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August 03, 2006



freaking vincent sounds like freaking christopher walken.


I was just getting used to Keith as the Jade of the bunch. After being in the final two: "What? I didn't win?"
I was also hoping someone would get kicked off for something a little more awesome than using pattern books. Like Jeffrey knocking up Heidi or Uli stabbing someone. Oh well. That being said, that's the only way I'd ever like to see those two go.
(P.S. I love you, Rich! I've never commented.)


Kayne's so stressed his hair's beginning to turn white. In kicky, sparkly patches, of course...

But jeepers -- Keith. Do we think his "leaving production for 3 hours" is in this more than we know? He lies just like a junkie... Keith and Jade really should set up shop together: T'DUMAA (They Don't Understand Me At All)...

Panting for Monday.


He was a liar and a cheat. Those folks usually win the reality shows. Oh well. C'est la vie. Bye Bye Keith!!!


The bastard should be flogged and hung from his toes... Not because he cheated, but because he made Alison CRY!! Damn the man...


This is totally unrelated to all the Keith hulabaloo but I was watching the season 2 premiere the other day and guess who I spotted in the beginning "look at all the freaks who show up at the auditions carrying their creepy dolls and costumes" montage? Kayne. Who, strangely, looked like Robin Williams' character in The Birdcage (very orangey, with darker hair).

Gretchen Weiners

I want Tim Gunn to whip me. Hard.

Love Laura's assessment. She's fabulously glamourous.


After all the hype about someone getting kicked off, I gotta say it was a bit of a letdown.

But, Keith was an ass and his clothes were boring. I'm not going to miss him.


I was surprised it was Keith simply because I think that was the most obvious. I agree with Hope (that was funny) I was hoping for something a little more "scandalous".

Can't wait for Monday!


"I had a few more tricks up my sleeve" -- oh really? a few more tricks besides the books and using the internet and leaving the production for a few hours and lying to judges? Sorry we'll miss them, genius.


So if he didn't use those books why bother bringing them?
He's such a big fat liar they would have had to kick him off just for having his pants on fire.
I hope they hang him up on a telephone wire.

Can't wait until Monday!


What bugged me was during the scene when Tim is about to let Keith go, the voice over mentioning leaving the production and using the internet sounded different than the other portion of the voice over.



Ok, I noticed the difference in sound that someone else did too. It's bothered me since last night, as NBC is NOTORIOUS for editing sound after a reality show is done taping.

Second, could Tim Gunn use anymore Tim Gunnisms when he was telling the group about Keith leaving? Carry on, make it work, carry on, etc. Also, you see tattoo boy coming to talk to Keith - saying Tim just told him that Keith was leaving but then there's a big dramatic meeting the next day? Some of it seems so contrived and yet I ate it up!


I don't mind the Gunnisms as much as I some of the Klumclops. Every time she says "One day you're in, and the next day you're out" it is like someone is dragging a rake across a blakcboard. The next day you MIGHT be out.

I'd better end this post -- I want to spend some quality time with my Macy's accessory wall before I leave for the Tresseme hair salon. Carry on.


The person who ratted him out, Kayne, notice he kept his big fat mouth shut the whole time. I guess he didn't have the guts to fess up that he told on Keith. What a fucking punk! Keith may have been an asshole, as Laura said, but at least be man enough to tell him what you think of him to his face. Oh yeah, that's right, Kayne's not that much of a man, the big ole sissy with his "pageant freak" self.


Oh Keith, you weren't the scapegoat. You cheated!


It was a bit anti-climactic, wasn't it and not because it was all about books. I was disappointed in how Keith just went with his tail between his legs. I felt bad for him, which I really didn't want to do.


Alison crying pretty much ripped a small hole in the fabric of Time and Space. I'm sorta not surprised she was the only one who seemed to feel really bad about Keith, though, as she is such an incredibly sweet girl.

It's alright...a few wacky ass forest animals will tuck her into bed and all will be well.

I'm also basically sure there was much more to this whole Keith thing. Never before has PR fallen victim to the dreaded Top Chef-esque post-production bad voiceover until now. Shit must've gone down after taping this episode. DUN DUN DUN.


I would have ratted him out, too. I haven't taken to Kayne's personality at all, but I think he was justified -- anyone trying to give themself an unfair advantage in a competition gets what's coming to them.

Resisting commenting more, especially on the Gunnisms. OK, fine: I love that he says that they'll "frankly" have to make it work. As if all the other times he's told them to make it work have been insincere.

Oh, and re: the voice over thing -- I'm used to that shit from ANTM, which has reached Argento heights of dubbing. It doesn't even phase me, and I don't think it really means anything.


Yeah, they have done that shit (post-prod voice overs) with Heidi sooo many times. Especially during season 1 when she wasn't yet the fully formed media starlet we all see before us now. I don't remember them doing it to Tim ever before, but I doubt there's any significance to it.


If you listen to Tim Gunn's podcast.. The running off and internet thing happened just the night before.. and the actual taping of Tim telling Keith to leave was taped at 1 am that same night/morning. It seems like a big huge fiasco that Keith got himself into and he deserved to leave.

The voice over is most likely b/c it was filmed at 1 am on short notice and TIm prob left stuff out.


Also the episode was shot from a Thursday evening til Monday afternoon.. so it wasn't the usual 2 day thing that the editing makes it seem like.. that is why I think everything seems so odd in the timeline that things happen

J. Calhoun

Keith must've looked at the Project Runway contract and thought "Hmm.. How many rules can I break before I leave the show!"


1. Pattern-making books

2. Leaving the production
2.5 ...and using the internet

Possible violations?:

3. Getting the people at Mood to give him special discounts on his fabric purchases. If Kara Saun taught us anything from the first season, it's that special pricing is not looked upon favorably.

4. After looking at all of these things, I have little doubt that he plagiarized the sketches in his audition portfolio.



Sketches - were for inspiration. In a seperate portfolio, apparently. Judges knew this. Tim knew this. That wasn't why he got kicked off. It's not plagarism unless you attribute it to yourself - it was understood that those weren't his, but showed how he looked at trends, or something. If you've never professionally done womenswear, at least that shows SOMETHING about your taste.

Santino also bargained on prices, so that's not it either.

It's entirely 1-2.5, and that's it. Sigh.


I'm very glad he's gone too!!!! What a slimy thing to do! Have "how to" books on you during a design competition!

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