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May 19, 2006



Thanks for all the great recaps! So much fun, better then the actual show by far.
I'm looking forward to the next cycle.


I think I remember something about a contest with a chance to meet the new ANTM winner - anyone else hear that soundbite? It would be nice to meet Danielle. Although at this point I think it would be even more of a hoot to meet the Leftover Lady herself! I hope she swatched herself on television and said, 'I gotta call a therapist and a reading coach, pronto-like!'


Oh, and Rich? THANKS! Although you ruined the final episode for me. Bastard.


I'm so bummed I missed the finale! Does anybody know if they're going to re-air it on tuesday?

yay danielle!


I really hope Danielle can overcome the curse of being one season's winner, next season's weekly reminder of how Cover Girl sends top models through a soul-deadening vortex and spits them out in 30-second ad spots for foundation and lip gloss.


Thank you Rich!!!

I was doubly happy Danielle won just because I knew it'd make your day!


May Danielle take inspiration from Dolly Parton and NEVER lose her Southern twang and vocal inflections, and if anything kick it all up a few notches once she gets going.


I worship at the temple of Jade. Her sacred proportionability has given my life needed expanse.

I'm breathless with anticipativeness for the next cycle!


We won't talk about the number of times I checked here today to see if the ANTM post was up. It's an obscene number, suffice to say.

But, really, THANKS for all the hard work. You made watching ANTM all that more rewarding.

Awwww....now everybody hug.


okay - not only was i happy because danielle is an awesome person, but i won $500 because of her! she had 25/1 odds on bodog.com. i put down $20.

thank you danielle for allowing me to pay my rent this month.


happy birthday to ME, i say - what better present could there be than the recap of the ANTM finale, complete with a reading of "leftover lady" (i missed the title when she recited it, but MAN do i love it!)

i definitely thank you for your efforts and marvel at your technological/visually-artistic prowess and wit.

with (fish)-baited breath i a-weight the next servitude of not america's next top best frien'!

ps - perhaps someone will be kind enough to upload CNTM as it airs. i feel blessed to have easy access to it. ("thank you for believing in me!")


thanks for the recaps Rich!!

Oh and..
"What, sucka? Do you wanna get stabbed with this spoon? In yo jugular?"

Danielle the bandit.



Such wonderful, "exquirgid" recaps this season. It's been totally fun and I really do appreciate how much time and effort you put into these. One of the best things about my Fridays during ANTM season. Keep on truckin' and THANK YOU, Rich! Can't wait for B3 to start!

(And I was all kinds of happy to be acknowledged in your recap. :-D)


Thanks so much for all your posts, they are hilarious and I can't wait until the next cycle. Did you know that Miss Jay is on France's Next Top Model too?? He does that in the summertime!! You should try to check it out!!

Canadian Kat

Don't forget Canada's next top model. May 31!! Woot woot!


Thank You Rich!!!!!!!!! Best Cycle ever... best recaps... always!


Thanks for a great cycle Rich! I love your blog no matter what. I want Ty Ty to announce the Ultimate ANTM challenge. A runway of all the winners (maybe Adrian won't be invited) but I think that would be major ratings for the CW. Yes - UPN is no more.

Anybody want Twiggy to get-to-steppin? She's boring and "intimidated" by EVERYTHING. I'm surprised she didn't say Ms. J was intimidating for sitting next to her. "Sigh", she's lame and we need another oldtimer to take her place. Where's a washed up supermodel when you need her?

Ta-ta for now!


(in butch voice) "Good Season Man!"
*slaps Rich's hard, firm buttocks*
"You F-ing Rock!"

woop! woop! Danielle! "Go Gurrrrl!" ha!


I'm gonna miss the show. One of the best eva. Rich have you ever gotten in Big Brother. It's no ANTM but it's a fun Summer show to hold you over till next season.


Just wanted to say that I will miss your hilarious posts as much as I will miss watching this show. Can't wait until the next one! I'd love a top 10 post, you are never too redundant. Seriously, you have made my Top Model experience so much brighter. Love ya

Thank you so much for your recaps, they are something i truly look forward to every week


I couldn't help but think that if Jade's rolling suitcase was replaced with a shopping cart, she'd have been a perfect image of many of the crazies in my neighborhood.

That snapping. WTF?


ANTM - FOREVER! sucka!!
I love you, Rich.


I love how happy Joanie was for Danielle. It was really happiness.. not fake sore loser happiness. Joanie will get signed anyway but she was so classy about it. And I liked how she thanked them for her teeth. Thank God Danielle got her gap fixed, if she didn't she wouldn't have won. Woohoo Do Danielle!


EXCELLENT RECAP!! I always read your recaps and never post...this one had me in stitches and I just had to, Keep up the Awesome work!! :)

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