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June 15, 2006



I love you all over again, Rich. Almost as much as I love Winston. I knew you would do a great job analyzing the JDMA show - and Janice IS fascinating psychologically! Thanks for making my day even better!


I'm so glad you posted a picture of his ass. I wish you did an animated gif so that we could really appreciate its jiggle.


Drag king doing Anderson Cooper; HaHaHa h AH ahaH aH ah HA ahOMG haHa HAa.

And I agree 100% with your appraisal of Soren; and I didn't notice them in the episode, but his wispy bangs are sooooooo sexy.


Poor Soren: ass from heaven and a face like Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. What was really funny to me is that the guy she's making fun of in the "Whassup" bit was actually on another reality show; WB's "Survival of the Richest". He's still corny, though.


oh, the enigma that is janice dick...aside from the slim pickins of eye candy, the show's gettin' old fast. maybe if we actually heard from the "models" (using the term lightly), that might liven things up a bit...cuz as, er, fascinating as jdma is, antm it is not.

and 50 cent also says "face down, ass up"...who knew he was quoting 2Live Crew?


"Nay-a-brow" - oh my GOD.


I'm dead at the keyboard over Nay-a-brow.
Dead and buried.


"Peter Cetera-style, Janice is the world's first supermodel who will fight for their honor." HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Oh my God, that's a name I haven't heard in a while.

I haven't seen the show yet, I'm only going by your recap, but I think I've been assmatized, because I don't see anything wrong with Soren's face. I think he's cute. You gays/guys are so picky!


Your recaps are hilarious, keep 'em coming!


ah, i think soren is hot all over. i much prefer your recaps, than to watch the actual show itself on tv. lol

Showtime. Synergy. Too cool.


Rich, you must continue to recap this. I too was wondering what the fuck was going on with the eyebrows on this show- I couldn't help but compare Nyabel to Whoopie Goldberg because of her general ugliness and the lack of browage...anyway, I'm just glad I'm not the only person watching this show.

marlo_girl aka angry black girl


OMG. dead.

DEAD, i tell you!





Thank GOD for Janice Dickinson and your blog. Now my ANTM withdrawl is slightly less painful.
You are hilarious! And the emotional swings-- spot on.

Did you see her on Jimmy Kimmel. She really delivered the crazy.


On the one hand, I feel that I can never really side with someone as soulless, self-absorbed, and pathetic as JD. Then I see how serious she is about her agency - I really think she is - and how she cuts through the bullshit and gets right to the point. Her bluntness has sort of won me over, if only because it makes sense in the context of the fashion biz and shows she has some integrity. (It's put me off Tyra's touchy-feeliness, that's for sure.) When all is said and done, though, will anyone in the fashion world take Janice and her agency seriously?


I haven't yet brung myself to watch this steaming pile of a show, but I did see La Janice in the flesh at LA's Gay Pride parade. I must say, she looked shiteous! I know she's not exactly a natural beauty anymore, but DAMN! There must be a magic camera she has filming her 24-7, because off the TV and out in the real world, she looks like a 5'2" grandma with new tits, sagging skin on her arms, neck, and inner thighs, that funky lollipop-hip-and-cliffside-ass thing grandmas get, and a frighteningly frozen and oddly misaligned face. Her extensions were Springer-esque (atrocious and easily removed in a bitchfight), and her skin looked like a well-worn leather purse.


I find it interesting that we're three episodes into the whole Nyabel thing, and the name Alek Wek hasn't came out of JD's mouth. Or maybe she doesn't have to, because it's so obvious. But just like the industry doesn't need a short Carmen Cass (Khalen), why would it need a short Alek?

I do think JD can spot the raw material though -- even she has said none of these boys & girls are ready for work yet. It'd be interesting to see what paces these people have to be put through to be camera-ready. In some ways JDMA is more interesting to me than ANTM, which has now become formulaic. (And 22 minutes of Janice on Oxygen every week is waaaaay better than 5 minutes of Janice on ANTM...)

Gayest Neil

Oy that ass. Oh that ass..... That ass! I knew it'd show up here. Mmmm... That ass. Damn that beautiful ass. (oh) and was his "snowing in Las Vegas" remark some sort of veiled drug reference. I'd ski on the slope of that butt anyday!


LMAO at Nay-a-brow. too good. BTW, the same could be said about hanging out with Jade and not complaining about the smell...of bitch that is.


Should this show be renamed "Monsters Incorporated?" Or "Ugliness Makekover?"

She chooses these people because they are not that good looking, but people she can actually transform. Much like herself....wouldn't you say?

That boy does have good ass, I must admit!


That was a great read! I tried searching all the channels to find the show, but I don't think Canada is lucky enough to air this gem.. not just yet anyway. Thick eyebrows are always the way to go.. love the photoshopped ones too!
p.s. I love Winston.


I think her mood depends on her make-up. Actually - make that 'determines'.


Once again, this shit is solid gold. It's better than Crack Cocaine. I heart FOURFOUR!

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