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June 27, 2006



dude. i had nightmares about large marge forever after seeing that movie.


the laminectomy line is hilarious enough when Jerri says it on SWC, but when I saw this PSA and Florrie says it, I fell on the floor and stayed there.

And I'm glad to hear that you dug the flick... There's no doubt that I will see it and own it no matter what, but to hear you say that makes me even more jazzed.


With every post you make me love you more and more!

How did I not know about Florrie? Where have I been?

Isn't it great how teenagers in the 70's look like they are in their 30's?

I can't wait to get high and watch this.

Queen Lena

Maybe she was Jade's godmother. That would explain a lot.


Florrie the Red Menace.


thanks, boo, for introducing this to me. do a recap of the swc movie!


This has been a week of epiphanies and revelations... first I see Tyra Banks' THS and now this. Now all the nonsense I love is starting to make more sense. Really - ANTM actually makes some sense to me now that I saw the THS devoted to Tyra-saurus. We're going through the looking glass here people.

I thought Jerri Blank was purely fictional, but now that I've met Florie, well I love Jerri even more than ever. Amy Sedaris is the hot slut of the century (to use a MichaelK-ism) and so are you, Rich! And of course Florie, too.


One more thing: I LOVE your list of crazy ladies. I laughed out loud when I saw Shirley Hemphill included. I actually watched a What's Happening! marathon not too long ago just to see Shirley and Dee. And I love you for having Dixie Carter on your list! Rich, you are a special, special boy.

"I was thrown from a horse and I had a laminectomy and I ended up in the San Francisco General Hospital. I was operated on by the same doctor who operated on the late Jayne Mansfield's son Zoltan when he was mauled by the lion."

That has got to be the funniest most absurd thing I have ever heard!! You couldn't make that up if you tried! LOL


Oh my god, Rich. I feel so educated now. How did I not know about this woman?!?! (It must have been that drug-induced haze I was in.)

Penny Woods

I know the other maid from Diff'rent Strokes...Adelaide!

No comment on how loopy Florrie is.


I ordered this dvd off a LINK from www.JerriBlank.com years ago.

I did google searches trying to locate Florrie but she dropped out of sight...

best Florrie story -
she tells how she got busted for shooting up in the phonebooth at the House of Corrections lobby, "...and without ever hitting the street, I got re-arrested and thrown back in..."

Love when Florrie says she now works in a home for retarded children -- but formerly had a career as a "Confidence Woman."

Bless her and you for this tribute


another great Florrie-ism adopted by Jerri Blank is the word GUTTER HYPE

"my friends were all junkies & GUTTER HYPES"

Gutter hype: A penniless addict of hypodermic injections who uses a safety pin to perforate the skin, heats the solution of heroin or morphine in a teaspoon over a lighted match, and slowly drops the drug through an eyedropper.


So do we ever hear what happens with the
gorgeous Zoot-Suit guy?

Does he dose her up?
Does he, like, jam a loaf of smack-soaked cornbread directly into her vagina?

Cuz that's how the hippies tripped, yo.


Zoot suiter turned her onto pot. He was her downfall! And to think that it all happened in the Jewish Catskills...


Can she please not be a lesbian? We have enough to contend with.


I'll apologize in advance for being pedantic. Just one thing: In Desperate Lives, the young Helen Hunt flew out the window, hit the ground unheart and proceeded to slash at her forearms with shards of glass under the influence of Angel Dust, not Acid. Good times.


Woops, that's meant to be "unhurt"


Oh wow Rich, you've outdone yourself here. I love the part about those few non-heroin addicted pot smokers. They "committed crimes of passion and were electrocuted before they got a CHANCE to get hooked on horse!!" Because once you smoke pot, it's either heroin or the electric chair.


bravo rich, this is some funny shit. horse. no, shit. oh, i'm befuddled. damn you florrie!


i could have sworn that helen hunt got effed up on angel dust, not acid . . .
guess i'll be gifting out my season's of swc to but the deluxe edition.


Florrie rocks


Project Runway in two weeks!!!

Tipsy McStaggers

I should have known you would be into Florrie and Strangers with Candy. Great info Rich - love your thoughts more and more everyday.

The Gabbery

Hmm, gutter hype as a term of art. Query whether "gutter hype" is supposed to be "gutter snipe" a la Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady? Hilarious. I don't know what the hell it is. Florrie's gangsta.

Have y'all heard about Star Jones? Star's gangsta too, apparently. http://atmospheregabbery.typepad.com

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