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I'm your NO.#1 Fan. And no, I don't look like Kathy Bates.


So off topic - but how heart-breaking was Malan's exit interview on PrjRun last night? I'll be your friend, Malan!


WooHoo! Yes, my body type is finally getting some love out there! Thank you for bringing that diversity to the gay body image--not all of us want to look like twinks!


I think chunk is good.
He is hot.


no self-respecting gay man would perv on a dude wearing those shorts. You sir are a letdown to stereotypes everywhere!


yes! it's about time that the chunk is celebrated. you're right rich... it's not chubby chasing... it's HOT! thanks for the post and i look forward to seeing more!

Gayest Neil

As a gayfer of the chunky (furry) build. I celebrate (masturbate) your efforts to bring more chunk to the world wide web (porn).

Brava dear Rich, Brava!

christine whitmans dildo

i dont think he looks 25lbs overweight.
also, may i just say this before the eventual man boobs post: man boobs are caused from hormonal issues and not funny to make fun of. :(


OK, that "Endless Chunk" post was the hotness. Celebrate the chunk! Can't wait to see more (and more and more and more -- you better get it!)!


I think I know this guy.


No, I repeat, no.

Arthur James

If only he was wearing confederacy trunks. Ho Hum.

Henry Holland

Yeah, he has a very nice face. And, um, his, well, you know, is causing a nice ripple in his shorts. Be nice if he had some chest hair, too.....

I think of chunk as guys who, if they spent 3 hours a day in a gym, could look like a clone, but they don't and I'm glad for it.

[chanting] More chunk! More chunk! More chunk!


Your anecdote about mrs. crist caused me to burst into extended and uncontrollable laughter. you are so good to me, dear rich.


Definitely my type. Chunk is good. More please.


I am a chunk fan too... and you're right, it's NOT chubby chasing :(


I can appreciate chunk... but it has to be worn correctly. (*laugh*, like you can take it on and off like a coat... *cough*)


As a longtime champion of the Chunk, I must say, bravo fourfour. Bravo. WE ARE NOT CHUB CHASERS.


Rich = my long lost twin. Between Tyra and the chunk...we soul uh...brothers?

tom c.

Here's a question: what seperates the chub from the chunk? Like PR's current pocket gay, Robert? Somehow, he's a chubby bottom, not a chunky top.

A thought: we're gay because we like men, and what's more manly than chunk? A guy with total disregard for Diet Beer and carbs is hot/macho.

But if you have the extra 25 lbs AND drink Diet Beer and don't touch pasta after sunset, you somehow get gayface.

Hmm, things to ponder...


tom c., I wanna do men- not my straight uncles. gracias...

not feeling the love handle love...


I don't think Robert's chubby. He's definitely stocky, but I find it actually kinda hard to gauge is body type through his clothes.

It's hard to say what separates chub from chunk, though I generally think of "chubby" as a nice way of saying fat (as in the case of "chubby chaser"). So maybe "chunk" is a nice way of saying what "chubby" actually means. A little extra in the thickness department is what chunk is.

I don't really care about what people eat so much as how they wear it.


Yay I love that you're doing these posts!!! I love this body type too, my boyfriend is chunk (a chunk? how do you use this word?), but I call it 'beefy' instead. Like, 'you're beefy! mmmmm beefy.'


You brought up the most important point (to me!) regarding chunk: the handsome face!!! To me a handsome face on a nice solid manframe - woo! It's getting a little hot in here...

You bitches would kill a family member to be skinny. Sad, all this denial.

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