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June 22, 2006



Janices arm is so revolting, she's such a skeletor.

Fargo is not even the pretty girl from a small town, she's the girl that works at the mall sort of pretty, but only because she's really easy, which explains why her son likes her.

None of the boys are doing it for me so far.
I like the bums though, actually on second glance that guy is kind of flat bottomed.

What is the purpose of everyone getting naked? Other than Janice is a pervert?


This post made me cum!

F'ing amazing!


Janice never fails to surprise me. Love it. You got it exactly right -- she's a one-woman reality show.


that arm is so damn disgusting, it looks like the staff of an african shaaman priest, with a cursed hand on the top of it and all.
and i think her son has down syndrome but janice hid it by having plastic surgery done on him...


How bad must Ebony feel right now?! Rejected twice ... in front of the world, nonetheless.

Ashanti WISHES she looked as good as that chick.

Sarah looks like she just got her top row of teeth and she's still adjusting.

I refuse to believe that that's Janet's real arm or that Oxygen couldn't have airbrushed that sh*t.


i'm not sure why, but the "scoop him off the floor with a spatula"... i can't stop listening to it. and it never gets any less amusing.


also, fargo has got that street walker look to her... no wonder janice didn't want her.


wow, i didn't catch ebony...i guess i was so distracted by michelle's unexplained presence that it flew right by me. i mean seriously, you have to figure that almost everyone watching this show watches/has watched antm. they couldn't take a minute to give us some backstory there? i guess janice didn't want to have to reference her glory days with tyra twice in one show. understandably.


You are a friggin' scream! Once again, your screencaps show us that NOBODY works the Bitchfinger like Janice!!


Wow - I would never have known Claudia was born of male sex. Is it the hormone therapy that gives her those hips?

Penny Woods

The woman-born-woman policy is proof that Jade is not a drag queen and Robin (season one ANTM) isn't a man. It's sad, I know.




You missed so many hot guy screencaps, Rich. :( John Stallings in that underwear, my god. Oh, and the faux-blonde's package...Stuffed or not, it was hot.


Dude you frkn ROCK! I absolutely LOVED your commentary on ANTM and was so sad to see the show end. Thank GOD we now have this show so you may conitnue!


Glad I'm not the only one that got a Showgirls "boat show job" vibe from that lame shoe job. It looked like three people showed up.


Such a great way to spend my evening. Perfection, until the gag that is the arm, which will give me nightmares.
Michelle is still fug.


Could you PLEASE make the no-no waaaaaaaay longer? Like a three minute extended jam? or even ten...

Are you doing another recap of ProjRun3?

It starts July12, here's the link to the cast:


joshua lim

I can't even don't know what to say about the arm, Blanche, the arm.


ew. why the fuck did janice pick michelle when she only had endless bad things to say about her on antm?

Holy crap you recap's and commentary are the best. I'm constantly checking up on this site. You manage to point out everything that I see and everything I miss. You rock.


In that America's Top Tranny Model episode of Tyra, I actually thought the other finalist did better than Claudia -- but I guess it's all a set-up.

I'm not convinced this Kate Moss '06 is all that, but I guess we'll see. I actually think JD is much better at picking guys than the girls -- but Michelle is a good choice.

Thanks for not capping the models' feet, Rich -- they are way scarier than JD's forearm!


So is this just a dumping ground for rejects from other modelling shows? That John Stalling guy was from Mancunt on Bravo.

Janice's crazy talk > Tyra's stupid gibberish



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