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August 11, 2006



Yeah Winston! And we got a Rudy teaser as well. What a great start to my Friday.

snakes on a plane = ouroboros

rich, you rock.


Hot damn, do I loves me some chuck. That's all I'm sayin'.


In a note totally unrelated to anything you just posted, I saw Jody Watley perform at Virgin yesterday and I thought of you.


Can you post some chunk batting at string?

Actually I guess Winston is cat chunk! Poor Rudy he's all "What you got there Winston? Is that string!?!?" and Winston's all


At least Winston sort of moves for the string. My cat, Lance, doesn't move for anything, least of all string. Unless it smacks him in the face a few times. Which is usually does....

It's not cat abuse. I'm just sayin'.


Snakes on a Plane has got to go. As does referring to it as SOAP.


Rudy never gets any camera time. He's like the supporting actor. Poor guy. I want to squeeze Winston's face.. ahh!


I must respectfully disagree with your chunk do-and-don't, Rich. More chunk in speedos, please! PLEASE! (And thank goodness you finally posted some more chunk; I've been fiending! Sure, I can find chunk all over the 'net, but there's just something about that NJ chunk...)


Yay Winston! I was watching that new Gene Simmons reality show (sorry) and he has a cat that looks like Winston, only he's orange and his name is Garfield. Adorable!!


Geez, if I'd have known string was such a hot commodity I'd have just sent balls of yarn instead of catnip and mice and the little chaser thingie. Also: I'm still not convinced Winnie isn't a Muppet.

And lastly, you be quiet about SoaP. That movie is going to be brilliant. Brilliant! We as a society need to obsess over it, dammit!

One of Winston's Legions of Fans

I just love that little moment when Winnie looks straight at the camera. Pure Winstony goodness!


"Seriously, it's a 24/7 party over here."

Yeeeah, riiiiiight. Am I supposed to stop asking if I can watch t.v. with you? 'Cause I'm totally not going to. BTW, I love the way Winnie looks as though he's reluctantly playing with the string. "Here. Is this what ya want? Huh? Is it?"


Snakes On A Plane: When unfunny hipster shitbags run something into the ground.


rich i know you like you some hairless chunk, i must admit i prefer some hair on my chunk. pic #2 is the hotness. And yes, please find more chunk holding fake or real guns, or building or... anything that gets that testosterone anger fired up. I subscribe to EW and they will NOT shut UP.

Washington Cube


Have fun with the link. Loving Winston.


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. squish!

Mike @ MAO

MAO hearts Winston!

And PS.. I love the new banner!


I will personally be an executive producer for Air Bud 4: Winston on a Plane if you get the greenlight.


I'm not feelin' Tobey. I'm all for chunk (mostly thanks to your tutelage), but shouldn't there be a chunk do/chunk don't rule regarding proportion? He looks like he needs to jump up and down for a while so some of the chunk slides down into his legs.


oh how I love me some Winston <3


Love the Winston - great angle BTW, I felt like I was there!


Thank you, Rich! I love love LOVE Winston!


I just want to say that I adore your cat...more Winston!


Can you make posters and tees of Winston's fat face? I would buy 'em...he is too fuggin cute Rich! Seriously, his cuteness is off the charts...its like he isn't real:)

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