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June 29, 2006



sounds like janice and florrie have a lot in common...

Gayest Neil

I KNOW! Janice "Dick-in-scene" (OMG did I just coin that?!) is waaaaaaay faggier than me.


Hmmmm.... I'm over here trying to think of the show Monroe was actually on. It was the Ted Knight show, but I forgot the name.

And I'm so mad I missed this.

Soren needs his own show where he walks around in his briefs.


Monroe was on Too Close for Comfort...where he played the gay guy living in the attic.


This show is so trashy.. I effing love it!


you are so funny.

you've got me reading recaps of a show that i don't even watch.



What the cock is being inserted into my every day vocab as we speak.

Um. Im sorry that last sentence was unintentionally dirty.

Maybe you could see sac in those photos.
No one really needs to see sac on tv.
The california raisins were bad enough.

ric ray

ha ha ha! We call her Janice Dick-insert here in sf! Lovesit!


I don't know if I could bear to watch an all-Janice all the time show. Thank you for watching these delicious shows and reporting on them.

Also, you saved my life whenever I missed an episode of ANTM. So thank you. If you ever need a kidney or something, just email me and I'll see what I can rustle up.

lil edie

She's stocked on crazy, JD just needs a brooch on her head to really emulate Edie Beale.

"This is my revolutionary costume. I think this is the best outfit for the day" Bitches.


What is up with TJ's dick? We need to see this thing sans underwear. We'll at least I do. And I was hoping you would point out JD's fascination with garbage men. Thank you. She practically chased one down the street last time and now she's almost humping them on the street corner. Fabulous show. Just fabulous!


All I can say is that thing must be huge.


You know he stole "so statuesque" from Patrick Swayze in To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar.

Janice is working harder at being a gay icon, because she knows that if she gets the gays behind her she can work forever! Gays support their people. As broke down as she is right now, Whitney Houston can probably sell out a Pride event right now - ESPECIALLY a black pride event.


I definately gotta start watchin Oh!


Two words: sock penis.

this is my favourite blog. you are a funny funny dude.


A tad off topic, but I know, Rich, that since you love the crazy ladies, you won't want to miss this one. She's a conservative political blogger and her first attempt at a videocast is priceless.



Everytime I come here I'm just going to type "Oh Rich I love you!" LMAO - You make my day everytime you post something new.


Adding my own Aside: Did anyone else find the third model creepy? The one with the almost mullet from Utah? I suspect you did Rich because he's featured only in one screen cap above.


all i could stare at that whole episode was tj's green...... yeah.


I love it! I cannot wait until Project Runway recaps start.


^^ Can we just stay in the moment and enjoy today's dish?

Let's simply digest the goods Rob generously has to offer today without thinking about what's next.

Practically two whole weeks until PR...cool ya jets.

Andrew Der

That model boy's dick was poking out during the entire party! I guess he was pretty excited to be there. And they edited out the part where Janice, true to form, climbs up on side of the wall and breaks whatever it was she was standing on. Classic.


You're absolute class Rich! I don't even bother watching telly anymore; I just read what's happened on your blog ;)
BTW, for some reason TJ reminds me of a young pre-Posh Spice David Beckham...


I love it!

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