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July 10, 2006


Tipsy McStaggers

I live in Kentucky - welcome to my world Rich.


Ugh.. my everyday life here in Mississippi! :P


i'm kinda surprised jersey has this. and you said all of the right things in this blog.

i live in cali and praise white jesus i havent came across this nonsense.. surprisingly even when i went down to Miss. i didnt see that crap. maybe God was protecting me. but it does look really silly

but its funny that next to this shirt
i see the bob marly shirt that says "ONE LOVE!"... things that make you say "hmmmmmmmmm"


I went to Wildwood last summer for the first time in ages. I, too, was astounded by the amount of weird, Redneck-y memorablia. Did you spot the place where you can shoot paintballs at Osama Bin Laden, or has that place closed since last year?


On vacation in the Bahamas last year, I saw an entire family wearing confederate flag gear, including a little girl - maybe six years-old - wearing a confederate flag one-piece bathing suit. This prompted the bf and I to look at one another and announce, "She's doomed."


Ohhh noooo. Why did you go to Wildwood?? WHY?

I've lived in the Jerz for 25 years now, and have only been masochistic enough to visit that town one time. *shudder*


Does the Jersey shore get a lot of tourists from the South? That would explain the supply and demand. Nothin' like going on vacation and coming back with a rebel flag insulated cup cozy.


But...New Jersey? I just don't get it. I mean, sure, they don't call it South Jersey for nothing, but enough to create a demand for Rebel Flagwear?

Obviously this has simply got to be revolting, yet ignorant and hopefully benign, fallout from that awful Dukes of Hazzard movie. Um, right?

I guess the real question (and answer) is: How much NASCAR stuff did you see down there?



But to the commenter living in Kentucky: DO YOU KNOW ANNETTE?! OIGOGMGOMGO1!!!!


Stupid is as stupid wears.

Down here in Texas it's awful, but you expect it. Kentucky, Mississipi, sure. Jersey, though? I'm with you, Rich. I guess white people need a cultural identity bandwagon of some sort to jump on, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. (Btw, a high school in my hometown had to change their mascot from the Rebels to the Raiders a couple of years back and get rid of the stars and bars it had prominently displayed. People were so pissed.)


oy, new jersey. why does my home state have to be so... stupid?

fun fact: cape may was below the mason-dixon line.


Does this mean we won't be seeing any pics of Winnie donning a Confederate flag, kitty neckerchief?


You said it with "willful ignorance." I also like Kathy Griffin's take on Southerners as having "aggresive ignorance."
Hey, I could burn that damn flag and as frothy as the morons would get, its really not an important symbol that warrants the attention our nation's flag gets with the same issue. While if you burn the real flag, you're saying something the rebel flag is just plain trash, burn it.


I'm from TN, and I have never heard of anyone around here going to the Jersey shore for vacation. So, I don't know why the Jersey shops would offer such tacky merchandise. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen such degrading slogans on t-shirts here in TN. Sure, I've seen people sporting the stars and bars on mudflaps and as decals on their trucks, but I've never seen anything like the Malcolm X or MLK jr. referenced shirts, even down here. I am a high school teacher, and shirts like those are against our school's dress code - thank goodness!


Once again, thank you, Rich. Living in Virginia, I keep seeing those bullshit "Heritage not hatred" bumper stickers and I want to scream at their owners, "Heritage of WHAT, dumbass?! You're not fooling anybody, you know!"


That's some crazy shit. I'd expect that in the south but not in Jersey. Is confederate gear the new "in" thing? Maybe it's a new fad?


So ignorant. Great post Rich. I guess now I know why so many black people claim that racism is still prevalant in today's society. IT IS.


I'm from San Francisco, and back in the day when I was very, very little (late 70's/early 80's), white guys from the Richmond and the Sunset used to wear WPOD shirts. WPOD = White Punks On Dope, a song by the Tubes. I think they wore it to show "pride" I suppose, but it had a certain punk elan that seemed to transcend any racial overtones. But what the hell did I know, I was only 8.
When I was in Tennesee and Georgia I didn't see any of that confederate flag merchandise crap.
Anyhoo, I think the rebel shit in Jersey is the work of al-Qaeda (sp?). Stay with me here, people... the shop owners buy this bizarre shit to foster racial tension and thus de-stabilize the country. It's all very sinister and secret.
(Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, my "theory" is meant to be a joke.)
Thanks for an interesting story. Jersey?!


Wildwood is so trashtastic, I'm not surprised. It's like entering a world you never wanted to be in, but the depths of its trashiness makes it too fascinating to leave! I was able to purchase some fabulous, custom made hot pants there two summers ago that proclaim me as my husband's b-tch, right across my ass.


As a canadian I was shocked at all this, and me wonder are americans really that ignorant of their own history and heritage? Up in good old Canada we have plenty of redneck crap but nothing as offensive as this.


South Jersians were considered Confederate sympathizers back then. In fact, Monmouth County has the highest KKK activity of any county in the country. They usually meet in the Pine Barrens and start little fires just to be annoying.

I hate people like that. A kid in my World History class wore a shirt like that last one you had, and I got all pissy and yelled at him. He never wore it again. :)


I went to T.F. South high school in a suburb of Chicago, and our mascot was the rebel. We flew the confederate flag until '98 or something, and we even had a guy dressed in a confederate soldier's outfit to play the mascot, Richie the Rebel. As far as I know, they're still the Rebels, but most of the un-pc paraphenalia has been taken away, thank god.

In the mid-to-late 90s when people started speaking out against all this, people defended it with "but hey, we're T.F. *South*! There's a T.F. North, so it's just, like, kitschy!" (The hilarious part is that T.F. North is the Meteors. Really completes the pair, don't you think?)

Somewhat relatedly, I went to college with guy from Pekin, IL. His HS mascot? The Pekin Chinks. Totally appropriate...


I've seen shirts like that for sale up here in Canada. My parents town has more than one apartment window that uses this flag as a lovely curtain. It makes me wretch.

I just don't understand anyone who would want to sell what that flag represents.

Rich, this was such a well written article, you are such a great writer.


This is brilliant. I am not even shitting you.

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