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July 05, 2006


John R


God, if I had a dime for everytime those exact words crossed my mind....

Looking forward to the mix - Thanks!

I saw a trailer for the new Larry Clark movie (yawn)and Janice has a cameo: her trademark squint was unmistakable. WTF?


The video for "Lets talk about Sex" had several of the "cool" kids at my school wearing condoms on their clothing.
This was Grade 7ish.
They looked like douches.
That song was total bs.
I did however have a crush on Tevin Campbell, he was in the Prince movie Graffiti Bridge.

Thanks for the mix! Hope you had a good 4th of July!

Penny Woods

I am seriously considering buying at least Jade to the Max on iTunes someday.

And speaking of unrelated topics, they edited Jade's final CoverGirl commerical on the ANTM replay last night. It broke my heart.


Okay. I love every bit of that list.


Lovely darling, but it's been an age since we had photos and stories about your cats.


Don't Sn'P know that you can fuck someone you're in love with? At least, that's what Eddie Murphy taught me back in '87.


You just made my workday a bit better. BTW, thanks for adding me to your blog list.


i love new jack! i almost love it as much as i love freestyle! rich for president!

Was Kar"y"n White's weave not fabulous?


Rich, I saw that Karyn White video on VH1 Soul this weekend, and totally thought of you!!! Whatever happened to her, anyways? Now I'm gonna be singing this in my head all day! It won't stop, it don't stop...


While listening to the Jade song "Every Day of the Week" I was reminded of the episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Ashley Banks sang the song "Wasting My Time". Are they both singing different songs over the same beat? Or did they sample the Jade song?

Does anyone know what I am talking about?


My God. Karyn White & I had the same bangs in 1991.


While nobody wants S'nP to tell them how to fuck, they were quite good at explaining how to push it.


I love this mix!! The only one I heard, from Tony Thompson's solo release was "I Wanna Love Like That" and although I liked it, I never bothered to hear the rest of the album.


Remember when S n'P went back and revised it to "Let's Talk About... AIDS" for a charity single? Gee, I wonder why that one didn't fly off the shelves.


PA: This mix is a revelation! Jade, Pebbles, Bobby, BBD, Karyn.... dayamn, I'll be dancing all week to this.


I left my house humming (okay, singing out loud) "Just got Paid" and I come home to find this mix. Whooo!!


i love ur mixes! this mix will def be one of the workout mixes just like the other ol skool 90s mix! thanks rich!


I totally have karyn white's cassette under my bed RIGHT NOW!

Arthur James

Christmas came early this year!

Thanks Rich!


I hope you don't mind, but I'm using your mixes to introduce my Beijing coworkers to the New Jack era.

Good call with Tevin Campbell. Of course, I remember him best from Fresh Prince, where he went all googly for Ashley. HAHAHA, now that's acting.


Thank you Rich! I am so looking forward to shaking my thang to this....9 months pregnant and all! That is what I am talking about! I can't wait to introduce the young'ins to this genre....Love me some Jade, and Tevin Cambell. THANK YOU!!!!


i just love you! great taste!


The running man in "Secret Rendezvous" is too good, good call on that song.


Damn! what you got against salt-n-pepa? For a girl in Grade 7 that song was the jam! I really didn't know what they were talking about but it was great anyway (and it pissed our parents off).

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