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HEart winnie!


No feeding him after midnight!

I am honestly surprised he fit in that shoe box! Although I guess they were probably big shoes!

Yeah Winston!


LOL I love Winston :)


I don't think you'll have to wait long for him to turn vicious... just brush him.


Raaarrrggghhhh. I'm DYING from the cute.


Revisiting Winston's "about to be fed" whinging, it's not such a stretch to imagine his "Bright light! Bright light!".

Now I'm picturing Zach Galligan with his head shaved. And it's making me warm.


*grabs box and runs*

That cat is to DIE for!!

<3 Winnie

Crazy about the girl

This reminds me when my mom bought a plastic Christmas tree (it was the tropics, after all) and our cat found out that he fit perfectly in the skinny cardboard box. He spent HOURS in that box - his happiest Christmas ever.


I had a cat that was scared of everything and would hide all over the place. The best was opening the silverware drawer and there was Henry.


what on earth goes on in that apartment of yours that forces Winston to seek refuge in boxes and plastic bags?

I'm going to use my imagination and say that you supplement your blogging gig with some sort of meth lab project....


If Winston gets out of control throw him in the microwave. Just kidding. Kitties and their shoeboxes.


After sundown, the dank air of the crypt fills with Little Friskies breath as Vlinston the Impaler stirs from within his cardboard is time to feed upon innocent Seafood Platter and wreak havoc upon the living. Wreaths of catnip will not stop the undead, nor carefully arranged foil strips keep the predator at bay. Weep, ye citizens, and be dismayed, for thy furniture is subject to dead cathair. And don't even try to wear anything black.
Meanwhile, in the laboratory.....

M to the G

Winston is obviously hiding from the cops. I hope they don't read fourfour!


Winston is such a li'l cave-dweller. I imagine him with a pith helmet on ... you know, the kind with the cool-ass light on it?

But we know he's not a Gremlin, because of the bathing pictorial. Otherwise Brooklyn would be overrun by now with little Winnies! That would be most excellent, I have to say.


Cute, clever, mischievous, intelligent, dangerous. Definitely.


Just don't feed him after midnight, right?


These photos are eerily "pageant mother." Anything else you wanna share with us?


One of my cats from the past used to hide in boxes like that, but when you walked by he would pop up and scratch you and pop back down in the a sadistic jack in the box


Awww. But Winston deserves to remind you of a much better movie than that.


Why does Winston look like he's up to no good? No food after midnight, no bright lights and keep him away from water (although from an earlier post you've already bathed him). Do I notice a bit of favoritism towards him vs your other cat?


I think Winston looks like an Asian baby; lookie here and check the resemblance...


I think you should submit some of Winnie's picks to!

winston for president

If you and Winston should ever come to Vancouver and you need someone to take care of him, you can ask me. I know I'm a total stranger and all, but I'm just sayin'...


Winston is so fucking cute. He's my desktop.



Winston does have an evil in him.

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