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August 31, 2006



Thank you! I have been waiting and waiting for this to come out on DVD.


Oh my god. You really have to see it to understand. Gross.

el smrtmnky

somewheres in my vast collection of those things called VHS tapes lies Living Dolls. i should dig that shit out and see if can get it on DVD.


is it my BIRTHDAY? Thank you!!

i think the link for part 3 is pointing to part 6..?


Thank You!!


Good call -- link for 3 is fixed.





Thank you so much!!!!!!

Christina Warren

Dude -- you rock! I was totally raving about this documentary to my mom last week (when all the Jon Benet shit/hoax was going down), and now I can force her to watch the awesomtasticness of HBO's America Undercover (made by British Queens) report on the horrors of trailer trash pagent girls. So fantastic.

I swear, next time this thing is on On-Demand, I'm burning it to DVD. I did a lot of modeling/catalog work as a little girl, and sadly, the experience was completly professional and unsexualized. I did do one beauty pagent (and almost out of obligation), and the stench of trailer trash redneck mothers was enough to send me and my mother running. Still, there is nothing better than watching these poor little trainwrecks in action.

Chile Grande

It's just sad that people like this or Michael Jackson get off doing their nasty abuse on little kids while other people are getting busted by chatting to grown men pretending to be 16 year olds on the net.... SAD....

AHHH!!! I can only watch like 30 seconds of each clip on youtube. Anyone know why this is???




Are you letting them load completely?

I have no idea what's going on with my youtube. Every time I try to watch the clips, they all stop at about 30 seconds and it has those "share" and "watch again" buttons on the screen, like the clip is over. I'm so sad.


Aaahhhggghhh! Clip 5. Clip 5.

Where does one begin...The singing host (how does he face each day of that career without hurling himself in front of a fast moving bus?) the mother of the tiny tiny tot ("She danced, she shook her little butt, she did good!")...there's too much to catalogue.

Thanks Rich...I will accomplish nothing more tonight but youtube.


you are my hero. it feels like christmas morning.

Armchair Cook

Thank you! This turned my day around!


I just want to give you the biggest hug ever!

Like polar bear sized!

This is better than Christmas!


"Oh what fun it's gonna be when Regis sings his song to me.."
This is my dream too. But not in a pageant. My dream is in a tent in upstate New York. With Freakin Finelli serving drinks and Pipa giving me a massage.

I heart Swan.


I feel dirty. I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I'm utterly shocked and awed. I worship you, Rich.


Oh my God - Rich, you rock! I can't wait to tell my sister. Now we can relive the creepy goodness. And it's in convenient bite-sized portions!


If you've seen Little Miss Sunshine there's a part where Olive is playing with the mixed up smiley face image puzzle like Swan's.


if anyone is bored, it appears that Silva Ball (the older sister) is on myspace...she's 23 now and has two kids.


Hey mac users!
Rip stuff from youtube with this guy:


Thanks so much Rich! I've never seen anything so depressingly deplorable yet fascinating at the same time.

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