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June 26, 2006



Holy crap! I loved the ending. Elvis lives. In Bushwick.


That was hilarious!

Pop Muse

Cocaine use is HILAAARIOUS!


truly, this is the best blog ever.

PS - more winston


Only the druggiest of people are listening to MusicChoice at 5 AM.

Now, is he "chunk", or is he just fat? Because I say he's plain fat.


Dude's love handles were pretty nasty. And it looked like his breath stinks. ewww!


what the fuck??

cocaine is a helluva drug.



And what is up with Emmalina?
There seems to be a whole world out there that I'm unaware of and right now Im really thanksful for that.

Hows this summer looking for chunk?

Oh and whats happening with that gizmo you bought of an infomercial a while back?


OMG! What the hell? This is the "high"light of my day! The guy in the corner playing the guitar! The obvious drug use! The lighter being brought out on the lapdance! The stash of wigs and hats!
Reminds me of when I used to get all f-ed up, thank goodness that I didnt have a camera. Rich you are great for bringing this out!


Emmalina is truly gifted. I really might draw up a post on my completely irrational affection for her.

I'll be in Jersey next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for chunkage.


I don't know which is more depressing, the stripper or the hipsters.


First time postin but not visitin but I had to just say. WTF WAS THAT! this dude is ewwww lol. That gut is crazy!


And for a split second I allowed myself to get excited about seeing some meat! I think Im more disappointed in myself.


I was disappointed because there was nothing to look at

the dingo bingo

yeah i know elvis personally he is a family friend to one of my closests friends brother and let me tell you this is a total shock i am so disappointed in this freak and nasty display.......

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what a horrible party man ... holy crap!!

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This is so funny. I had no idea. With all the wine they drink you would think they would be up for a little fun! So much resentment towards the US. Their loss.....
Congrats on the EP!

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Wow. This all looks so yummy. Even the wee human has a tasty look about his chubby little foot ;-)

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