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May 22, 2006



Who is that guy? How weird. Really, how strange.


Who is this guy again? I read a lot of trash rags and I have never, ever heard of him. I'm also pretty sure he sweats mayonnaise.


is wrong to find lucas kinda hot? i have a thing for 'beefy' guys...

damn you for posting a link to his website...now i can't stop staring at his pictures. while he has chunked out a bit, i don't mind. grrrr.


OMG, there's a picture of Lucas with Joey McIntyre on the website. Joey's still the man of my dreams.

Thomas Cox

Oh. My. Goh-

1. I heard this song the other day on some NY station. Apparently he used to sing jingles, and then decided to sing his 'own' music.
2. When hearing it on the radio, it is very hard to distinguish whether he is saying "Yeah-iyeahiyeah," or "Gay-iyeahiyeah." Fucking accents.
3. The song feels like it is around six minutes long. And what you see in that clip is basically it.
4. If anyone has heard of the club Posh on L.I., I'm guessing that is what is played there. Nonstop.


I've heard of Lucas Prata only because the song is in heavy rotation on Sirius satellite radio, which I only have because it came free for one year with my new car. They play it over and over on the Remix (err, Gay) channel. The DJs (direct from comedy club circuit failure) then proceed to wax on about how much they love it, so they've clearly been incented somehow. It makes my ears bleed. Thankfully there are many other channels in case of emergency.


What is it with people's new spellings of names?

Meleny? WTF is that? Melanie! Come on!

I saw something in some magazine the other day featuring a chick named "Betcee."

To me, funkily spelled names just scream stripper.


For reasons I can't quite articulate, I found the sight of this alleged "Lucas Prata" character singing to that girl to be very disturbing. Although Melany's sweet 18 was awesome, nothing can ever compare to my favorite episode, which featured identical bitchy triplets turning eighteen. Amazing.


Oh my GOD. that was painful to watch! I kept thingking, "WHo the f*** is Lucas Prata?" I thought i was living under a rock. Yet, I wasn't . he sucks. And its kind of gross to see him kissing that young girls hand. what a freak!

Queen Lena

damn you KTU. damn you.


Ty-ty baby shoulda had the prison ladies sing her "shake ya body" song from a few ANTMs ago. THAT would have been keeping it real.


seriously, that lucas prata guy is a "pop star" with his song on heavy rotation?? wtf is this world coming to?!? i heard it like, once before, but had no idea a middle-aged LI guido sang that shit...scary.

and tyra need NEVER take out her weave...ever.


I'ma try this again, as I just totally posted this to the wrong post...

So yesterday I read this site and watched that video of Lucas Prata and thought to myself, "How lame is that guy?!?" And then, after work, when I was in the locker room at the gym, a song started, and I thought, "Yay! I really like this song!" and then the chorus started... You can see where this is going, right? I sat on this site yesterday and made fun of people for liking that song, and I'm one of them.

However, if it makes it any better, I totally thought the song was being sung by a woman until yesterday afternoon.

I'm sorry. I'll stop now.


My Super Sweet Sixteen is my current not-so-guilty pleasure/obsession. If fourfour did an occassional glimpse into the depths of this masterpiece, I would be a happy, happy man.


snag, i'm 22 and i don't understand all this crazyness either!! First of all, that guy is FUG!!! eww he's NOT "hot"! ...........
And as everyone said, i have no idea who the fuck is that wanabe singer and I have a few comments that I cannot hold on anymore lol:
-what's up with those kids with all the money in the world who rent clubs, travel in Limousine, etc...
-argh will this stupid trend of mystic tan stop? it's the most ugly shit that ever happened to pop culture.
-I always though money=class but I guess I was completelly wrong!
-Is it an exception or are those kids completelly out of touch with the real world??? lol I'm from montreal and this feels like Mars to me! (I don,t have


OMG Tyra is ridiculous

Can you upload THE FULL EPISODE and give the link??? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ.


This girl is from my town - I'm so very proud.


i seriously found this site by googling "who the hell is lucas prata". now i know. nobody.

ok, ok, so it was a long time ago when the show aired, but still, it's painfully obvious that the sweet 16 show was a paid for ad by lucas prata, or "melenie?" is somehow related.

unforunately, i didn't catch this "star" at the Seafood Festival (the what?) in West Sayville (in where?) back in August. but thanks to youtubers, i saw the highlights....(roll-eyes)


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John Foley

That girl seems awfully excited to be serenaded by Tony Longo. Weird.

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