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June 19, 2006



this is amazing hilarious.

OMG...this post is amazing. There is nothing better suited to Rich's style of writing than a titty bar. I love it! That picture at the end, it makes me laugh and cry. Genius!


Love the outside shot of the pick-up trucks in the parking lot. Reminds me of The Boardwalk, the fun-fun-fun goodtime gayboy stripper bar in Fort Lauderdale, except at that one, the parking lot's FULL.



When I was in Vancouver I found out that the "classiest" strip club was called Brandi's and I was so happy. You have to take an elevator to it.

The best one I've ever been to was called Flesh Gordons, it had the black light carpet too, but with a trucker girl design.

I'm still stunned by this whole entry, its just too beautiful for words.

I'm also stunned by the finger inserting guy, I don't get the purpose of it, infact the more I think of it the more I feel my gag reflex working.

I'm glad you had a magical time looking at vaginas.


This post was amazingly wonderfully funny. I love you man! BTW i did not know you were so cute!!!! Way to go


Oh, you just made my day. I've never had the guts to go to a strip joint and I'm from the land of the famous Lusty Lady. You've inspired me. Thanks for making me crack up laughing when I should really be scrubbing my kitchen floor.

Queen Lena

Best. Post. Ever.


"Do It To It" is good, don't get me wrong. But this post is sooo much better.


Ahh, memories...


I've driven past Volcanic Eruptions before - it looks like you could get infected with an STD in the parking lot!
I'm a "transplant" to Southern Jersey and I applaud you for your bravery!


I've said it before and I'll say it again: if anything ever happens between you and the BF, I might be/have just enough "chunk" to send you flying.

I'm also available for threesomes.

(What's cooler is that I'm never done a threesome, either, which makes me that much more of a lameass.)


this whole damn entry MADE MY DAY.
i love you.


OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! haHa HA a ahAHa hAa hAHahAHaH aHAh aahha a!!!

This is the best thing you've ever written. It sounds like a drag show, just so much trashier. I totally would've loved the fat chicks makeout/sex session.


I wish I could say something articulate but I am CHORTLING too hard

Incredibly funny


"And then, at around 1:40, it was time for Mary's 'show.' It's funny, because we refrained from attending the night before because we figured the festivities would have some sort of structure to them and that we'd be late and miss something."

I don't know why, but I found this just too cute for words. I still can't believe you're from Jersey on top of everything else that is awesome about you.

Plus, Rude-boy in a laptop case. I wish you were my friend. :)

Veronica Vinegar

Rich, I love you!!!

You MUST do a recap of the Sandra Bernhard and The View Cat Fight!


You are so cute. There's a cinema in Austin called the Alamo Drafthouse that screens adult movies without the sex scenes as a comedy night, you should go if you're ever in the neighborhood.


My dad's friend owns a titty bar down in Georgia. Of course, it's all blacklight and the decor is Big Lots circa 2001. He's gay and lives in the back of the place, and it's right beside a truck stop. I have never been somewhere as hilarious. Those girls work for every single dollar and all have like 30 kids...good times.

Thanks for the report, Rich, it was hilarious.


Eek. Her boobies frighten me. They're in the wrong place! I love the shit-eatin' grin on your face, Rich. Truly a thing of beauty. Oh, and "And then I realized, loud music or not, them's was faggoty words..." Good God. I've been O.D.ing on Deadwood and have had to keep myself from calling everyone I know 'cunting cocksuckers' and here you go with that. Faabbuuuulous!


um ... wow


god, this post was brilliant. I'm glad it worked out so fabulously for you!

a whole 'nother Iris

I'm glad you could keep it together and then post about it. The one time I went to a strip "club" I couldn't stop laughing and left before the "dancers" tried to cut me. This post had me laughing my eyass off.


Rich...you are my F-ing hero.


I think Cherish is trying to fill the void that Destiny's Child left vacant.

Mary Carey's body is nicer than I thought it was.


Too Funny!

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