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Angela's dog was a wee little Brussels Griffon, I do believe!


Oh How I love thee... This is hilarious I love the picture of Keith as a baby and Uli as Bjork.. HAHAHA

Fred J. Dukes

Rich, thanks for calling bullshit on Bradley's repulsive outfit. During the entire episode, they set Bradley up to fail hard. So it was a little too neat to see his story arc wrapped up with a little "redemption" in the form of overheated praise from the judges. Could Sweet Cheeks really have liked the dumpy pumpkin look, or did the producers lean on her to say something good?


LOL! Uli as Björk in human behavior mtv! Keith is an annoying baby! I liked the "HI LADIES" on Uli's dog outfit!


Laura's Pomeranian is the spit-and-image of my dog...and i tend to shove him off to the side as well. I don't know what it is with Poms (or half-poms, like mine) but they tend to plop down on whatever you're reading or writing, as if to say "bettering yourself is for fools! can't you see i'm fuzzy and adorable?! pay attention to me!"


oh, and Rich, i think that Winston-esque dog is a Brussels Griffon

Gretchen Weiners

Thanks for making Mondays worth it. I've just ordered my very own Alison Bear. Uli's dress was to die for and I absolutely agree that it's her competition to lose. I want to know how Laura birthed 5 children, as it seems she hates most living things. She's still fabulously glamourous though.


I second the Brussels Griffon, only because I have wanted one for a while now! I'd be lame and have to call him Sprout.

Rich you give my Monday mornings meaning!



bah whatever. uli has been making the same dress so far.


Damn you, Rich, for sucking me into another show with your fabulous recaps!! I really don't get why anyone thinks Bradley the Unabomber is cute but I do have to admit that I really liked the silhouette of the pumpkin-top outfit.

Now, as for who's getting tossed: it *has* to be Keith, who didn't even *make* an outfit for the dog, or Jeffrey, who is so freakin' superior. What I want to know is what rule got broken!


I thought Bradley's outfit looked like a poor man's version of Daniel V's Inspiration design from last season. The one that looked like a orchid...

Brilliant as always Rich and you are so right about Angela's dog looking like Winston!


I LIKED little lesbo Katherine; girl knew how to work a brown shirt.

Uli has one dress.

Bradley's creation was a monstrosity, but I'd do him in a heartbeat.

Keith's dog is exactly the type of dog a big ol queeny fag would choose. I'm just sayin...


Did anyone else see how pissed Allison was when it was announced that Uli won? I don't know how to take a screencap...


that was the funniest fucking recap ever.
Im so glad im not the only one who isnt Ga-Ga over the Barbie designing Queen and his butt buddy counterpart from the Pagaents. Christ.
Uli as Bjork? love it.

Did you notice how when laura thought it was about horses she had a fucking horse riding outfit ready to wear to central park? This cracked me up.


OH I forgot to tell you guys: my little brother's girlfriend bought her prom dress from Kayne a few years ago and she said that he is AWFUL.

Hee hee

winston for president

Oh, yes, I noticed! Her reaction:

I want Michael to win only because I am in love with him. And I liked his dress. Sniff. Kickass recap.


Is it a coincidence that every time someone talks (brilliantly, I might add) about ProjRunway that they never ever mention Bonnie? I seriously have watched every episode and paid excellent attention to all the snarky comments and ugly/fabulous fashion and seriously - Bonnie? I had to go to the website to remember the other character I was constantly forgetting. They could kick her off and I wouldn't even realize it.


HOW is Angela still in this? Seriously??? And Bradley's design? Oh my god. Maybe I should audition next year!

As for who gets asked to leave; the suspense is killing me. I can't wait!


another great quote from this week from Heidi: "It eez hard to judge when zere is no piece of fabreek on zee dog."


HILARIOUS, as usual! LOVE LOVE the "pumpkin" dress. Thanks.


i'm liking uli too, but i have this nagging feeling that she's this year's chloe. think about it: she's cute and entertaining but ultimately not too interesting, she knows women's bodies, and all her dresses look suspiciously similar. sound familiar?

i noticed alison's reaction to uli's win too, but i really think this is just something the producers are trying to play up in the editing. they did the same thing last week with uli when kayne won. it's like, "cut to reaction shot to make it seem like the first runner-up is pissed!" i honestly don't think alison has any bitchface in her.

i'm not feeling kayne or robert either. their designs are nice, but personally they are the kind of queens who irritate the hell out of me.

also: jubilee.


Paddy Cake is for sure a Brussels Griffon. Brillant post as ever.


Everyone's talking about Project Runway!

"Good luck finding versatility amongst all these bottoms!"
-Four Four


Uli like oxygen for breathe and potato chip make her face all GREASY! GREASY!


Where can I buy that CARE BEAR??????????

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