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June 12, 2006




Damn, Winston is the cutest cat I've ever seen!


Hilarious. I agree with you about the lisp.

cee cee

Too funny and cute..I've watched it three times!

Ha! My cat does the same thing. He loves to be brushed then he nails you for no reason. Aren't kitties the greatest!

When cute kitties attack!!!


You need one of those brush gloves...actually you probably need one of those mesh gloves that butcher wear.

And is that you laughing at the BF's pain?


it's only a matter of time before that cat kills you in your sleep.


The giggle rocks.


I love how Winston's all "I'm cool, whatever" and then he sinks his teeth into the BF. The cool exterior is just to mask the depths of his plotting.

But, damn, it's some funny plotting.


Are you sure he wasn't attacking over Pebbles, I mean really - all he was trying to do was get into the grove and pow, hairbrushed... the horror, the horror.


LOL! Wow!
Too funny.
Was that Pebbles' "Givin' You the Benefit" playing in the background??


That was hilarious!!! I watched it like five times. You made my day.


Awww..I hope bf is okay. I'm trying not to laugh at his pain but it is kinda funny.


Personally I liked the giggle at the very end.

You gotta come from behind with the brush though, then he has to work harder to flip over and attack. I too have a cat who hates the brush, unless you do a sneak-attack brushing before she knows what's going on.


I try to groom my kitty when she's drowsy, I find I come away with fewer scratches and bite marks. And please do more posts of Rudy. He's my kitty's soul mate.

Miss Kitty

Thank you, Rich! You've provided me with both my Winston fix AND late-'80s music fix for today!


I was just telling my cat he's the sexiest cat ever.

I'm taking it back now, in private, now that I'm reminded Winston exists.


GIVING YOU THE BENEFIT. Instrumental. Genius.


I love that he licked in time with Pebbles. Winston is a true diva.


Ha ha, I love Winston's nonchalant licking of the paw-paws before he got all scratchy-bitey on ya.

"it's only a matter of time before that cat kills you in your sleep."
Posted by: whatwouldjanicedickinsondo



I am so in love with that cat -- I demand more Winston videos!!! ;)


Well, now we know who's the bottom. =)


I loved that sadistic, twisted little titter, actually, Rich.

Somewhere between Peter Pan and The Son of Sam...


I had no idea cats were biters! He looked so funny grabbing and biting like that. I'm sure he's an entertaining fellow.

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