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June 14, 2006



I must have that movie.


Holy shit. You have made me want to watch this movie. But I'm just terrified it won't live up to this recap.


Aaaagh! That's one of my favorite movies ever and I had no idea it was out on DVD. Shame on me. Thank you SO much for this recap and don't worry, Jude, you won't be disappointed. I daresay the movie is even campier and more amazing than Rich has let on.

Sidebar: Thanks also for your ANTM recaps; they brightened up many a dull Friday. ^_^

Tipsy McStaggers

I am not going to be able to concentrate until I see this cinematic masterpiece. You truly have a knack for these re-caps Rich. Even if I didn't consider Valley fo the Dolls my bible, and look forward to this rare gem as it's campier (and I've always thought that was an impossibility!) trashy cousin, your steller review would reel me in. While reading your review I thought of those perfume commercials that were so popular in my Jr. High days:"if you like Eternity, you'll love Everlasting". I like Valley of the Dolls and I already LOVE BVD. Thanks Rich!


This movie was made for you, Rich.


This is the greatest movie ever made. Ever time I've watched it with someone new, right at the point where Harris asks Ashley if she's a toe freak, the new person says
"My dad had those sandals."

Every time.

Gayest Neil

MY BF and I have been scouring video/dvd/media stores for this movie the entire past week. Our fave film.



ooooo, there's nothing like a rolls! not even a bentley!

or is it the other way around?

either way, I think you need to have winston and the gang reinact the film.


Dammit, Rich! I was thinking about doing a big BVD DVD post tonight and you just blew anything I could have come up with off the face of the planet. That was perfection.

Did you see the interviews with Cynthia Myers, John Lazar, and Erica Gavin this week on RetroCrush.com?


I have seen the movie, but now I SEE the movie. We are all freaks.


That's the goddamn funniest thing I've ever read. I too love this film like a person. You nailed every hilarious aspect with the utmost precision.


brilliant! i just had to let you know that this past weekend in austin there was a special reunion screening of bvd in honor of the dvd release, featuring cynthia "perfection" myers, erica "lezzie" gavin, and john "z-man" lazar live in person. and despite my undying love for this work of genius, i did not go. why? because it was outdoors and it's like 102 degrees here already. i know, i suck.


I totally want to watch it now....and with you of course ;-)


in the third photo of the WTF-inducing frames sequence ... that glittered-up gal looks ever so much like tamyra gray ...

Mike V.

This movie totally rocks!

I had a friend of mine who used to show this every Thanksgiving (from VHS) as a tradition after dinner.. :)



aka the greatest movie line EVER.


This is the only movie I've ever rented where upon finishing I rewinded it and watched it a second time immediately. BRILLIANTTT!!!!!

Love the recap.


Wow. Thanks. Perfect tribute.

BVD thrills me more than almost any movie ever. But that conclusion -- crazy brutal. Leaves me reeling for days, every time.

Possibly fascinating side note: Way back in the day I worked phone sex for a couple years in NYC. One of my favorite co-workers was a beautiful black woman named "Petrenella" who was named for the character in BVD. She said her mother was pregnant with her when she saw BVD & loved the movie & loved the name. Imagine -- being in utero during a 1st run screening. My coworker claimed to have never seen the movie...


Argh! What actress does the pretty black girl in frame 1.15.35, remind me of??? She's some bland actress that pops up everywhere & in everything, but I can't remember her name!
Noooo... not Lark Voorhies - aka Lisa Turtle from 'Saved by the Bell'... Help me!! It's going to drive me crazy!!


*light bulb* - The actress is Zoe Saldana! That's who Pet reminds me of... it's uncanny. Zoe Saldana was in such jems as Center Stage, Get Over It, Drumline & Crossroads.
I'm now a bit ashamed that I know that info (slinks away).

West Indian Princess

Ok I can't hide it any longer. I’ve been officially outted. Rich has finally exposed my inner gay man, I ADORE THIS MOVIE and thanks to RICH the DOLLS will never be the same for me. I have an Aunt whose name is PETRONELLA which only makes me love this film even more. I thought Jacqueline Susann was the genius behind the Valley and the sequel so thanks Rich for setting the record straight. The West Indian Princess needs a Doll after all this excitement.


Russ Meyer's use of flash cutting was a result of his time spent as a WWII combat photographer and as an industrial filmmaker following the war, and not as a result of covering up for bad actors. I learned this from reading "Big Bosoms and Square Jaws: The Biography of Russ Meyer, King of the Sex Film". Supervixens is hilarious as well.


"And there are juice freaks and there are pill freaks...and everybody's a freak."
i wrote that at the Phoenix!
Give me ma prize!


Such a great recap of such a weird-ass movie! Now do "Phantom of the Paradise".


I love you, I love you, I love you!

I had no idea that you would do one of your brilliant recap treatments on what has been my favorite film since I was a teen! The songs from the soundrtrack sit at the ready on my iTunes, and I too have found myself fawning at the brilliance of whoever scrawled that "freaks" line on the wall at the Phoenix.

I'm glad they finally had the sense to put this gem out on DVD. I have it on VHS and prize the thing but couldn't understand why it never got the respect of seeing a reissue. Thank you for brilliantly highlighting what makes this masterpiece so bewilderingly addictive.

The light-speed edits are one of my favorite features of BVD. Hell, a lot of movies could benefit from that technique, I think.

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