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July 28, 2006



That MONICA song is killing me; i DL'ed it yesterday. Between that and SOON AS THE BEAT DROPS i might have my album of the year.


I wonder if Janice has ever read your blog? Now THAT would be cool.


Okay, that fucking rocks. You need to come out here so we can go ambush her modeling agency.


Don't be ashamed, I think I might Rick Ross too. I don't like Pots & Pans but I'm liking the other leaks I've heard so far. I think I just like his country-ass voice. "It's Raaaawwwssss".

Congrats on your quote on Oxygen. That kicks ass!


It's true - I talk about Janice all the time!


Awesome! While I may have been compulsively checking in for a comment on ProjRun, I am pleasantly surprised to catch the tip off on Monica’s (def) hot song, plus an E.Badu video link! and I'm satisfied.

Congrats on the media/quote/Janis exposure. Too bad I don’t get Oxygen… or WE… fucking Comcast.


now I think she owes you a spot on the show. it's only fair =]


Awesome about your quote being used in the promo spot. Now just promise us you won't get all big-headed and turn into Perez Hilton and make every single fourfour entry about how ANTM or Project Runway or Winston's superior bone structure relates to YOU and only YOU. And now I can name drop you in conversation.


that Escort song if shithot. It's like if the best of disco was recorded with today's sound technology... i must get this

and I totally feel you on it being too hot to think and be creative... and waking up next to TI

take care


do not be ashamed of your excitement -- you're fucking hilarious and i think you deserve to be quoted on oxygen, bravo AND upn -- in fact, you should be considered the foremost expert on all the shows you recap. . .i don't even know you and i love you.


That is my absoulte favorite ANTM moment as well! Whenever I'm trying to explain my obsession with the show I mimic the Kelle crying incident...people now think I'm a terrible person but whatevs.


Janice makes ridiculous fun.


You know Janice googled that herself!

And Im never going to be able to eat those buns again.


I'd almost forgotten how fantastic "Tyrone" was.

No, just kidding. I'll never forget it.


I agree with the commenter that you should get a guest spot on the show...guest judge? awesome!


Congratulations! It really is awesome that they quoted you. You're movin' up into the bigtime!


You are not lame for being excited about your quote airing-I sent everyone the ANTM blog where you quoted me so I totally understand.

Gayest Neil

Congrats Rich!


No, it's great you were quoted on Oxygen! I see a book and/or development deal in your near future. I'm an editor myself, but unfortunately in pharmaceutical advertising, so I'm not any help ... I don't even get free drugs. xxoo Claire


I can't keep up with you kids... what is baking soda rap? I picture the Dave Chappelle crack addict character with the ashy lips when I hear "baking soda" but somethin' tells me that ain't it.

Congrats on the quote! You deserve it and like all of your regular readers I know big things will happen for you. Just remember us little people when you are giving your Academy Award acceptance speech. Or Pulitzer. Or whatever.


I just made up the baking-soda thing. I just mean it to refer to hip-hop tracks about making crack.


Eva looks "special" in the Amanda screenshot. I miss the Tyra/Jesus moments, they're so lacking in recent seasons, now she's all with 'hug your mama, make mama proud' crap. I think that Kellie clip was one of the seminal moments to me worshiping the show. That and 'Roses and Rain' and 'you make me want to study psychology more'


Haha, congrats! And I agree w/ brandy - of course Janice googled herself! That's how she found it hahaha...You are that much closer to being the gamous person you were meant to be. You really should get to guest judge on one of these shows though.

And also, the opening to Tyrone is a TRUE CLASSIC.


Fourfour the reality show. Rich please get famous. You are too funny.


Congrats Rich! You really deserved more airtime. Pretty much the posts made the show even funier!

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