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August 03, 2006



Spooky. Came here to see if you had done any new mixes, and lo and behold there's a brand spanking new one waiting for me. Can't wait to hear it. I'll be sure to check out James' mixes as well.

Since I'm an old fogie that doesn't get out to the clubs like I used to, the mixes are the next best thing.


While I was pleased to see the inclusion of The Knife, I am a bit whorrified at the Nitzer Ebb remix. Every remix of that song since the original has made me throw up in my nose a little.


The Hacker kicks ass and so does that remix (and, really, so does the transition into the Sneak Thief, if I do say so myself). Shut the door, shut the door!


Thank you, Rich, I love your mixes! I will check out James' as well.


hot baby, hot! can't wait to try it out on the ol' treadmill.

dave r.

this looks great ....

p.s. saw your plug for Janice D. quoted on that Bravo ad, LOL


Speaking of Chicago - do you have a copy of the Trax Records 20th Anniversary 3-disc collection. It came out 2 years ago and it is fabulous - except that I can't deal with the crazy remixes of Adonis/No Way back and Larry Heard/Can U Feel It. Classics are always best left as was.

Also, this came out years ago, but it is so good it brings tears to my eyes (I'm a classics house dork) - Warp Records Influences, Classics and Remixes? Holy crap is it amazing. It's got all the great Chicago stuff, plus the best of nascent English house/rave - like Coco Steel and Lovebomb's Work It, and so on. That early English stuff was SO good - I don't care what the garage purists say!

And as far as writing about dance music goes...I did it for a living until I had major burnout, so I hear you. The mistake that many [male] journalists do is that they intellectualize it too much - they talk about the structure of the beats and so on. That's not what house/dance music is about. It's about elation and joy and deep funk, and so it's the role of the writer to express that. Because let's be honest - no one in America gives a shit about dance music anymore, and they hardly ever got in the first place. Tell us how it makes you feel!


Wait - the Coco Steel and Lovebomb song is called Feel It.


Yeah, the Trax comp is classic -- Play Paul's "Ain't No Ho" on the mix above recreates the bass line of Adonis' "No Way Back" (I was gonna get cute and put a vocal sample from "NWB" in the mix, but whatever). Love the Warp one, as well.


Rich, you should listen to some Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I think you'd like thier music.


Nice to see i'm not the only one playing the hell out of the new cassius album. (Doing the same thing with the new Basement Jaxx too, although as a whole...the crazy itch radio "theme" seems lacking. and the album doesn't seem cohesive.) My rambling aside, thanks for the mix. Greatly appreciated. Your taste in house and the like is above par. Kudos! *said in a faux toothy british accent* Have a good one.


I love me some Rich Mixes, keep it up dude. I would actually love to hear you mix together more genres of music ... like MF Doom & Loretta Lynn. Please stay away from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs though...


great playlist/mix once again.
one day I must've played Shake and Pop 20 times in a row


I hadn't been here in some time (it was probably not long after season two of Runway ended I got distracted from your wit)...and indeed what a treat it's been to return not only to more yummy Runway snark but what also looks to be two solid house music mixes. You've got great taste, it must be said, or at least taste as good as mine. Hehe. In fact, I was just listening to the Mexico mix of In White Rooms last night.

B-Pitch and Get Physical also happen to be two of my favorite labels. I'm not sure I'd agree on Mayer and Booka falling under the trance umbrella, however. And most of my DJ friends (who DO play out in Los Angeles) would probably smack you for such blasphemy. Dontcha know 'trance,' is a dirty word in the snobby world of tech/electro/french-house and all other BPMs below 130? =Þ

I think all the cool kids are just saying, "Melody is back in a major way." In any case...I look forward to the listens. And I also suggest giving Abelton a try for computer mixing. It's what I use and love.

Thanks for the mixes!

dave r.

really enjoyed the mix

agree with Snag, the Green Velvet track is great


wonderful mix......keeps us dancin' here in the office. would love to see more serious dance mixes on your site. we love ya!!

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Great mix. Keep it up,


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