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June 21, 2006



I LOVE the Nintendo-esque (Mega Man II?) sample in Do It.


I've been holding off on getting that Nelly F. album because I keep thinking it will suck even though I like what I hear, but maybe I will actually have to get it now. And so goes the walk of shame at the indie record store.


Fuck this Nelly Furtado crap. Did you know that Timbaland just got out of the studio with Björk??? O-to-the-GOD.


The Beyonce continues to grow on me. Smoke more. That bridge after Hov finishes, where she sings her face off while singing about how obsessed she is, gets me every time.

And if one more person talks about how Nelly Furtado is putting on this act, I am going to kill myself. Please see her previous work with Timbaland on the Turn Off Da Lights remix the Get Ur Freak On remix, and Miss Thing's "Ching Ching" to see she is not a poseur - she actually fancies herself to be this eclectic.

And k-OS is a really good Canadian who raps. Recognize.


Ms. Jade. Not Miss Thing. Oops.


Although, really, same difference.


I know and dislike those songs. She was a poseur then and she's a poseur now! She is so not down, but that's cool.


I didn't like the Beyonce time the first time I heard it. I loved it the second time. I'm just realizing how lyrically challenged the girl is.

Loved the Nelly/Gwen callout. I'm like am I the only one who feels like they're pimping hip hop culture? I guess they said, "All of ya'll are. I might as well."

Love the Christina. She really is coming into herself more. I

Can you post a clip of the Patrice Rushen single? I keep hearing references to it, but I've never heard it.

I think Janet's lazy. I think she's just tired of having to bring out the hot sh*t and feels like her legacy should be set. And while she might be pseudo-right, she should have gone out with a bang and then we could have seconded her sentiments.

OMG, I ALSO always thought that Ciara's hits were about the music and not her! I felt like had I walked by the studio when they recording 1,2 Step, it could have been MY hit!


thank you for giving some love to GET TOGETHER. a true M classic... and sorry, but the JANET song blows. after hearing her "cats in a blender" version of WEEKEND i was really excited; would J throw down some old school, free-style, Cover Girls inspired jams? i can't believe we got a deflated PCD re-tread for the debut single of what is clearly her most important album... she hasn't had a hit since SOMEONE TO CALL MY LOVER, or a bonafide SMASH since ALL FOR YOU. ciao, J...


The new Janet Song is ok, but not by any means a standout song. Yet since the album isnt released until september, she may have a few tricks up her sleeves. It's obvious to everyone (probably including her) that she will need another single before then. Maybe she is saving a more impactful, and hopefully a more dance driven track. Let's be honest, what is a Janet album without at least a handful of dancable uptempo songs? Even the ill faited hip-hop influenced Damita Jo had its fair share of songs to choreograph dance sequences to.

As for Madonna, she is no Teflon-Don. Her answer to the requisite "I can't shoot a video because I'm on tour" video is a step up from the alternative (random concert clips shoddily edited together).

I love Ciara, but its a restrained love. Because I know she is just a product of wll chosen producers and clever marketing. Her voice is just as weak as Janets, but no where near as enjoyable. I guess the reason why is that Ciara considers her vocals on par with other post Aaliyah RnB girls when they are most certainley not. She fills her albums with standard rnb songs better sung by other singers, dotted with only a couple songs that capitalize on her vocal quirks. Janet has always seemed aware that her voice isnt a jack of all trades, so she and her producers craft songs friendly to her voical style.

So for my two cents, I give Ciara's producer a thumbs up, Ciara herself a big "blah". I give Janet a "sigh" for a decent, but safe first single that will hopefully be followed up with a stronger song (its been her strategy to do this since "Janet", the exception being All For You). I give Madonna a thumbs up, considering she spared us from the horror of a concert vid.


Rich, you are the greatest find on the internet! Thanks so much for hooking us up with Delfino-inc! I truly love that Kirk Franklin song, and loved it even more when Patrice did it.


I have been liking the singles from "Loose" thus far. We watch a british show called "Pop World" and she was on. I don't know if she was messed up on something or what but she could barely form a sentence in real life.
Every time I hear "Maneater" it gets stuck in my head for a good while.

This is going to be the album of the summer.


I do rather love Kirk Franklin. Have you heard "Thank You"? It's pretty awesome.


Rich, you crack me up! I agree with the Beyonce song, it stinks. Xtina has grown on me (just listen to it over and over and it will brainwash you).

BTW, props for the correct usage of the word melisma. :)


I heard that new Xtina jam last Friday and I kept waiting for it to get good. And waiting. Interesting concept, sloppy execution.

Is "Get Together" the one where it sounds like the sticky keyboard strings from PSB's "West End Girls"?

One of my good friends is a JJ freak, and he said the new track is worse than "Look Out Weekend".

In closing, to quote ETS: "Love the Christina. She really is coming into herself more." I'd like to be coming into herself more, too... (And scene.)


Lemme just preface my comments by saying that I am a ride-or-die loyal Janet fan from back in the day. Aside from her "Paris Is Burning"-worthy strut in the "Son Of A Gun" video, I haven't truly gotten excited about anything she's done in quite some time. And with JD and Virgin shouting from rooftops aplenty for the last several months about how Janet was gonna be comin' back with some straight fiyah, I was giddy that my girl was gonna let these lil' young bitches know that "momma still got it". And then "Speed It Up/Put It On Me" leaked --- not bad, but Jan's all "nope, that's not the single." And then we were gifted with "Weekend" --- an odd choice, for sure, but Jan was again all "nope that's not the single either." Now, a month after an ill-advised semi-obscure freestyle cover, the song that heralds her return and announces that "ol Jan's still got it" to B. "Imma Throw Shade And Put My Shit Out A Week Before Yours" Knowles and her ilk turns out to be...some rinky dinky half-assed slow jam/children's lullaby featuring the "singing" talents of a rapper one notch above Chingy on the corny totem pole?!?!!?

