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August 22, 2006



Congrats on the new gig! I'm sure all the new readers will love you as much as we fourfour readers do!


Congrats Rich!


Yay! Congrats Rich. I'm bookmarking the Celebreality blog right now! Love ya!


Yay Rich! Congrats on the Celebreality blog! By the way, the lady who commented on Deelishis' behind is a comedian named Coco Brown. I recently met her when I was in L.A. a couple of weeks ago... she's is very down-to-earth and funny as hell! I would've left that info on the Celebreality blog, but the comments section was acting up. :( Oh well! Later!


Congratulations Rich!!! I'll bookmark that blog too. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!


congratulations! this is awesome! are they paying you?


Yes-congratulations Rich! You could comment on a trip to discuss boat insurance and I would read it twice. Plus Winston would look so cute in a sailor hat.



Great news Rich! I will def read it - this way I won't actually have to watch FoL myself - brillant, no? I took a peek just now - don't you just love all the comments directed at Flav??


I'm not going to congratulate you because you're going to be HUGE one day and we'll all look back at this and laaaaauuuuugghhhh...

Oh, fuck it, congratulations, Rich! I LOVE YOU.


Haha, yeah, it's a paid gig. Only some of my services are free.


that's so fantastic. i'm very happy for you. you have a talent. that's cool that it's being recognized.


That's awesome, Rich. You need to be on one of the VH1 or E! shows where they have all those random people commenting on everything celebrity. You would kick all of those nobodies' asses. I just think you're awesome. Good luck with the new gig, that I'm sure will open a lot more doors for you.


Bwahaha, Juzwiak. That sounds funny when you say it. :)



conga rats!
(i've been waiting *years* for an appropriate opportunity to type that)


congratulations indeed.
In a few years time, you'll be putting out an anthology of your greatest articles and i will, in turn, sell our story to the press.

By "our story" i mean i will fabricate some tale about you leaving me and the baby for some shorn-headed piece of ass in Williamsburg, but i'll iron out the details later.

Congratulations again.


Next stop, Best Week Ever. Then onto hosting a celebreality show...something like Celebrity Cat Club...


I trust you to keep it ril.


omg yay! you deserve it and im so excited for you! I love the tragedy that is flavor of love and i love you so those two things together are gonna be well...lovely!

Penny Woods

My heart is breaking. But I'm happy for you.


That's great! Mazel tov! I'm glad there will be no disruption in my ProjRun recap schedule - but what about Winston and Rudy? Will their non-celebrity antics be something you'll still be willing to blog about? Or are you going to want to be paid for documenting Kitty Pride now? I guess what I'm asking is will you remember all the little cats when you're a big, big star?


Yeah. I mean, I've slowed down on the cats a bit, but there are no plans to totally do away with the Kitty Pride posts. I know people look forward to them.

So yeah, the new gig won't get in the way of the cats -- it could actually help them, as Rudy and Winston are about the quickest thing to post about.


Congrats, Rich. You deserve the spotlight... You're of the truly funny people covering pop culture in the blogsphere. We heart you!



Hooray! Flavor of Love is one of my guilty pleasures. I like how a lot of the early post comments are directly to Flavor Flav, (like he reads). Are you feeling an identity crisis and a sudden urge to grab a skanky girls big ass? Anyway, Congrats!


OMG!!! Congrats Rich!!!

I'll miss the awesomeness of Four Four but I'll definitely bookmark your new blog!

Yayyyyyy!!!! Way to go.


Hooray! It's about time someone snatched you up.


Congrats to you! Celebreality will now be on my list of must-reads.

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