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August 23, 2006



since I enjoy your mixes,
i think i'll hit before bugjuice.


It's the perfect time of summer to remind everyone of Spring Love...hope you have a great gig.


I'm definitely dropping by. Bring Winston!!

Maria C.

Thanks Rich, you're gonna look so good!


damn Rich, why didn't I know you when I lived in Greenpoint??
Wish I could be there and as Stevie would say, "I wanna be the one..."


Hey little brother...

I wish I could be there. But I live waaayy in Los Angeles. ;(

Yeah, it's a constant delight...Anyhoo.

Friday is my birthday, however. Uh-huh. I can think of no better way than dancing my butt off to some great music. And you have impeccable taste in music.

Play a really great 80's song for your big sis, OK? ;D


Muah xo


I'll definately come by and say "hi"!

gayest neil



If I spill my drink on the clothes do I have to buy them?


I don't know. But if you spill your drink on me, you have to buy me.


You on the ones and twos AND free liquor! Awwwwww snap! I'm IN DA HOUSE!


kinda early, but i'll try to come by.

and i'll be bringing heroin so be sure to have your own needle.


You NYCer's are so f^@#ing lucky! I wish I could go... I'll be there in spirit. Stevie B!!!

no name slob

That is a really, really beautiful flyer/poster thingy.

I wish I could be there...if I were at least in the country, I'd consider it! (Especially if you follow Kitty's suggestion!) Oh well. Have a ball!


I gotta miss it! Hate That. And Stevie B?
Awwwww Hell! Turn 'em out Rich!

Your soul mate.

I live in Tokyo but I'm hetting on the next flight out so that I can se you in person, I'm going to bring my Rich Shrine. It has large images of you surrounded by different types of cat hair that I have collected during my long midnight walks when I'm thinking of us being together forever. Stevie B rules!!

Sunny Bunny

I might swing by if I can get a buddy to come with me.

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