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Tipsy McStaggers

This was the perfect marriage of dysfunction and hypocracy. Great job as always and I agree about Landon - called that months ago!


I admit that I'm coming late to Landon's jock. Maybe it's the braces that made everything click?

Lisa Schmeesa

That clips reel was genius! Thank you, thank you for making my work day tolerable. I wonder if Whitney's bathroom sink will be cleaned up for the new season of BBB?


Alive with pleasure!!!!!

All that pic needs is a big neonorange Newport logo!


I love the clips reel you made Rich! Genius! That pissed me off when she mentioned the gap too.. pfft, hypocrite!


Whose voice is that on the background when Every Little Step transitions to Roni? Ewww...not good at all. Maybe they should have turned Tyra's mic off for that part.


That Landon is tight to def...good look on that one..thanx for the recap Rich, Tyra unfortunately comes on while I'm working for the man.


alls *i'm* sayin' is...landon looks an awful lot like ralph tresvant and not even a tiny bit like bobby brown. mmmhmm.


what's the late Redd Foxx doing in Tyra's audience?!


I was surprised that I actually stayed awake long enough to watch Bob-baaay on Tyra (I pulled an all-nighter for one of my finals on Monday). For a minute there, I thought Landon was wearing a grill by your favorite buttered lobster, Paul Wall (LOL)! Finally realized those were braces after I put on my glasses. Landon's mama must be gorgeous because lord knows daddy ain't the business! And yes he does resemble Ralph Tresvant more than Bob-baaay. Creepy. The clips reel was hilarious...that made me miss BBB all over again! I have to resort to watching College Hill on BET to get my H.A.M. reality show fix. OOOHHH and thank you for calling out Tyra's hypocrite ass on the gap comment. She's such a sucka! I wanted to regurgitate on my remote so bad when she made those b.s. comments. :)


Those are my favorite songs!! Especially Roni :D


dead at "alive with pleasure!!" lol :P

and landon was always the goods...even with his grillz, er, braces.


Damn, Landon does look a lot like a young Ralph Tresvant

Good call


2nd round of BBB.. Hell yes!! It may be a near-trainwreck, but I'm not even going to pretend to turn away.. Thanks, this made my day!


thanks for the recap! that was such a treat. i missed the show, and didn't even consider that i might get to see any of it.

i'm a bobby brown fan, but that performance medley was boring as hell. i forgot i was watching it and started thinking about what was for lunch.

and, ugh, tyra talks outta both sides of her mouth. "hollywood is so obsessed with like filling gaps and stuff..." no.she.didn't.


Tyra need a healthy dose of STFU. She's got a lot of nerve talking about gaps. She needs to close the gap that is her mouth.

And Landon is Ralph Tresvant's baby. I noticed that when the Browns were on some CNN show last year.


"watching College Hill on BET to get my H.A.M. reality show fix"

- Hey guys, what does H.A.M. mean? I've seen it used before, but I still don't know... edumacate me!


H.A.M.= Hot Ass Mess


I got this. H.A.M. = Hot Ass Mess

So P.Diddy is raising (monetarily) AL. B Sure's kid and Bobby is raising Ralph Tresvants? huh? All I know is it's obvious that Landon is not Bobby's because ALL of his other kids look just like him. Ugly is a strong gene. If Whitney's DNA couldn't shine through I can't imagine anyone else's could. All that to say that Landon is def. stickable-ble-ble.


um, is that chest hair peeking out from papa brown's shirt? ewwwwww


Landon Brown myspace (just darksided with that myspace search)


Bobby Brown is actually a nice guy, the media be playin him sometimes. Anyway Landon looks more like his mom's side of the family, they're all a little on the lighter side. He favors Bobby & Princi to a degree to me. And yeah Landon is cute but he's just like any other pretty boy and......but aside from all that though, I'll give him his props, he's a talented singer and will probably have a great career soon (he's planning to release a cd later this year)


Man thank you for that footage. I don't care what nobody say Bobby B is thst shit. I wish people would just let him and Whitney live there lives and chill.


The part about being sober for 3.5 years was particularly priceless. And of course the audience bought it. Since America suffers from chronic amnesia, if not downright apathy, your recap was a nice reminder - above all - of that painful "crack is wack [sp]" moment the Brown's live eternally in. In a word, brillant. You realize, of course, that you're doing a better job of editing than most networks. It's only a matter of time before they hire you.


Thanks suckas! I knew I could count on you for the H.A.M. answers to life. Y'all are beautiful (byoootifulll - sing it Bobby!)

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