. I'm black and country, but I went to a majority white private University and work with all white folks. It's just easier to speak the way they do...to avoid having to repeat yourself or being perceived as less intelligent.

Every single day, I look forward to talking to my black frineds/family during my ride home after work...to relax completely and be my whole, real self.

it's tiring, but it's my reality.


Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am going to miss ANTM and these posts so much. Canada is getting it's own Next Top Model (CNTM series 1 - starts on May 31). I wish you could critque that one as well. But we aint got no Tyra.


Beautifull, I have been a devoted reader for way to long all the way from Iceland and I think it is about time to say thank you. So here goes: Thank you!!
Joanies tooth noise made me have a fit and does any one else think that Jade is Dyslexic, for real the new words, the not knowing she was skipping words in the comercial, the not being able to spell or recognize words................
Love you and will keep visiting and waiting for the next season of ANTM. Your posts truly have been the highlight of this seasons ANTM experience.

B's Always Lurkin'

Rich, I love you, even though I don't actually know you. THANK YOU so much for another EXCELLENT season of ANTM recaps! I can't wait until next season. I truly appreciate all of the hard work you put into these posts...sucka


I was sooooooooooooooooo happpyyy yesterday and the night b4 and still am!! Is it me or does everyone just start smiling anytime u see a picture of Danielle?

I'm so happy Ty-Ty FINAAAAAALLY got it right!

But alas, i am so sad i dont get my weekly fourfour recap :(

One last thing - Rich - have you never noticed that the cycles (minus 2) have all been easily race-trackable. adrienne - white, yoanna- white, eva- black, naima- mix, nicole - white, danielle - black. She totally deserved it, but just that pattern you could tell it was Danielle from the final 4. It HAD to be a colored girl.


Thank you for making ANTM that much better for me! Look forward to next season!!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rich! This cycle has been twice as good for me reading your recaps every week. I love you! MWAAH Sucka!


Thank you for the fabulous recaps! I look forward to them all week. You, quite simply, rock. I used to write brief recaps of the shows but you were so much more funny about it. I love the animations and the video and the sound clips. And I'm ecstatic-ified that Danielle won!


I am SOOOOOO Happy Danielle won! They stole Nik from us, but not Danielle! Can't wait till next season, and your wonderful recaps, Rich! THanks for your hard work!


Canada's Next Top Model is on its way on May 31st. It won't be the same without Tyra, but Ylenia looks like the new Jade and Heather is stunning once they cut her hair. For our American and international friends, here's a link to CNTM's website:


I'm in a haze and I know this is stupid, but Canada's Next Top Model is only airing in Canada, right?


THANK YOU!!!!! I'll continue to read your post but I will miss the ANTM recaps. You have a great personality! And you're cute, too! To bad I'm a female, but I luv ya anyway. Thanks SUCKA!


hey y'all.. i mean hello there.. did you know that us folk up in Canada get to start a new (and first) season of Canada's Next Top Model next week!! not that i'm saying that it's going to top ANTM.. but at least it's something for us die hards.. plus Mr. Jay makes a few guest appearences ...


What will I have to read on a Friday Morning at work now??? :(

I loved it and Thank You! We are going to get you a show on the "CW" channel next season. You need to come on right after ANTM!!

MUWAH!! Brooklyn loves you!!!!!


Fun with a purpose = Highlights magazine. GO YOU!

Seriously, though, Joanie's snaggletooth noise made me burst out laughing here in my office, and then I fell out of my chair, and then I twisted something, and so now I'm suing you.

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