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R. McMahan

I'm going to be the shiny red flag of opposition here. I wear a stars and bars patch on my jacket (just underneath a US flag patch). Whenever someone asks me if I'm racist, I'm more than happy to explain why I wear it. (And it's not "heritage not Hate" or any other BS slogan.)

I wear it as a reminder that (whether right or wrong) the southern states were willing to defend their rights. They were unhappy with the direction the US was going and they attempted secession, which today would be considered an act of treason. Even when faced with political, financial, and physical loss they didn't back down from those beliefs (no matter how wrong those beliefs were).

Yes, you can point out the antiquated beliefs of southerners 150 years ago. You can point out the idiots of today spouting their own beliefs of "white power". It's to be expected.

But, there are those of us that wear it to remind us of a much different reason. Even if no one agrees with you, never be afraid to stand up and defend your beliefs.

Bill Magnet

What the Confederate flag represents is not up to you to decide. Racism and treason? Do please get a life.

What do you represent then?
Let's see.

Democracy and racial integration by busing at the point of bayonets.

Political Correctness and "Racism". Both invented by Trotsky, a communist and self-declared hater of the white race.

Exclusively materialistic outlook on the world. Money is everything. Thought out by Karl Marx, another communist.

Listen you little creep. The United States of America will fall asunder into smaller, ethnic, entities. You can then settle in Dumbfuckistan.

The South will rise again.


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Yall don't come back now you hear!



We have alot of fun. Yall are welcome to join us if you are kind & respectful.

But, yes we are tired of being culturally oppressed by you lot of deranged imbeciles.

The south is rising. Go ahead, put your boot heel down on our red necks. It wont be anything new. We will continue to endeavor to persevere despite your arrogance.

Rick James

That girl can rub her tits and genitals all over me anytime. Well maybe not a few days of the month but the rest of the time...


i think you are a little fucking ridiculous. it's a flag that only has underlying meanings because people like you read so much into it. the historically accurate thing means that we're not going to ignore that fact that this happend in history. that would be like germans ignoring the holocaust. and black people even fought for the south in the war...and i believe the civil war was more about not having fucking yankees tell us southerners what to do more than it was about slavery. i wish assholes like you would get off white peoples asses. and just so you know northerners hated blacks alot more than southerners and more black were enslaved along the northern east coast than in the south. there was a total of about 100 families in all of alabama, where im from, that had slaves. god do you really think people would actually enslave people today besides that sick fucks who do it to women. or that peoeple actually believe that blacks shousld be slaves because thay sport a confederate flag. you my friend are ridiculous....the flag was never even carried in war battles. you are very ignorant and don't know much history.

A. J. class of '97

I went to T.F. South, too. It was 1994, my freshman year, when the confedrate flag was removed. It was the right thing to do but was handeled in the worst way. I left school 6 weeks into my Senior year mostly because of the atmosphere of hatred from both sides. It was a lose/lose situation. Either I was called "cracker" while I was with only white friends or I was called "nig**r lover" when I was with blcck friends. On my last day at TF South I was attacked by a black girl in the hallway. She was a trouble maker, plain and simple. About 50 pepole were in the hallway and saw it. Even one of my favorite teachers. I was told to "just deal" or go to the police and then suffer retaliaion. I quit school that day, went on to get a G.E.D. and never looked back. There should have been something done by the school to ease the tention. Maybe if they had pointed out our similarities as human beings instead of running scared things would hve been much better. I believe South would be a better place today if the leaders of the past had stepped up.


I grew up in South Jersey. I have to explain to everyone that it's the Red Neck capital of the North. In fact, a fair amount of it is technically below the northern edge of the Mason-Dixon line ( It's kind of a rallying point for mis-guided "facts".

Piney pride is probably stronger than Hill Billy, Red Neck and all the other White Trash pride combined.




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What a frightening song.
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Thanks Mary! I remember that night like yesterday when they were all sitting in the dark with flashlights. Some how our kids turned out okay! Hahaha!

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What a great post, and I love Sleepy Hallow. I also learned some things I did not know, thank you!

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When you have a black cat, every day is Halloween. I enjoyed this and I have to admit I would not miss the holiday if it disappeared in the states, too. It lost its charm when the litte fun size candy bars appeared. Cheap!

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Thank you for this. I trust various internet sources, including reporters like you who post at OS, more than I do mainstream media to report an accurate picture of what is happening with this movement. Rated.


What an inspiring life story. Congratulations on making your dream come true.

tricycle adult

The best piece of fatherly advice about making your mark I think I have ever heard. Thanks for noticing me and providing a friendly hand when I first got to posting here.


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