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August 23, 2006



I love what you did for Monique.

I'm on Team Eugena because she sort of almost kind of looks like Danielle.

Not like they'd make Danielle2 the winner of this cycle.


OH god I've been waiting for this forever (or like a week). Personally I like Melrose's "I'm a broken Undead Doll" look. As well as the creepy twins. And I thought I was the ONLY person who thought that Megg looked exactly like Cassandra with brown hair.

But seriously, is it just me or with goth chique AJ, creepy twins, Evil Doll Melrose, Scary Dopplegagnger Megg, and kind of psychotic CariDee, this could be the SCARIEST ANTM CYCLE EVER!

Too bad the consensus is that they scrapped the theme cycles, because this year I'm going Night of the Living Model.


I think Tyra is trying to recapture the makeover magic of Shani with the twins. Also, I went to school with someone named Anchal...Anchal was a boy who dowloaded porn on his TI-83.


Those twins look like Chloe Sevignies. As for theme, I think I'll go with "ANTM 7: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel." By ANTM Cycle 33 I fully expect to see transvestites and inbred sextuplets. Can you imagine how much it would rock if fully HALF of the contestants were sisters?

I'll cheer for Gabrielle Union. I look forward to seeing the creepy twins in Puritan classics such as "The Crucible" and "Little House on the Prairie".


RICH!! LOL!!! "A Token For Your Thoughts" I love you! I laughed out loud on that one. I can't wait for the season to begin and to read your blog right along with it.

i think brooke looks like rogue from x-men...at least in this picture

Gretchen Weiners

CariDee all the way. Homegirl looks like she's ready to cut someone.


With everyone out there hating on the twins, I was hoping at least to see a little love over here. Thank god, Rich, for telling it like it is.

And actually, I was thinking Eugena was the more Gabrielle Union looking-one... but I think I've seen the light.


Not only is Megan the next coming of Cassandra, she's also a dead-ringer for Molly Sue (single tear). At least the casting directors are branching out.


Jaeda reminds me of Samantha Mambo. Anchal is pretty but has a really strong jawline.

I'm just waiting for someone to use the phrase "WonderTwins Activate!" during the season. The twins are so ghostly and pale, they remind me of skeletons, or better yet, those anorexic twins that are straving themselves to death.

I think I'm going with Megan as my favorite.


Good God those twins look like DEATH. And Melrose already looks like she'll be constantly awkward bc of her "heighth". And her limbs. I totally thought CariDee was Kahlen 2.0, and same for the Cassandra/Kim chick. Does that mean we get more Winston comparisons?! Yeah, Jaeda def DOES = man. They let her AND Coryn through, but the one "girl" on JDMA got tossed? What did she do, SHOW them her post-op scar tissue or what? And Anchal is truly pretty. And of course we'll hear about her heritage. I'll bet anyone $1 they cut her hair, and she throws a fit. Or they'll leave it to show reverence to her "Indian descent".


"favourite food: lettuce" killed me. Killed me.

and Keisha, i think you're right about the hair-cutting. And you know she's going to have parental issues that will be brought up ad nauseum.

the twins are all kinds of wrong and i think Melrose (?!) looks good. but then again, remember how good and unfear-of-god-instilling Furonda looked in the preview photos?


Latin Inches. Good for you.


I've got it all riding on AJ. Which means she'll get cut the second episode of course.

I got $49.95 on it that CariDee is the first one to tell Anchal to go back where she came from, and also to repeatedly tell the twins that this isn't America's Next Top My Best Friend Is My Twin.


CariDee reminds me a bit of Darryl Hannah, maybe its just the hair.

I am keeping my mouth closed on who will win until the makeover episode.
All that long long hair is coming off!


They are all Mutants I SAY!

Megan does look like Nicole from season 3 and Mollie Sue from the last season.

How come all my favorites are My Chemical Romance Video Hoes and NightMare before Chrismas Fans? Oh yeah, i like those things X(

winston for president

You like the twins too?! Oh, gosh, that totally makes my day. I LOVE the twins, and other bloggers are like, "Holy fug."

DSquared used the "Wonder Twin" schtick in Cycle 2, I'm sorry to say! Wouldn't it be great if the Aswirl twins and Dsquared made special guest appearances? Okay... no, not really.


Twins, nice - imagine the crying and carrying on when one of them gets cut before the other. Awesome.


I know, and then imagine if they're the Top 2. Awesomer.


...and 5 years later one is a fashion icon and the other is dead of a heroin overdose.

Maybe I went too far with that one.

miss christy

Personal quote: "I can't." - Edward in Edward Scissorhands

I am STILL laughing at that! I love your blog btw, i've been reading since halfway thru last ANTM season, you are absolutely brilliant!


I wonder if they'll make Anchal get a breast reduction. I'm thinking, what with Joanie's snaggle-repair last season, they'll make the major surgical procedure a recurring feature, like the makeovers and trips abroad.


One twin is bound to be better than the other. I can't wait for the ensuing DRAMA...


God I hope the twins are incestous lesbians.


Have you guys seen these:


(click on CW and then ANTM, then watch all the videos)

This stuff rocks. I didn't even know Monique was a bitch. Nor did I know that Jaeda was black. And Megan has personal tragedy to exploit. Isn't that odd....no wait its not odd at all.

Rich, you have totally made my day.

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