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Thankyou thankyou.

Someone who hates Sexyback as much as I do. I don't understand how all these seemingly competent people are gushing all over it.


SexyBack is annoying but it will definitely be a huge hit for Mr. Timberlake.

Now on to good music...LOVE Never Stop by The Brand New Heavies. A 90's classic...

"what you're feeling, I am feeling too...."

Love ya Rich


So I'm not even remotely as knowledgeable about R&B/Hip-Hop as you are, but I couldn't agree more with your observations about Justin/Timbaland/Pharrell.

I like most of what Timbaland did for Nelly's album (and I'm a long-time fan of hers). True, there are a few clunkers. But I think SexyBack is a big clunker, and that has come after trying desperately to like it. Desperately. Thinking "Oh, I'm sure I'll get drunk at a bar and LOVE it." I probably will, but it's no fun sober. It's almost too lo-fi, too campy, and is devoid of any melody whatsoever. And Justin's voice is pretty intolerable.

I've never gotten the hype over Pharrell. Maybe because I find him totally aggravating as a celebrity (ZOMGZ! I DESIGNED GLASSES FOR LOUIS VUITTON! LOOK AT MY ICE!1111!11). But at this point, all his shit sounds the same, it's all totally masturbatory (again, ZOMG! LV GLASSES!) and the mixing of styles is so self-conscious (ZOMG! I'M MIXING STYLES, YO!) that it's hard to take it seriously. Some subtlety would be nice every now and then.

There's my uninformed opinion.


well, i haven't heard JT's single (no sample for us, rich?) so i can't comment on it. however, i eagerly await it. i'm a justin fan. i, and many of my black girlfriends, found him to be a sexy lil white boy -- post nsync days. and he could mos def get it. yes, he tried really hard to be 'down', but was he trying 'too hard' to the point of annoyance? nah, since he was cute it was more like, "come here boy, you so cute, tryna be down." however, there is the possibility that that could get old, and the cuteness wear off. remains to be seen.

as for that torn remix, okay, okay, i see you j.d. whitcho 808s. and i'm likin it. very much.

pharrell? eh. inconsistent is a good adjective for him. he's usually hit or miss. hits - beautiful w/snoop, and frontin. miss - errything else! haha


Okay, I love you.
A producer friend asked me what I thought of "Sexyback." I paused for a long time, and finally said, "I danced." In retrospect, I realize that I had to force myself to.

But, yeah. BNH w/ N'dea? I nearly wet myself when I heard. One of the best shows I've ever seen TO THIS DAY is Brand New Heavies with her at the Marquee in NYC. the room held about 400, and it was PACKED and sweltering. She wailed until her hair hung down like tentacles from her head.

Supposedly the new album is being distributed by Starbucks (!) Eeeeeee! I've heard clips of it and was underwhelmed, but I'd rather spend time learning to love it than time with JT (especially since I won't be able to avoid him once the album drops).


I've been wondering when the Robin Thicke album was coming out. I bought the first one on a lark, really liked about 2/3 of it and pretty much hated the rest. That one was hard to market too, especially since back then he was rockin' the hippie long hair and beard, and because the video for "When I Get You Alone" was all of him bike messaging in NYC, which was really cool but not excactly MTV/teenybopper friendly.

As for Pharrell - I want to like him *so* much. But for every "She Wants To Move" there's a "Backseat Love". He seems to produce much better for others than he does for himself, since right now "Mr. Me Too" is my shit.


La Toya Jackson is looking great!


No - it's because he's a coke head.

Ceece i the only one who likes it? ;-)


God, we seriously had parallel childhoods and adolescences. I mean, really? Brand New Heavies?

Girl, also you need to check out all the YouTube videos of En Vogue on Live at the Apollo from their Born to Sing days. That crowd is gagging, it's so good.


I haven't even bothered to listen to the new Justin the song title puts me off enough..although if he was singing about someone with a sexy back or how to get a sexy back then maybe Id give it a go.
I also find the bandana fudora combo a little too Micheal Jackson for my liking.

I love your music posts.


That first Brand New Heavies album - I haven't listened to it in so long but can almost remember every heavenly note. "Stay This Way" is exactly how I feel right now. I'm going to listen to it all afternoon now.

Gayest Neil

I'm sorry and I'm giving mad love, but until we get a song by song analysis of the clueless genius which is the one the only K-Fed. Well, I'm sorry, but no other white boi rapperz gonna be able to reprezent, in my opinion. ;)


JT/Sexyback = No
Thicke = Yes, please.
Pharrell = Confused


"What if all of my ire was just me not facing the fact that I'm smitten with Madonna, like how some homophobes are actually really big fags?"

Hello, didn't I already argue this fact with you? That said, welcome to the dark side. ;)

Bored Girl

Ahh...I dunno Rich...I gotta disagree here. While I am no fan of JT's new song, I DID dance to it down in OC (Maryland, not NJ) the other weekend and the crowd was going off. It's a decent summer-at-the-cheesey-club song, no real staying power though. I'm not judging him just yet.

And JT's last album was f'ing great, I'm sorry. I don't know anyone IRL, of any ethnicity, that didn't like the singles from that album. Well except for my brother who hates all music that's not acid jazz trance stuff. JT made some solid pop/R&B songs in 2002-3, whether he can repeat that remains to be seen. And he was SO cute, pre-Cameron Diaz.

Thicke, I want to like him. He's HOT as hell. But his songs, ehh, boring. They never go anywhere, feels like the same lyric looping over and over in a weird monotone.

I miss the Pharrell of "Frontin", THAT was a summer jam right there. God, I loved that one.


Justin's been my husband since 1999, and I love his SexyBack.


...Pollock, dear!


Christ. Thank you.


I agree with so much of this post that I won't take time repeating what you said. I just want you to know that I love you. And if I could, I'd have all your babies. ALL of them.


The new JT track sounds like the old JC Chasez stuff. Especially the tracks he did with Basement Jaxx.

Robin Thicke, or Thicke, or whatever he is these days: much like Nikka Costa, he's all over the place but has some decent shit.

That Letoya remix is whack. I prefer the original.

Pharrel has produced some hot shit, but his solo stuff just doesn't work.


What is JT supposed to be in that first picture, a natty ninja? WTF?

You know that one of the fake tattoos he sports in that movie where he's supposed to be a badass is Chinese for "ice skating," right? Good prank from the fake tattoo artist who did that one.


Oh! Thanks for the Madonna track. ;-)


Justin had better watch his own "sexyback" (I know, not the right context) if and when the music industry finally pays some attention to sweet, sweet Robin.

Although is there really ever justice?


As my mom would say, "A, Number 1, B, 2.."
That's her fucked up way of organizing what she's about to say...
A: Did not relate Robin Thicke to Alan Thicke...just brought down his cool points to like -10. And I am not to impressed by Robin.
Number 1: Sexyback is my shit. I fucks with JT extra hard.
B: Pharell's CD's are never really good. It's like he tries wayyy to hard to top the beats he makes for everyone else. Be eclectic but don't over do it.
2: I really like Toya, but I don't think her album is going to make waves. But I am glad she got some revenge on that "Beouncy" chick.

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