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Isn't he already Andre 3000's baby momma, anyway? That's a step in the right direction.


My grey Persian likes to sit in paper bags too - the white one plays a little game with her called, "sit on the opening til grey kitty goes batshit and claws way out of bag". They are precious in their evil little ways.


Hmmmm... Winston in a headwrap... ah, crap, I've only got Paint on my computer at work.


I could really see him in an Afro wig... I think that would set his whiskers off quite nicely.

Queen Lena

who knew winston would grow to become a strong black woman?


Every every day I check for a new Winston post - I'm so glad to see him!! This makes me laugh so hard, being caught up in the life of a kitty I don't know. My cats don't know I have been cheating on them...


Good Lord, that face. That face. That unholy face.

Don't even get me started on the paws.


What perfect timing, just as im rediscovering Mama's Gun.


My cat, Rufus, just doesn't have enough flavor. I wanted him to be down, a cat who could match my swagger. Sometimes, I'll play him some Spooks records and shotgun him when blazing, but I'm afraid he's more Step by Step than Family Matters.

I fixed this by buying a fish, a fish that will flip that ghetto switch faster than Calisha Jenkins falls asleep while standing, fast enough for me to fall deeply in love with him. Yes, Jerome Davis, the first African-American fish to graduat from Harvard Law and Princeton.


best. bag lady. ever.


Why does Winnie look like he's cowering? Do you have Munchausen by Pussy or something?


Haha - what a grumpy face!

Thesaurus Rex

I want to nuzzle his wee floofy paws.

He really is like a live action stuffed toy.

Renee Lindsey

I really love your kitty pride post, I want to say I love them more then your recaps of ANTM and PR but I am not sure. Though Winston is a lot better looking that any one on either of those shows.


Best title ever. I love me some "Bag Lady." The remix, though.

The cat's super cute too.


i love how his whiskers are essentially the feline version of mutton chops.
Homeboy's been places.


All he needs is a little sign and a crumpled coffee cup. Homelessness has never been so cute!


It was only a dream!
It wasn't a dream!
It was only a dream!!
It wasn't a dream!!!

Thats how I feel every time I see Winstons little fur face, I truly expect him to give me some acorns and play a little lute while we wait for the bus.


oh my god, he is the cutest. he has the best face ever.


Oh my...I sure am lovin' me some Winston right there:)
What a sweetie and those plush paws, just chillin' in his bag- you are killing me Winston! xoxo


To quote Holly Hunter from Raising Arizona....." I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!"


Jude, me too: I think "Mama's Gun" is one of the best albums ever.


Uh, I meant Eric.


winston is beyond adorable! what breed is he?


i love all the vinyl in the background :)

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