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June 08, 2006



oh thank god, rich. i thought i was the only person in the continental 48 watching this show.... and i use the word show loosely.... but your recaps, to quote usher, make me want to leave the blog i'm with, start a new relationship, to see what you do....


Awesomeness. I will continue to tell my friends of the genius that is your reality-show recap...


Oh my god, you make my review look so pathetic! Damn you, Rich. But at least we are in 'agreeance' about the show's half-goodness.


That one guy(the triplet panty creamer)looks like he stepped straight out of an 80's tv show where he was the "cool" guy and maybe did drugs or something.


I watched too, of course.

The only thing really keeping her son from being hot are the hints of fetal alcohol syndrome in his face and voice. Stronger signs of FAS appeared in the daughter, who was shown for like one second.

Beth Van Nostrand

Janice is a true entertainer. Ya got to love her style! Go Janice! I love watcing her in the surreal life with Amorosa(?)the phoney bitch.


goddamn it i don't get the Oxygen channel here, and so far i've not heard of any Canadian channels carrying the show.

p.s. this woman introduced "eat a bag of royal fuck" into my life, so i love her forever.


I have a feeling Nyabel is going to become the next Alek Wek. Just a thought!!


HAHAAAAAAAAA!!!! i used to do insane amount of drugs with Chris Jones in high school!!! now i HAVE to watch this show!!!


Dear God,

Thank you for bringing this wonderful man named Rich and his blog into my life. I don't know what I would do without him, and his witty, insightful comments on tv shows that I watch religiously! (j/k God, j/k) Well, you know I don't watch some of them, but not because I don't want to!

And what happened to Janice Dickinson? Why did she let her life and kids end up this way? I know she was supposed to be bigger than Cindy, I KNOW it. But without the "test" there is no "testimony," and w/o Janice's drugs and drinking, there is no "Just say no" campaign.

Anyway, thank you. Because without Rich and his thoughts, my life would be incomplete. Now, can we work on finding me another good man who's not gay? Thanks.



i hope he gets famous so i can make some $$!!


Yay! (as the fired triplets would say)

As I was watching this show all I could think was "I hope Rich writes about this."
And you did! Awesome.


Y'know, I think you nailed it. I intially thought the show was boring, with all the carefully orchestrated starting-the-business stuff. The part I really dug was the model search stuff where she was ruthless and nuts. That's the Janice I know and love! So I'm gonna give it another shot. Next week's insults look promising.

Arthur James

I'm ashamed to say that I turned the show off after JD fired the triplets and her sweet co-dependent son apologized....it just broke my heart how crizazy she is and how stupid the producers of the show think I am to want to watch it. I hate when I'm weak!

I'm gonna take a pill and chase it with a vodka soda next time and enjoy! Viva La Train Wreck!


"Where ANTM flirts, JDMA gives you a handjob."

LUV IT! Keep it up, Rod! :)

Michele in Michigan

Holy shit! In that first picture of JD in the car, I thought she was a blow up doll!!


I've got 2 words for Janice ....less lipstick.


Janice is DEFINITELY on something.

I watch her as I would a train wreck about to happen---out the side of my eyes---.

It's entertaining in a painful way to watch her, but something tells me she is going to have an ending in a not so happy way.


good someone else noticed the fugly theresa! I did not understand how Janice thought she was the best/
I also find it distracting that whenever they're filming Janice, they use an ultrasoft focus lens... hey, maybe thats why she thinks theresa is pretty!


how scary were her botox treatments? were those blisters on her forehead?
also, "agreeance"...heh.


Also, I've failed to see anyone mention the fact that Janice is CROSS-EYED in the last pic. Maybe she is for good reason - to make some point about somebody and by crossing her eyes too, to also confuse them. Idk. I'm just saying, why Janice? Why go down in vodka and tequila charged flames?


Does anyone else think Teresa looks like the lead singer to 4 non blondes?


wow, i am speechless, and i am smiling, wow!

ps, lukas ridgeston, scott hannah, nico tiziani

you rock


Maybe Janice thinks Teresa will be the next Sandra Bernhardt, 'cause that's who the bitch looks like to me! Too ugly to model though, new nose or not.
Nyabel, is a Nya-NO! WTF is Janice on? It must be some shit that is off the radar that you can't even get on the streets yet! The woman is too damn fugly to have even made it onto TV let alone be a model. She will not be the next Alek Wek. At least Alek has a nice shape to her face, instead of it looking like a slab of beef on a neck a la Nya-NO.


I live a block away from where they shot this show and saw her constantly and was amazed to see that she is ridiculously better looking than on TV, although from adistance it was all drag queen. This is crack head TV at its best ...I LOVE IT

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