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July 17, 2006


The Dane

No, I don't believe in God, but I do believe in PR and PR recaps. Yay, Yay, Yay!!


Yay! First post! Crazy Malan is my secret favorite and I can't wait to see Vincent lose his mind on national TV! Great recap as always Rich! Here's to another awsome season!


Oh boo :(


I am so happy you are recapping a show I genuinely enjoy to watch... though it seems not many people have picked up on "Either you are in, or you are out," which means I should probably wait to get my t-shirt made. However, Rich, I HATE NINA GARCIA! She has always been such an incessant bitch! I'm sorry, but with the occasional exception, I just don't think she bases her opinion on what she sees, I think she just picks on designers she doesn't like. Okay, that's it... let me shut up before I'm Auf'd.


MILF-WING. So bests.


I'm really attracted to Malan. I can't believe I just said that.


Hm. No mention of the surfacing Keith scandal?

I believe Malan just may be the best thing to happen to PR since Austin.


Oh man, I lost it with, "Also, he might be Superman." Ahhh, the genius. Stacey looked like a little turtle to me.


I was having won ton in Siagon
with Malan Breton from Taiwon;
While I admit he has a certain elan,
I still smell a con.


OMG Rich,

I have loser-no-life-style checked repeatedly for this blog and waiting was so...worth...it. Brilliant.

Mike @ MAO

Hey Rich!!

ANDRE.. What happened to AAAANDRE???

How could you forget ANDRE!! And his second season premier episode, crying in front of the judges!! It's one of the best moments in Reality TV History!

Veronica Vinegar

There are so many great lines in this recap!

"Margureite Perrin sure is hard up for attention, isn't she?"

"Quotes from Mommie Dearest are the wire hangers of gay culture. NO MORE!!!!"


"I have to say that I'm not fully convinced that Malan isn't just a character being played by Tim Curry."

"Without a pillow, Robert wouldn't have anything to bite down on later."

Ha ha ha!!!! I love you, Rich!!!


Rich - your recaps are as much fun as the show itself. "Rocky wearsaboa"? The keyboard is now soaked in the iced cap I just spit out!


Aaaaahhh... it's good to back in the bosom of Rich's projrun recaps...
"I was really, really disappointed to find that she's saying "Fifteen contestants," instead of that "deeeeeeeeeeeee-signers" dolphin call that opened every episode last season."
HAHAHAHA - dolphin call!
By the by, someone said (on a previous post I think) that Malan looks kinda like Gary Numan, and I must concur. But I also think you're on to something - he DOES look like Superman via Tim Curry.
You rule, Rich!


Robert is the new Nick. They both designed for Barbie. Could it get any gayer?!

Ummm ... yes, Kayne designs for beauty pageants.

I've got Robert and Keith in my top 3.


you're the best! BPR loves you (and so do I)!
keep it up!


Love you, Rich, as always. Just brilliant. And yeah, totally agree w/ you on Chloe - has she never seen black ppl before? Even w/o the grill, he had to be all "yo yo yo" when he walked in? Come on now, they didn't ask her if she was bringing the shrimp fried rice and won ton soup!

However, I still love this show. I hope Michael keeps up the good work (that pink dress was HOT) and same for Robert and Keith...I just wanna know who does what to get kicked off!


maybe laura wears clothes that show her entire chest because one of her 5 children needs breast feeding and she would rather just pop it out than actually get undressed.. I <3'd robert cuz he's funny... and I think vincent is like charles nelson reilly's lovechild with .. someone! good re-cap as usual


alls i know is, that LA guy's neck is thick enough to fit lita ford's entire CATALOGUE on, not just "kiss me deadly"....

great to have you back, rich.


I totally know what you mean by that Bravo commercial revealing the final three. What a capitalistic outrage. It's *only* so Apple can sell iPods...


so love your recap, they are THE BEST!


I LOVE Robert and Laura. Robert is my type of guy ... big, beefy and a little nelly. I'm in gay heaven!!!

Laura is what I would strive to be if I was a straight female.

Love the postings on here!! :D


Lita Ford neck tattoo = stunning enough to power me through my entire fricken' week. Bless you, sir.

Gayest Neil

Love ya recap. But not diggin on these contestants. hmph.


Oh good!

The world makes sense again!

Good call on Vincent being a hybrid of Fozzy and Woody Allen.

Hilarious as usual and I WISH I could be this funny! Great job =)

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