I am sooooo angry at her right now!!! While I dig "Deja Vu", it could easily have been upstaged if Jan had come with some heat for the first single. And there's absolutely no excuse for getting upstaged by Ciara!!! The minute I heard the Nelly/Timbaland tracks that would become "Loose" earlier this year I said to myself, "this is the kinda shit Janet needs to be all over."

Alas, "20 Years Old" seems to be doomed as it becomes painfully clear that the project is being shaped and spectacularly mishandled by a clueless producer/boyfriend, a middle-aged fat cat out-of-touch producing duo, and some record execs who haven't succefully A&R'd an album since Shanice's sophomore outing.

Please prove me wrong, Janet. I beg of you...PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG!!!!!!!!!


Janet still has a chance to pull a second single from her hat. No one, not even her, expects this song to last until september, so she will at least have another chance to knock one out of the park. After all, "Damita Jo" fell victim to a slow jam single, but in the wake of "Nipplegate" not even "Dance All Night" could rectify the situation.

The "let the 2nd single be the hit" strategy only works if the album is far enough off that the second single is out right before the album release. It worked for Mariah, it worked for the Janet album, and it could be the strategy being used here. How many people remember or even liked the first single off of Mariah's latest album? I sure like "Call on Me" better than that crap.

I didnt talk about Beyonce's new song I realize. It's ok, at the beginning, but by the time you get to the bridge its a mess. Here voice is so loud and strained it makes you cringe. Its like she just loses control of her volume by the end of the song. AND I SWEAR, IF I SEE THIS SONG ACCOMPANIED WITH YET ANOTHER PERIOD VIDEO, I WILL EXPLODE. I am so tired of every artist doing a video in the roaring 20's! Give that mess a rest.


Ok, you REALLY do know what's up- Kirk Franklin?!!!! He's totally p-diddy of gospel, adlibing uselessly all over tracks but you're right about that Looking For You. I never thought I'd say it but it IS awesome! and I love you for knowing that.


For ETS and those who don't know the splendor of "Haven't You Heard": it's now posted in the Kirk Franklin section.


okay, so I LOVE pop my trunk! It reminds me of the catholic school dances growing up in new orleans. it is everything I cherish about being a southerner who thinks everyone else just doesn't get it. I REALLY want to find some circa 1993 bounce music from new orleans for you: tt tucker and dj herb (or something like that) is really what you need to hear.


Rich, although I agree w/ your love of "Looking for You" I'm sad that you caught on like, a YEAR late. You're usually on top of your stuff! (I mean, even though you like vintage stuff, you've liked it forever, so that counts, right?) Anyway, that's the JAM. On another note, the Scott Storch track is BUMPIN on that new DMX, but DMX is so far gone in his own mind, and that beat feels odd attached to a "gospel" song...idk. I can't tell how I should dance to it, so I just haven't.

Also, the Christina single...not feeling it so much. I guess I'll have to listen again and see. "Deja Vu" is also underwhelming to me, but I know it'll be EVERYWHERE, so at least I've braced myself. I <3 "Get Up" but yeah, Ciara is just kinda the face to the music. I completely agree w/ ETS though, anybody that could pseudo-sing could have been Ciara!

Moving on, "Pop My Trunk" is a southern thing... Anyway, it has to do w/ the bass in the trunks, and the ppl that ride around w/ their trunks open, so as to hear the bass better and to see the actual systems back there. (However, I'm no expert, but that's just from what I've seen/heard in S. Tx).

Lastly Paul Wall is a MASTER of imagery! (no sarcasm) I mean, his line in Pop My Trunk:

-I'm somethin like a titty dancer, 'cause my car is topless-

In, "Holla at Me Baby":
-I got the INS on my tail/Immigration still harass/'cause they see me in a foreign/ridin on imported glass-
-Leave a bitch back all nutty like an almond joy-
The marks of a true master...(and I'm not just talking figuratively - j/k!)

You gotta <3 Paul Wall, team chunk and all.


My brother also alerted me (as I had forgotten) that "Pop My Trunk" could also be synonymous w/ hustling, i.e. (his example, not mine) "Let me pop my trunk and sell you a toaster."


It's true, it's true, I'm late on the Kirk Franklin. But, in my defense, I'd never seek something like it out -- I'm radio's prey in this case.


To follow up, I never said those earlier Nelly/Timbaland collaborations were GOOD. But they do show she has been trying to work this vibe for a while now. Except she finally got it right.


Rich, we were separated at birth, at least when it comes to musical taste. Hating the Beyonce track. (I want her to take a one year sabbatical. Let us miss you, B!) Janet's attempt at We Belong Together Part 2 is horrible. First of all, it's already been done (Don't Forget About Us) and second of all, Janet can't sing. I also agree with your take on Nelly's album. Pure FIYAH. Makes me anticipate what Tim has done with Justin. And I love, love, love Get Together. It's the only track on Confessions that I rewound the first time I played the CD.

The only thing I disagree with you on is X-tina. I'm not feeling that single AT ALL.

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