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May 22, 2006


Argh!!! I can't access the videos.


Sorry! I'll throw up the AVIs tonight.

Crazy about the girl

It just hit me that in Brazil they had a "Miss Prison" beauty pageant and a rather attractive blonde (doing time for drug smuggling) won the contest. Maybe Tyra should sponsor "America's Next Top Security Prison Model". I wanna see Agent Orange become someone's prison bitch...


That was the 1st and only sweet 16 I've ever seen...
I loved all of Meleny's threats (he better be there, he better sing for me, those girls better be jealous); she's so tough.
Lucky she always gets what she wants, she looked like a biter to me.


Oh, dear. I hope someone in the prison gave Tyra those cornrows, and that she didn't just show up that way. That would be rather patronizing. "Hey y'all, I love cornrows! I'm just like you, except rich and free!"




Who the hell is this guy? When I saw this show a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe that all those kids had actually heard of him. Seriously, who is he? Is he popular? At 25, am I already completely out of touch with what teenagers like these days?


The funny/sad thing about Tyra is that she's taking herself so seriously, when everyone is just looking and laughing.


I wonder how Fatman Scoop and Jonathan Peters felt, being the consolation prizes for the girl who really wanted Lucas Prata.

munchy mcgee

Cathy, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I'm so not "with it" anymore at a whopping 25 years old.


Oh, and Miss Tyra, no sistah with a five-finger forehead should be wearing braids. It's called Traction Alopecia, and it is the leading cause of hair loss in African women. All that pulling on your hair will make your hairline recede permanently - just ask Angela Bassett, Lynn Whitfield, Alfre Woodard, Whoopi Goldberg...


Sometimes (like when Ultragrrrl waxes ecstatic about My Chemical Romance), I'm ecstatic to not be with it, at 27. A lot of shit's more fun to laugh at than with, anyway, and that takes a few years of perspective-building, I think.


Not sure if anyone cares about this, but I actually knew Mr. "Prata" while growing up in LI...and happened to go on a few dates with him...How did I meet him you ask? Well, the power of the Internet; that being an AOL Chat room, haha, sorry I was like 19 at the time !! His real first name is RAUL, yes, I know too ethnic for stardom, and at the moment I cannot recall his real last name. Raul got his start as a dancer with uber-legend George Lamont, you know "Bad of the Heart!"...Anyway, he is a true bonehead, LI style...I think his bio says hes about 25, he should be about 36 or 37 by now. He was 31 when I met him and this was 6 years ago! All in all, he is more retarded than you can imagine!!


Oh and damn he's gotten FAT !!!!!!!!!


Anon, I care! Thanks a lot for sharing!


I am 19 and I don't know who this Prata guy is. I'm real confused by him.


OMG, hilarious! I watched Sweet 16 when it aired, and I was like WTF... who is this sleazeball and why are these girls so hot for him? I could understand if he was at least attractive, but he's just a sweaty overage Menudo cast-off. I'm with Cathy too... How at 30 am I so completely out of touch? I mean, I'm an ANTM die-hard, watch American Idol, watch E! Lucas Prata has never guest starred on anything I watch!


i googled lucas prata. i read his bio. i watched the clip. i have never heard this song. i gobble up every pop culture site imaginable. and i still have no idea who this guy is. someone please explain!


that super sweet 16 shit makes me sick. david spade did a really funny segment about it on the showbiz show. funny, but really depressing at the same time.


Are we absolutely sure he's not actually Joey Buttafuco?

Oh, and I had traction allopecia once. Not on my head, though.


Ok, 24 and from NY and I don't know who this Prata guys is, although I now know that "he's so hot!" Eesh, he looks like my uncle... ok...
And thanks for that sweet Tyra clip! I'm unable to catch her show, so thank god you're here to update me on the important things. This prison singing was almost as poingant as her moment of silence in Phuket!
I wonder how many years they're getting off of their sentences for saying that Tyra's an inspiration to all of them?


Hey what's with the Love and Pride link on the right there? I push play thinking I'm going to see some hot lesbian action and all I get is some cheesy QAF merchandise! Granted I did enjoy QAF, but boo for the tease! LOL


I sincerely love Tyra. Her show tonight on troubled teenaged girls was really good and she hardly talked about herself at all.


I don't know why you call it Crap Monday, because showing Madonna as Jesus, Tyra singing in prison, introducing us to Lucas Prata, and making a Cher reference all in one day is just fabulous!


Am I also the only person who had no idea that's Hilary Duff singing the Sweet 16 theme song? Just found that out.

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