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I really need this to start the week.


every recap is perfection

i love you


Wow its up early today... thankfully it entertained me... Is it me or was that damn challenge tailor-made for Kanye West.. I mean Kanye.. He reminds me of my friend, to the T... cept the skinnyness and the bad hair.. HAHA I knew you were gonna make fun of the models.. it sounded like a model orgy!!! and when they showed the hair guy,, i was thinking there goes another clip on his blog.. LMAO thats an average of one per episode!! !! WOO HOOO


finally! if only you could do recaps everyday


As soon as I saw Angela bending over that table in the workroom like a freaking prostitute I KNEW you would have to get a picture of that, it was priceless! You made this mediocre episode way more interesting, keep it up!!


Jeffery is really just a penis wearing a rug right? He's so slug like. Not that penis' resemble slugs...but you know what I mean?


i swear i never see hot make-up guy until you post his photo. they must shoot by him really fast. i watched the miss universe pageant last night just to see kayne's dress (i keep wanting to call him kanye too). i think they changed the back of it.


The pic of Malan as a Dickensonian character is priceless -- and you are not the only cynical bitch because I had serious doubts about his tales of woe as well. But it didn't keep me from crying like a little girl when he was eliminated -- and don't get me started on his pretty, pretty tears in the hallway afterward...
Anyway, now that Malan from Taiwan is gone I am Team Kayne and Barbie all the way!


Rich....stop the remixed Heidi into Black Rob's "Whoa"?

You truly are a genius!!!!! Damn.

Bye Bye Malan Breton from Taiwan...I will miss what could have been.

Kayne's dress was on the Pageant last night.
Too bad it wasn't muy caliente like Miss Puerto Rico's dress.

Also, Santino was a judge last night..LMAO!


When I say Malan talking in the opening of the show I knew he was going to be the one to leave. It was obvious because he was the focus.

I think Michael is severly underrated. I thought Laura and Michael's dress was the best one but I'm also not a pageant freak so what do I know. I think he's not getting a lot of attention because he's just not as dramatic as everyone else. Hopefully that will keep him around longer.


Forgive me, for I have not yet seen this episode. I have a question - wasn't there something in the teaser for this show about someone breaking the rules? Was there anything about that?


They've been showing the Tim Gunn, "We're going to have to ask you to leave," clip in, like, every commercial (I intially thought it was going to happen in the premiere). It hasn't yet...

Renee Lindsey

I must say I was dissapointed with Malan being kicked off last week as well, it's sad when I am watching and he gets kicked off that I think "I can't wait to read what Rich thinks about this shit!"


Ugh. Watching the whole Vincent/ Angela interaction was horrible. Vincent seemed to be acting like an ass-- not letting her give any input or help. He kept pulling the "i'm the team leader" card, which is bull. It was hard not to side with Angela, but I know she also didn't come up with any ideas and was really hoping to "ride along" with someone who could carry her.


you make monday mornings worthwhile rich!



this is so good! i LOVE recaps with watching the show, it makes it so much better.


I believe Heidi was being operated by Frank Oz for that "Whoa!"


I watched the Miss Universe pageant last night. Miss USA looked great in the dress.


I thought Vincent handled the nightmare of Angela well, considering what we know about Vincent thus far. What was up with Angela berating her team's gown on the Runway? Kors would have auf'd her for that. And what was up with Bobby Lee's, I mean Vera Wang's, hair?

Thanks for the great recap.


four four is my baby's daddy. just don't tell my bf!


Beth from tribe made a great Mulan "If they mated" diagram:


Malan Breton got booted. I,too, was feeling a little sappy for him but then I remembered how i hated the fake accent. That story about his mother throwing the sketches to the floor and then telling him, "you mustn't ever do that again or you'll never amount to anything" was too, too much but afterwards I was like, "Damn! She was right!"


Dammit, man, the Heidi/Black Rob "Whoa" song made me giggle 'til I cried, so now my co-workers are looking at me all anxiouns and asking if I'm okay and if I need anything. (Actually, what I probably need is to map Heidi's "whoa" to my F10 key.) Another brilliant recap, my friend!


No more Malan??!!! How could they get rid of Miss Honey? I'm gagging!

winston for president

Awesome recap! I like Michael too. I hope his lack of screen-time so far means that he will make it to the final three. Plus, he's hot.

Did Angela wet her pants or something?

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