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July 13, 2006



That. That was a little piece of heaven, right there. Stunning. Simply stunning. Er, I mean stunnin'.


Whee!! First comment! Sharon is a hag!




ok, if you're going to say that winston can do a better job than david morrissey, you're going to have to photoshop winston's head in that photo. or is that too traumatizing?


you are awesome! i laughed out loud at my desk when i saw her handlebar eyebrows!


Oh my god, I almost died reading this. I just watched this on Tuesday night and thought, damn, this is such a horrible movie.

But you made me love it!


Fuckin' A!!!


I'm with banana! I know you want to keep us guessing, Rich, but come ON! I needed to scroll down and see Winny's puss (harhar) on that gross dude's fuzzy body while he gets his hump on Medusa. Dammit! Please?


awesome. effing awesome, Rich.
the lemur, the orgasm gif, everything.

and i trust you were intentionally referencing Ginger, the name of her character in Casino. Or have i just out-gayed you?


It's a miracle that I'm even able to type; I can't stop laughing at the picture of the lemur!


Post has been updated with nasty Winston action. I can't believe you guys made me do that.

And yeah, Ginger was a reference to Casino. Smart, WWJD, smart!


nasty winston action has made my day. thank you, rich. handlebar eyebrows were just the icing on the cake.


I choked on my snack when I too realized just how trashiy having sex is with one boob. It's so....extra.


That last monologue (besides making my nipples shrivel up) reminded me of Mary Katherine Gallagher in Superstar, sex-talking the tree in her school's front lawn


Like my body? Wanna Viper?


How totally appropriate that I thought the first pic of her eyes was actually Ashley St. Ives. I was like, I know, I know, but really, again, so soon?

Gretchen Weiners

The 50 pack-year voice really takes away from any sort of sexiness she was trying to go for here. I kept expecting her to start hacking up a lung. Those budget hair extentions really aren't helping her out any either. Ew.

Phylicia Rashad

The eyebrows are heaven. Do you have any of this summer's chunky hunky monkey's from Jersey? Last year's were delish.


I don't even know what to say about that Winston photoshop job. Hella funny. Ms. Stone should get a refund from her plastic surgeon, she looks like shite.


Um, I think you will be marrying me right now.

I couldn't wait for the DVD release. And yet, I didn't want to engender the bitterness of subjecting myself to it for $10+ in a theater. So I grabbed it off a torr-- I mean, I dreamed it. In full, poorly-scripted detail.

Was it my torrent -- er, dream -- or does her voice go from Lauren Becall-esque drunk diva in the interrogation scene to overtly sexual Kristen Chenoweth when she visits him in Phallic Tower?

It's a terrible movie, she's not much good in it, but -- SORRY, HATERZ -- beyotch looks good after fortysomething odd years of taking the veneer off the top of bathroom countertops with the sheer force of her... sex appeal. Yeah. Sex appeal.


I think she let a six-year-old cut her bangs.



This made my day.


Holy shit - I love it. This made my night. I needed this laugh.

messalina 6-5000

That gif of Sharon doing the nasty is terrifying. Scrolling down to discover the Winston Photoshop made it all better. I'm going to scroll up and look at it again...

HA! Priceless. I love you.

If Roger Ebert goes kaput, you should totally take his place.

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