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August 11, 2006



"Like" he isn't real. Heh.


have we ever heard anything about Win's behavior in re persons other than his immediate family? Ie is he the kind of kittie who will snuggle up to strangers or is he the type to play Security Guard and take swipes at your friends just to show 'em whose territory they're encroaching on? OR is he one to flee to the closet until the coast is clear (this seems least likely!) AND..have you have tried out the catnip banana on them? see www.duckyworld.com , it's the best catnip of all time drives my cats....[can't help myself] bananas!


Seriously, how do you live with the cuteness day in and day out? I couldn't take it, I would OD on it. Everytime I think my Himi's are the most glorious cats in the universe, I see a new pic of Winston and they are TRUMPED......TRUMPED I tell ya........


I love the noises Win makes as he gnaws on that piece of string. You got yourself a hell of a cat, there.


Winston On A Plane! That would totally rule!


Right on, F! I would totally buy a Winston tee!


I love how Winny bites the string and then for a moment shows his softer side and licks it as though he is giving it kisses and appologizing for his assault upon it.


I'm watching Janice Dickenson Agency reruns today and I saw that you were quoted in the promo!...along with Vanity Fair I might add.

Rich, you're like famous!

Gretchen Weiners

Winston looks so soft and furry. I kinda wanna rub my face on him. Is that a weird thing to say?


I saw the FourFour quote too on the Janice re-run - don't get all Hollywood on us now!


In addition to the Oxygen Network, Rich posted a short entry on the Celebreality section of vh1.

(Yeah. I'm sort of the stalkery dude who commented a day after everyone else on the entry.)



You're the best.

From one chunk-hunk to another I salute you.


Gretchen Weiners

I work in a high-rise office building in Boston and I shit you not a plane trailing a banner for Snakes on a Plane is flying around Metro Boston right now. I mean the Samuel L. Jackson phone calls are funny and maybe a little frightening before you figure out what it is, but a banner? Wow.


He's so cute! It was like an interactive marshmellow!

I saw Rudy feet, aww... where was the rest of him?


This is for Winston! I hope you check your comments, as I didn't want to bother you with an email just to have Winston gain some Doggay friends. Here are my crazy goldens, http://oneonenine.typepad.com/oneonenine/sad_goldens/index.html , your Project Runway posts are so brilliant, I just love you Rich! Go Chunk!



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Thanks so much for this piece. I am just starting, in my mid-fifties - to go for success in writing. I appreciate it!

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What a beautiful tale, Suzie! Enjoyed the read so much, top of the afternoon to you too. You always match your pics. R

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What a great post, and I love Sleepy Hallow. I also learned some things I did not know, thank you!

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